When we returned home from the funeral, Edward left to go to his office, saying he had some business to attend to, giving me the perfect opportunity to work out his surprise for dinner.

As I rummaged around the kitchen making his favorite dish, homemade lasagna with salad, I started thinking about ways to tell him that I was pregnant. I wondered if he already knew. I had caught myself more than once with a hand on my stomach. I just couldn't believe that our child was growing inside me. It was strange how you could love something so dearly without even knowing who or what it was going to be yet. You just knew that no matter what, this little person was someone you would love with all of your heart.

I wasn't worried or nervous about how Edward would react. I knew he would be happy. We had discussed children several times.

This was something that we both wanted. The question was, how I was going to tell him. It wasn't like I could just jump at him the minute he sat down to eat his dinner, like: "Edward, I'm pregnant." It was just too simple. This needed to be special, and something he would remember and cherish forever.

I felt like this was the perfect way to end a sad day. We started with a funeral and ending with a start of a new life. The thought itself brought tears to my eyes. Making dinner in the kitchen really made me think about how my life had turned out during the last couple of months. I went from being a workaholic with three friends to a married wealthy women who owned a house with her husband and was expecting her first child in just a few months.

It's funny how you imagine the perfect life in your head hoping it will happen but reality ruins the illusion, and then suddenly one day it is happening. Just like that I knew the perfect way to tell Edward...

"Mrs. Cullen can I assist you with anything?" Victoria's nasty voice shook me out from my deep thoughts and I spun around facing her scowling face in the doorway. Was this woman never happy?

"Yes, please tell Edward that dinner is ready." I said while smiling at her. Her sour face would not ruin my own good mood. I finished setting the table and was just about placing our food down when Edward entered the kitchen, still wearing his suit from the funeral. Only now he had removed his suit jacket. All of a sudden I started feeling nervous. I had some big news to tell.

"Is everything alright love?" he asked, looking at me with those worried eyes of his. I walked over to him and kissed his cheek, trying to ease his worried mind. "Everything is fine dear. Why don't we sit down? I made your favorite dish." I smiled sweetly at him while saying the last part, hoping he would let it go.

He took one look at the table and I watched as his eyes lit up. "Are we celebrating or something? You know how I love your homemade lasagna."

He sat down at the head of the table after giving me a brief kiss. I shrugged my shoulders. "You'll see. You had a pretty rough day and I may have some news that I wish to share with you." I said the last part while giving him my smug smile, letting him know something was up.

He laughed and gripped my hand lying next to his while starting digging into his food. "I knew my favorite dinner came with a cost. What do you want love? You know I will give you the world. Just say the word and it's yours. This is delicious by the way." He said motioning to the food.

I giggled at his clear excitement over the food and gripped his hand tighter in mine. I knew I wouldn't be able to get any food down until I had told him what was on my mind. "This time it's not about you giving me something but me being able to finally give something back to you."

This made him stop eating and he looked at me with those intense green eyes of his, his hand gripping mine started twirling my wedding rings while he spoke. "Isabella what is it? You give me everything just by breathing love." The intensity of the moment brought tears to my eyes and I swallowed heavily staring down at our joined hands before looking back up at him, this time with tears in my eyes, his eyes were so full of worry and love it only made the lump in my throat bigger.

A smile graces my face and a single happy tear ran down my cheek as I whispered the words that would change our lives forever, "Edward you are going to be a father. I'm pregnant."

He stared at me for the longest of time, at least it felt like a long time of him simply staring into my eyes. Then a huge smile broke out on his face and before I knew it he was out of his chair kneeling beside me while circling his arms around my waist kissing and hugging my stomach. I could feel the wetness from his tears stain through my dress as I hugged his head closer to me, kissing his hair over and over again. We were just so happy.

When he looked up at me, his red rimmed eyes held so much love it made my knees go weak. Good thing I was sitting down.

"How long have you known?" he asked holding both of my hands in his. "I have had my suspicions a couple of weeks now but I just got it confirmed a couple of days ago." He took my face in both of his, "You are so strong love, and you have had so much to deal with. First my father's death, them the move to Chicago and on top of it all you are pregnant." A huge smile broke out on his face and he let out a joyous laugh while shaking his head, "When are you ever going to stop surprising me?"

He rose to his feet and brought me with him, keeping one hand on my stomach and the other arm around me. "I have a family to love and protect now." He grinned, the thought seemed to please him and I smiled. My tears had yet to stop running, stupid hormones.

Suddenly a thought hit me and I groaned loudly. Edward of course noticed "What's wrong love? Are you hurt?" I could literally see the panic spreading across his face. It was weird. The man had seen the most gruesome scenes and killed people, and yet his pregnant wife was the one that could make him panic. He was just too cute. That's right, I called a mafia lord cute!

"You are going to be like this the next eight months right?" I said, not really knowing if I found it sweet or annoying. "Like what? Wait, does that mean that we-"He cut himself off and I finished the sentence for him. "Yes, we made a honeymoon baby." We both grinned at the thought. We had both secretly hoped that it would happen.

I cupped his face in my hands, addressing the problem that had made me groan in the first place. "I am getting more guards now right?" I asked, knowing the answer to my question. He sighed deeply, "Baby, you are carrying precious cargo in there," he laid a hand on my stomach. "I can't have anything happening to the two of you. You will get more guards."

He had a look of determination in his eyes and I quickly looked away burying my head in his chest while he circled his arms around me, holding me tightly to him. I knew he only did this because he loves us. "I know, and if you think it's the best I won't argue. The baby's safety means everything to me." I said truthfully.

"Speaking of the baby's safety you haven't eaten yet, you are eating for two now love." Edward noticed frowning before rushing me back to the table. I sighed.

This would only get worse during the next few months. Dinner was filled with smiles and happy tears. We talked about everything from how to decorate the nursery to what we hoped the sex would be. I had always pictured a little boy in my minds whenever I thought of the baby and Edward said he was happy as long as the baby was healthy and had all ten fingers and toes. It was so cute seeing Edward like this.

The dangerous mafia lord was long gone and in his place was a loving and caring soon-to-be father. It made my heart love him even more if that was even possible. We decided to invite Alice, Rose, Emmett and Jasper over for dinner the next day so that we could tell them the news. I knew they would be exited to become Aunts and Uncles.

After we were finished eating Edward ushered me into bed, insisting upon me needing my sleep after "everything I had been through".

I tried to brush him off but he would have none of it, almost demanding that I went to bed. Luckily he went with me and I soon found myself snuggling into my husband's warm and safe chest with his arms around me. Right before I drifted into dream land, I could hear Edward whispering to my stomach, "I love you little one. I promise to make you and your mommy happy and protect the two of you. Sweet dreams little one. Daddy loves you."

I fell asleep feeling nothing but happiness and love. All of this seemed almost too good to be true.

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