Chapter 3: A New Life

Ash knew that becoming a Frontier Brain would mean no more travelling or battling gym leaders, but if becoming a Brain meant he can be with Anabel all the time, then all the other things seemed petty to him. Ash had stayed over at Anabel's house, and then the next morning, they planned to go to the Battle Tower to tell Scott the good news. Anabel woke up early to make breakfast for the boy whom she loved. As she walked out of her bedroom and into the kitchen, she stopped to look at her boyfriend sleeping peacefully with his Pikachu on the couch.

" He's so peaceful when he sleeps, but he's so hyper when he's awake," thought Anabel to herself. She smiled then walked into her kitchen and started to cook eggs for breakfast. Ash smelled the food cooking and woke up. He didn't eat much yesterday and he was starving. He carefully picked Pikachu up and put him back to where he was laying on the couch, then he walked into the kitchen. He saw his beautiful girlfriend standing over by the stove, preparing the food. He walked up behind her, hugged her from behind and kissed her neck.

" Good morning," whispered Ash into her ear.

" Good morning Ash, are you hungry?" asked Anabel.

" I sure am," responded Ash.

" Well I'm not the best cook, so I hope you'll like my..." started Anabel but she couldn't finish her sentence because Ash turned her head towards him and kissed her.

" Don't worry, I'm sure your cooking is beyond perfect," complimented Ash, causing Anabel to blush. He then helped Anabel set the table and they sat down for breakfast. Anabel put a bottle of ketchup for Pikachu, causing the yellow mouse to spring up from his slumber and run to the table.

" So, what's on the agenda for today?" asked Ash as he started to eat.

" Well I'll call Scott and set up a meeting at the Battle Tower. As soon as he approves your Battle Frontier position, he'll temporarily make you an "Auxiliary" Frontier Brain at the Battle Tower, where I will teach you how to succeed in being a Battle Frontier Brain. Then Scott will let you know when your Battle Facility is finished. I'll make sure it's buildt near the Battle Tower so you can live with me, if you want," said Anabel.

" Absolutely, I'd love to live with you," responded Ash as he grabbed Anabel's hand under the table. They finished breakfast and they left Anabel's house and started to walk to the Battle Tower. They held hands and looked at the beautiful scenery around them. They passed the lake where they first met and where Anabel fell in love with Ash. She smiled as she remembered the time Ash's Tauros pushed her and Ash into the lake while fleeing a swarm of Beedril. They continued to walk down the road to the Tower's entrance and went up to the Conference Room on the top floor where Scott was already waiting.

Meanwhile back in Pallet Town, someone was knocking at Delia Ketchum's door. It was Brock who came to find Ash after visiting his family. Delia answered the door to see the Pokémon breeder expecting to find his friend home.

" Oh hi Brock, how are you?" greeted Delia.

" I'm fine Mrs. Ketchum, by any chance is Ash around?" asked Brock.

" I'm sorry Brock, but he left for Tohjo Falls yesterday morning in quite a hurry," said Delia.

" Why?" asked Brock concerned.

" Well a few months ago, a girl named Anabel came looking for him, but he wasn't home yet. So he went to find her," explained Delia.

" What?" thought Brock to himself but then he chuckled at the thought of his dense friend Ash having a girlfriend. This was something he had to see for himself.

" I'm sorry to leave so early Mrs. Ketchum, but I want to see how Ash is doing," said Brock.

" Of course Brock. I know, the thought of Ash having a girlfriend is astonishing," said Delia. She hugged Brock goodbye, since he was such good friends with Ash, he was like another son to Delia. Then Brock started to walk out of Pallet Town to Tohjo Falls.

Back at the Battle Tower, Ash, Anabel, and Scott were sitting down to discuss Ash's future.

" So Ash, you decided to finally take my offer," said Scott smiling.

" Yeah, I have a lot of motivation so I think I'm ready," said Ash looking at Anabel.

" You cannot think you're ready, you must know that you're ready," said Scott. Ash looked at Anabel again, kissed her on the cheek, then stood up with his head held high.

" Scott, I know I'm ready to take this challenge," said Ash confidently.

" Good my boy! As Anabel probably already told you, we're building the newest Battle Facility right next to this Tower. It will be called the Battle Castle. You will be its Frontier Brain and your title will be Frontier King. Your symbol will be gold and be in the shape of a Pikachu. It will be called the Challengesymbol. Ash Ketchum or should I say Frontier King Ash Ketchum, welcome to the Battle Frontier," said Scott as he shook Ash's hand.

" Thanks Scott I can't wait," said Ash as he hugged his girlfriend. The couple then started to walk back to Anabel's house.

" Frontier King? That's an awesome title," said Anabel.

" Haha yeah. Hey if I'm the Frontier King, does that technically make you the Frontier Queen," said Ash flirtatiously.

" I guess so," said Anabel as she put her arm around her boyfriend and kissed him on the cheek. Ash bent down and picked a rose which was growing on the side of the road and gave it to Anabel. She smiled at him and kissed him again. They then laid down in the grass of Anabel's front Her psychic powers were telling her that this relationship will be perfect.

Back in Viridian City Brock was still walking to Tohjo Falls. As he started to exit the city, a female gym leader with red hair wearing short shorts and a yellow shirt with suspenders ran up to him.

" Hey Brock!" yelled the girl. Brock turned around and noticed the girl was none other than Misty. She ran up to him and hugged him nearly knocking him over.

" Hey Misty, long time no see," said Brock smiling.

" You can say that again," said Misty.

" Long time no see," said Brock as Misty lighted slapped his face.

" Haha I really missed your sense of humor Brock," said Misty.

" Yeah it is one of a kind, so how have you been?" asked Brock.

" Alright, I let my sisters watch the gym while I go on vacation. That reminds me where's Ash?" asked Misty.

" Well I went to Pallet Town to see him him and Mrs. Ketchum said he went to Tohjo Falls," said Brock.

" Why is he there?" asked Misty confused.

" Well Mrs. Ketchum said that a girl named Anabel came looking for him and..." said Brock but he stopped dead in mid-sentence when he realized what he had said.

" A girl? OH HELL NO!" Yelled Misty as she started running down the road towards Tohjo Falls.

" Oh crap, Misty don't!" yelled Brock as he chased after Misty...

To be continued...