When we came home from Barbados, things got really hectic. Edward had barely set foot inside our front door before he was loaded with work, while I stood by his side the best way I could.

I supported him and comforted him when needed. In between all the extra work, we had also planned Edwards's father's funeral and looked at houses in Chicago. We had invited Alice, Rose, Emmett and Jasper to dinner and told them everything that was going on. They had been surprised but there was never a doubt in their mind that they wanted to follow us to Chicago.

The days went by and while the men worked crazy hours organizing everything, Alice, Rose and I looked at houses. We wanted to live close to each other in the new city.

During these past couple of days, Edward has been awful quiet. We would wake up in the morning and eat breakfast together like we always did. He would kiss my cheek before leaving for work, come home and eat dinner with me and disappear again afterwards into his office for even more work.

The meals were the only time we had together and during those times, he seemed distant. His mind was somewhere else. We haven't had sex since coming back home from Barbados and I missed my husband.

I had also gotten my suspicion confirmed. I was indeed pregnant. One afternoon while Edward was working I had driven down to the pharmacy and bought three different pregnancy tests. They all had come out positive and I was thrilled. Our child and Edward's possible heir was growing inside of me. Now I only needed to find the perfect time and setting to tell him the good news.

As of right now, we were in Chicago getting ready to attend Edward Sr's funeral. We had flown in yesterday. The plan was to attend the funeral today and then go house hunting tomorrow. I really hoped Edward would not be so distant for that. The house we would be buying would be our final home - the place where we would grow old together and raise our family. It needed to be perfect and I needed my Edward to be present when we made such a decision.

Edward was standing by the mirror in our bedroom tying his tie, while I was finishing up my make-up in the bathroom. This was going to be a hard day for Edward. I didn't care about how nonchalant he acted about the entire situation. Burying a parent is never easy. I knew that feeling having buried two myself.

"You ready sweetheart?" Edward called from inside the suite. With a final look in the mirror, I rushed out of the bathroom and into the foyer where Edward was waiting with my coat. He looked as handsome as ever with his clean shaven face, black suit and coat.

I was wearing a plain black Dolce & Gabbana dress with a black coat, and black high heels. It was a funeral after all.

"You look beautiful, my love," he kissed my cheek and helped me into my coat. "Thank you," I smiled. He was turning to push the button for the elevator but I stopped him. This had to end now. I was tired of distant Edward. I needed my Edward back.

"Edward, please talk to me for a second." I took his hand that was reaching for the elevator and held it in both of mine. His face was full of concern now, and for a minute I saw my Edward returning in his now usually distant eyes. I could already feel the tears start pushing and I had to keep my bottom lip from trembling.

"Love what's wrong? Oh, please don't cry sweetheart. You know I can't bear to see you cry." He brushed away the few tears that had escaped my eye lids and kissed my forehead, holding me tight against his chest.

"Tell me what's wrong love. I can't fix it if you don't tell me." I pushed away from him so that I could look him in the eyes. "Edward, please come back to me." I tried to sound firm but my voice came out shaky and pleading. This was not going the way I had planned and the hormones from my pregnancy did to exactly make it any better.

He got a look of confusion on his face, "What do you mean? I am right here, love."

I sighed in frustration. "Yes, your body is here, but your mind is somewhere else! I miss my husband, Edward! You have barely touched me since we came home from Barbados and you always seem so distant! Talk to me! Yell at me, scream and cry. I don't care. Just please, please don't hide away your feelings from me. At the end of the day I want you to come to me in our bedroom, not to your whiskey in the office."

That's it. I said it. During my little speech I stood with my arms crossed in front of me staring at him. The tears were flowing freely now and I knew I would have to fix my make-up again afterwards.

When I was done, I looked up into his eyes. What I saw only made me cry harder. Edward looked ten years older than what he truly was. All the worry and pain he had been holding off was now evident on his face and all I wanted to do was hug him. So I did. I reached over and pulled the broken man that I loved into my arms. Pouring all the love I could into that one hug. He held me so tightly that it almost hurt, "I am so sorry Isabella".

He pulled back and took my face in his hands looking into my eyes, "I just want to protect you from all of this. I am sorry I have come off as distant. The last couple of weeks have been crazy." He rubbed a hand frustratingly through his hair, a habit he had whenever he was stressed.

