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I just hugged him. I threw my arms around him and hugged him. He didn't cry or express any emotion. He just held me tighter for every moment passing.

"Edward, I am so sorry." I whispered into his shoulder and kissed the side of his head in comfort.

He just sighed. "Don't be." He pulled back and kissed me.

I was relieved to see my Edward returning. I didn't like how robotic he had been before.

"Edward, they just found that your father was killed in his own home. You have every right to be sad! Please don't hide your feelings from me."

He stared me into the eyes as if he was trying to figure something out, then he smiled and kissed my forehead before rising to his feet, taking me with him.

"I am not hiding anything Bella, I am not sad that my father is dead. It's a relief really. He was a horrible man." I stared at him in shock. Who wouldn't be? I mean, I knew he and his father had a rocky relationship. Still, this was his father, the man who had raised him and participated in making him the man he was today. Shouldn't he at least feel something?

"I know what you are thinking love, but he was never my father. He never loved me and to be honest it's a relief to finally be rid of him. I know it sounds bad and that I sound like a monster, but that is what I am Bella."

I grabbed his face in my hands "You are not a monster. I can't say I understand your reaction. But then, I can't say I ever understood your relationship with your father either."

I gave him a stern look to prove that I mean what I said. "What I don't get is why I found you the way I did in your office if you are not upset about your father passing away. You were acting like a robot. I have never seen you that way before and I hope I never will again."

I could feel the tears coming and my voice started shaking at the end of my little speech. Edward was my rock, my protector and my safety. He was always so strong and confident. Seeing him looking so lost and out of it was scary as hell. I didn't want him to feel that way.

Edward pressed me to his chest and kissed the top of my head. I buried my face in his white shirt and listened to his chest vibrating as he spoke, it had always calmed me.

"Sweetheart I acted like that because this will affect us greatly," I leaned back so that I could look up in his face. He stroke the wrinkle that I had from the confusion between my brows and gave me a sad smile.

"Isabella, as you know I took over the mob a couple of years ago, but that did not take my father away from all responsibility. Not only do we run the Los Angeles mafia, but Chicago as well." I could literally feel my mouth drop open in shock. I was probably gaping like a fish at the moment.

Edward gave me a sad smile and reached to close my mouth. I was quick to slap his hand away and move from my position against his chest. How dare he?!

"How come I didn't know Edward?! You promised that I knew everything there was to know about you before I married myself into this!" I started passing back and forth in the small room.

"Don't get me wrong here. I do not regret marrying you, but I want to trust you Edward! I need you to tell me the truth about shit! A second mob in Chicago! Are you kidding me?! What more? You own New York as well?" I was about ready to burst.

Edward had moved so that he was leaning against his desk with his arm crossed. "Parts of New York, yes." He shrugged like it was nothing. I threw my arms in the air in frustration.

"Tell me everything Edward, and I mean everything, Right now!" I yelled, it was all becoming too much. Had I even married the man I thought I did?

"Do not raise your voice at me Isabella!" Edward's stern voice cut through the room making me shut up. He walked over to where I stood and took a form grip of my upper arms.

"I know this is too much to take in but I will not allow you to talk to me in that manner." His voice was deadly calm. I just stared at him, knowing that he was dead serious.

When he trusted that I was calm and collected again he sighed, and rubbed his hands up and down my arms.

"I hate to be like this with you love, but it can't be prevented when you are acting this way." I just nodded and he took my hand leading me to the couch in the center of the small jet office.

"Tell me more Edward. I need to know why you acted the way you did and why you say this will influence us." My voice was stern now. I was done with the bullshit.

He nodded, "My father left the LA mob for me to run. However, he was still the don of the Chicago mob. Him being dead means I have to lead both mobs. The Chicago mob is a bigger organization that the LA one. We will have to move to Chicago." He looked at me carefully, looking for my reaction. I just nodded for him to continue. He needed to say what he had to say before I could judge what was about to happen in our lives.

"Me being the don of both mobs will make the Cullen mafia the biggest mob in the world, not just America." He took my hands in his and kissed them before squeezing them.

"This means that you will be in more danger love. That is why I reacted the way I did. I do not want to do this. I do not want to put you up for any more danger then what you already are." He looked at me with so much fear and desperation I just wanted to reach out and reassure him that we would be alright, that it was fine. However he still needed to explain a few things.

"Unfortunately there's no way around it. I am bound to take over and my son will have to take over when my time is up." I could feel the tears prickle my eyes. This was really tearing him up.

"I had hoped that since my father was dealing with it, I would never have to deal with the Chicago mob. You don't deserve this life Isabella. I promise you that I will do everything in my power to keep you safe. You are my life now. Without you, there is no me."

I started bawling my eyes out. His confession, and the way he had acted out of fear for me, I was so touched and overwhelmed. I threw myself around his neck and just sobbed. How could I yell at him earlier? The man had just lost his father and had a major responsibility to take care of.

If anything, he should be freaking out, not me.

"Shh…It will be okay sweetheart." he whispered and kissed the side of my head right above my ear.

I snorted. "I am supposed to say that to you Edward. I am so sorry that I yelled at you earlier. You don't deserve it." I sniffed.

Now it was his time to snort. "I understand that you are overwhelmed love. It requires a lot to be married to me. You have to sacrifice more than others." I could hear the pain in his voice and pulled away to look up at him.

"But you are all worth it." I said while smiling trough my tears and leaned up to kiss him a kiss he gladly returned.

"I love you baby." He smiled and I gave him a quick kiss. "I love you too." He kissed me again, this time he deepened it while I giggled.

When we landed in LA, Edward put his arm around my waist and led me out of the jet and down to the awaiting car.

It was almost like he was extra careful now, like he expected someone to jump out of the bushes at any second. I wish he would relax some more, like he did on our honeymoon. There were a few paparazzi people lined up to snap some pictures. I could already picture the headlines in my mind: Billionaire and wife back from paradise or How long will it last?

I just rolled my eyes behind my sunglasses and carried on behind Edward who was literally glaring at everyone in the crowd.

Safely back in the car I took off my glasses and rested my head on Edward's shoulder. This had been one hell of a day and I was exhausted.

"What will happen now?" I asked, glancing up at my husband who was currently stroking my hair.

"Well, first of all we need to go to the funeral." He made a grimace and I gave him a sympathetic smile before he continued. "Then we probably should go house hunting in Chicago, seeing how its where we will be raising our family." He nuzzled my hair and I giggled. What he didn't know yet was that I was almost sure we already had created a little baby.

"And then we need to tell our friends about this" he said. This made me alert. I would have to leave Alice and Rose. We would not be able to see our kids grow up together and have parties like we had planned.

Edward took in my alarmed expression. "Emmett and Jasper will have to move as well love. Do not worry so much. I won't take you away from your best friends love." He kissed the top of my head and I relaxed back in his arms.

"Why will they have to move as well?" I asked, watching as his left hand rested on my knee.

I loved seeing his wedding band on his finger. It was like I had claimed him. This amazing man was mine and I made sure the world knew it. Ha! Take that bitches!

"They work for me and are my best workers. They will have to be close. So they will come with us to Chicago. I am sure Alice and Rose would never let you leave without them anyway." He chuckled and I had to laugh with him. He already knew them so well. I could picture Alice making one hell of a drama if the three of us were to split up. There was no way she would let that happen. I knew that for sure.

"You are tired love, sleep, everything will be alright. I promise you that." And with that thought in mind everything went black and I fell into a peaceful sleep. Everything would be alright. I had Edward and my best friends.

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