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"Miss. Swan?" I jumped up from my desk and made my way towards the main office.

"Yes Mr. Newton?" I felt a little uncomfortable with Mr. Michael Newton staring at my chest, he grinned and finally his ice blue eyes reached my face.

He didn't look embarrassed at all that he had been caught checking me out.

"Please have the report on the Parker case ready by tomorrow, and don't forget my coffee!"

I had to fight the urge of rolling my eyes, when had I ever forgotten this bastard's coffee?

"Of course Mr. Newton, anything else?" I forced a smile.

"No Thank you Miss. Swan, this will be all for now..." He had that disgusting grin on his face again.

I sat down on my desk and started typing on my computer.

I grew up in Forks, Washington with my best friends and now roommates Alice Brandon and Rosalie Hale.

My Parents died in a car accident when I was 18 years old, leaving me with a heavy inheritance and no family.

In times like that I was glad I had my best friends by my side. After graduation none of us wanted the small town life. So we packed our bags and moved to LA.

Now I was working as an assistant for Mr. Michael Newton at Newton's Law Firm.

Not exactly my dream job but it paid the bills. Alice had her own Fashion brand and owned a little boutique here in Los Angeles while Rosalie tried to make it big as a model.

Let me tell you, being best friends with Alice and Rosalie really makes you feel plain!

Alice was tiny with short brown hair and blue beautiful eyes, she knew everything you needed to know about fashion and was the reason why I knew what Prada, Armani, Gucci and all of that stuff was.

Rosalie, well Rosalie was just Rosalie, simply and absolutely gorgeous! When Rosalie walked into a room everyone stared!

She had long blonde hair and a brown structure to die for. It is not a surprise that she made it good as a model!

Me, well I was just Bella Swan.. Short, plain and boring. Brown hair, brown eyes and a heart shaped face, not much to tell.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm ugly or anything I mean I knew I looked okay, I just didn't have the wow factor.

After two more hours I was finally done for the day, I closed my MacBook and made my way towards my beloved Range Rover.

That car was a graduation gift from my parents that I had received only two weeks before they died. I sighed. I really miss them.

I was about to start the car when my iPhone signaled that I had a new message from Alice.

-Girls night out 2night, u in? ;)

I smiled, I really felt like forgetting everything and just have fun with my girls so I texted her back.

-Sure! ;) I'm on my way home now, see u soon.

I put my iPhone back in my purse and drove home while singing along to Rolling in the deep by Adele. That woman was just amazing! If I could switch voice with any female artist I would chose her in a heartbeat.

I parked outside our beach house and locked myself in, "I'm Home!" I yelled and tossed my purse in the chair near the door.

"Bella! I have the perfect outfit for tonight! It's my new spring collection and you will love it!" Alice said while coming running towards me, she had already changed and was wearing a pink dress with black heels, she looked stunning.

"Wow Alice you look gorgeous!" I said.

She smiled proudly, "Thanks! You are next! Rosalie is almost done!" Why was she always so hyper..? oh, right! Because she's Alice.

While Alice did my hair and make-up Rosalie came walking into the room in a black dress with matching heels, she looked like any man's wet dream!

"Damn, Rose! You look beautiful!" She smiled, "Oh, I know!" We all laughed, she was gorgeous and she knew it.

"Where exactly are we going tonight?" I asked while Alice pulled at my hair, "This new club called Eclipse opened not long ago, we thought we could check it out." Said Rose who was picking out accessories for my outfit.

When I was done and ready I looked in the mirror and smiled, dare I say it, I looked hot! Rosalie made a cat call and smacked my ass while walking past me, I blushed.

I was wearing a blue dress with black heels, my make-up was done in smoky eyes with a light lip-gloss, and my hair was straightened and hung freely down my shoulders.

"To the club ladies!" sang Alice and opened the door. We decided to get a cab to the club since we would be drinking tonight.

I really needed this night, normally I wasn't the one for clubbing, but tonight I just needed some drinks.

When we arrived at the club we paid the cab driver and went inside, the music was blaring and people were dancing.

"I don't know about you guys but I really need a drink!" I yelled over the music and we all headed for the bar.

After a couple of drinks we headed to the dance floor. 'Sexy and I know it' by LMFAO was playing and we all sang along while laughing.

After a while I got tired and went to the bar again, "One Martini please." I said to the bartender.

"Coming right up, what's your name sexy?" I blushed and looked down; hoping he would not ask any more questions and just give me the drink.

"Hey! I was asking you a question!" I looked at him, he had cold grey eyes and bleached blonde hair.. Eww, just ew!

"And I choose not to answer it, now give me my drink." I said.

He gave me a sly smile, "Playing hard to get I see.. What if I do this?"

He reached for my boobs but before he could touch them he was struck in the face and fell backwards.

I was pushed behind a tall man in black suit,

"If you ever touch her like that again I will kill you!" yelled a cold hard voice that sent chills down my spine.

I suddenly felt tears on my cheeks that I hadn't noticed.

The man in the black suit held the bartender down with his hands before two other men in suits came and pulled him away, I was blinded by tears and felt two strong arms cradle me to a chest,

"Shh…. it's alright princess, you're safe now, no one will ever hurt you.."

The person kissed the top of my head and stroke my hair and for some strange reason I felt safer than ever in this person's arms.

He pulled away from me and used his thumbs to remove my tears, I immediately missed the contact but taking a look at the man who stood before me replaced the loss with shock. He was beautiful!

He wore a black suit which I knew was Armani, thanks to Alice.

He was tall probably 6'2 and muscular, I moved my eyes from his body to his face and the shock came all over again.

He had the most intense green eyes I had ever seen, it felt like he could see my soul, his strong jaw was clenched tight and I could see the fire in his eyes.

Even though I felt safe there was still something dangerous about him.

"Are you alright beautiful?" He asked in a velvet voice, I wanted to listen to his voice forever.

"I-I'm f-fine," I stuttered, still shocked by everything that had happened.

He smiled but I could still see the concern on his face by the way his brows were tightly knit togehter.

"What's youe name darling?" He stared into my eyes and I really had to concentrate on speaking, "Isabella Swan sir." I said and moved my eyes to the floor, it almost became painful to look at his beautiful face and I needed to clear my mind from his intense gaze.

"Beautiful name for a beautiful girl, I'm Edward Cullen." He said and lifted my head so that I was looking at him again.

"Thank you for saving me from that guy, I can only imagine what he would have done if you weren't here.." I suddenly felt ill thinking of what could have happened to me if Edward hadn't showed up.

He looked angry and pulled me tightly towards him again.

"No man will ever touch you but me Isabella. You are mine."

He almost growled the words and it gave me the chills, since when did I become his?

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