I lightly kissed his lips, "I know. Just please don't shut me out."

He smiled and I was so relieved to find my Edward back in his eyes again. It felt like a ton of weight had been lifted off our shoulders; even the air around us seemed lighter.

"I promise my love, never again." He kissed me and I kissed him back with everything I had, pouring my love into it.

"I love you," I whispered when we pulled apart. He grinned, "I love you too."

We eventually got to the funeral and walked hand in hand up through the church while greeting people and accepting condolences from people who had known Edward Sr.

I was shocked by all the people there. Edward's father had not seemed like a friendly man. Yet what could you expect when he was one of the world's most dangerous men. The church was surrounded by armed body guards. Edward had told me earlier that they weren't taking any chances today seeing how so many powerful and rich people would be gathered at one place.

I held Edward's hand in both of mine through the entire ceremony rubbing circles at his palm. He needed to know that I was there for him.

He never showed any emotion. He just sat there, completely poker faced. I knew that it had something to do with all the people that were present. Members of the mob were here and also some rivals. Edward could show no weakness in front of them. I could literally feel the eyes that bore in my back as the priest talked.

No one cried, something I found very odd seeing how this was a funeral. No one could have loved Edward sir. He was indeed that cold.

I got the feeling that people were almost bowing to us as we walked past them. People looked nervous in his presence.

I noticed how he held his body tall and proud. He screamed money and power. Women were looking at me with jealousy and that's when I realized how I looked to them. I was the wealthy wife of one of the world's most dangerous men. My wardrobe had changed and I realized that I too screamed money and power just by the way I was dressed and the position I held being Edward's wife.

However I was not afraid. I could never be afraid when I was with my husband.

To me he was just my Edward. For them he was cold and ruthless. I knew Edward had that side, the side that would not hesitate to kill whatever came his way. But somehow I felt safe. He would never use that side on me, ever.

When the casket had been lowered to the earth, Edward took my hand eager to get away and home as soon as possible. I knew this was a chapter in his life that he wanted to be over and done with.

"Mr. Cullen!" A voice yelled from behind. Edward groaned under his breath and tucked me into his side before turning around with a fake smile on his face, greeting the intruder.

"Mr. Denali, Thank you for coming today. It means a lot for me and my wife that you and your family are here for support." They shook hands while Edward spoke and the man now known as Mr. Denali clapped him friendly on the back. "Of course Mr. Cullen. I am very sorry for your loss."

Mr. Denali was a short chubby man with a far too small suit and a mustache. He looked friendly enough and I started wondering how a man like him had gotten involved with the mafia. He seemed too nice.

"And this must be your beautiful wife," He smiled at me and I smiled in return, Mr. Denali did not seem like a man to be afraid of. "Pleasure to meet you Mrs. Cullen." We shook hands and I had to restrain myself to not rub my hand against my dress afterwards, removing the sweat from his hands.

He was sweating like a pig, constantly pulling a handkerchief from his pocket to remove the sweat on his forehead. For a second I felt sorry for the man. He was probably just so nervous from being around all these criminals. Who wouldn't be?

"Mrs. Cullen and I need to take our leave. Again, Thank you for coming Mr. Denali," I saw Edward reach to shake his hand, but regretted it and pulled it back again, only giving him a slight smile before leading me back towards the black limo.

I had to stifle a giggle at Edward's unwillingness to shake the man's hand. He had probably noticed the sweaty hands like I had.

Back in the limo Edward sighted in relief, rubbing his eyes with his thumbs. "Thank god that is over!" I smiled and took his hand in mine, giving it a kiss before I let it rest in my lap.

"You know it's okay to be sad right? I mean, you just buried your father, Edward." I looked at him with sympathy. This reaction was just not normal. He gave me a reassuring smile, seeing my concern for his wellbeing.

"I'm fine love, I promise. To me my father was just like any other man in the mob. We never had a father-son relationship." He seemed a little sad by this and I rubbed his hand in both of mine.

"I just hope I will be better with our kids." He smiled at me and I was so close to tell him about my pregnancy right there and then but I didn't. That would spoil my plans of telling him at dinner tonight…

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