Shino was having a peaceful day when he heard music being played loudly. Sitting up from his cloud watching (Shikamaru had suggested this spot) he looked around. And then he saw her.

"Kin? When did you get back?" asked Shino.

"Hello Shino!" she chirped. She had left months ago for a special training session with one of the lesser genjutsu masters.

The months had been kind to her, and she had definitely changed from the snarky girl he had rescued from Orochimaru.

She no longer had the tacky outfit of the Sound. Her outfit was a cross between a miko outfit and something Ino would wear. Her top was sleeveless and was white with red trimmings. It had a white fishnet that went up to her neck. She had red shorts with dark red edges, and her shoes were the regular sandals most fo the other shinobi wore. Around her neck was a set of headphones, which is where the music he heard before came from. They were playing a rather catchy beat.

He could hear the light sound of bells from her senbon pouch. From the way she acted, she had definitely expanded on her bell genjutsu.

"So...would you like to have a sparring session?"

"No elemental jutsu. I'm still trying to get the hang of my wind attribute."

"Fine by me."

Shino ducked under the senbon with wires. Kin had found a way to make her sonic genjutsu envelop a larger area. The headphones she was wearing served a dual purpose.

The first was to help her with the genjutsu...while the other made her taijutsu erratic but effective. She danced to a beat only she could hear, but it made hitting her very difficult.

Once Shino had her pinned, he grinned behind his coat.

"I'm glad you're back Kin. Things are going to get a little crazy around here soon. We'll need all the help we can get."

"It feels good to have a home, Shino-kun."

"So Jiraiya is taking you on a training trip?" said Shino.

"Yeah, Pervy Sage said it would be a good idea to do it before the Akatsuki really start to move."

"Make sure he knows that I will shred any hint of his books in Konoha if I find out he slacked in your training. Who knows, maybe he can help you learn more about sealing. I know you have a ton of books on the subject in your room."

"Oh yeah! But do you think he'll even understand sealing books?" asked Naruto.

"I heard that he is Konoha's best seal master. Couldn't hurt."

"What will you do for over a year?"

"Anko has offered me an apprenticeship in the T and I division. I'm the only one who can brew that truth serum we found in large enough quantities. Besides, Snape has offered to brew us some polyjuice that can be stored for months at a time."

"Sounds like he's fitting right in!" said Naruto.

"We've been getting a lot of normal born witches and wizards since the article. They would rather have their children raised as mercenaries and learn their magic here rather than have them brought up in a world full of prejudice, blood hate and fear."

"Yeah, I can see how this place would be more appealing. Outside was filled with people who thought like the Uchiha. Even if it meant their kids would end up becoming killers, it was still the better option."

"I...don't like to kill. Hell, I hate having to torture others for information. But we do what we must to protect our precious people."


"On the plus side, I'll be heading to Waterfall soon. Apparently the found an escaped criminal with secrets from Konoha, and I've been selected to insure he doesn't escape."

"Sounds like fun," said Naruto.

"I'll be sure to bring you some new plants to grow," said Shino.

"Things are going to change soon, aren't they," said Naruto.

"Probably, but change is needed to grow," said Shino.

"Good luck, bro. Try not to get squished," said Naruto. He had some packing to do.

"Safe travels little brother," said Shino.

"He's over there!"

"Don't let him escape!"

Shino was running alongside the girl they sent as his back up. For some odd reason the Waterfall nin seemed to hold her in familiar contempt. It took Shino an hour to figure out the cause.

"You're a Jinchuriki, aren't you?" asked Shino.

Fuu, the girl who had the greenest hair he had ever seen winced.

"How did you know?" she asked.

Shino noticed that the Waterfall shinobi tensed at the subject.

"My younger brother is the container of the Nine-tails. I recognized the signs of general loathing and you're too nice to possibly had done something to piss this many shinobi off."

Fuu beamed at him for the compliment.

It didn't take much for her to reveal that she had a beetle demon, and had Shino's full attention on her. To the amusement of the Leaf shinobi he was leading, the two got into an in-depth discussion on beetle types. Fuu was surprisingly well informed about them.

It was Shikamaru who brought up Haku and Kin while they were setting up for the night.

"You do realize that those two might actually strangle you if they learned you were flirting with another girl..."

"Unless she does something to convince them to share," replied Shino. Neither were aware that Fuu was actually listening to them.

"How the hell could you convince them to share you with another girl? I still don't get how those two share you!" said Kiba.

"Easy. Haku and Kin are open minded about a three way relationship, so long as I don't pay more attention to one and ignore the other. As long as I can give them equal attention, they would probably care less to add one more. Besides, the clan is eager to strengthen the kikaichu."

"How does having three girls strengthen the hives?" asked Kiba.

"For starters, any kids I have with Haku automatically get the Hyoten bloodline, and make their hives impervious to the cold. Kin's children would have heightened resistance to sound waves."

"And any kids Naruto has would get fox traits and higher chakra reserves..." said Shikamaru.

"So it really doesn't matter to anyone if I have an open relationship with two different girls, so long as I don't get too greedy."

"And you can handle to jealous single guys who call you a lucky bastard..." said Kiba grinning.

"How is he lucky? He's got two shinobi girlfriends who can kick his ass if he does something wrong and one of which can paralyze him in a near death state!" said Shikamaru, shuddering.

"This coming from the clan known for marrying strong willed women?" said Shino, raising an eyebrow.

"Don't remind me..." said Shikamaru.

A few days later they captured the target...who happened to be Mizuki, the teacher who betrayed Naruto and almost got him labeled a missing nin before he even made genin. Shino took particular pleasure in kicking him in the unmentionables as 'encouragement' to keep moving.

What Shino didn't realize was that he had laid the groundwork for Fuu to become his next girlfriend. She had found him charming and friendly, and he clearly didn't have issues with her containing a demon. Finding out that he was in an open relationship with two other girls was just a perk.

It took a week, but eventually Fuu managed to find a loophole that would allow her to go to Konoha for months on end.

Six months later...

Shino read the wizard newspaper with some concern. While Voldemort finally made it clear he was back, there was very little actually being done about it.

Dumbledore had attempted to hire shinobi (specifically Shino, who was out every time he showed up) but each time he had to leave because he was almost flat broke and the muggleborn who felt betrayed by his lies of equality kicked him out.

After a while they started putting up wards keyed to his magical signature. It was pretty obvious that he would never be able to pay for an actual mission to take care of his Dark Lord problem, and cleaning up the mess the muggleborn's made when they threw rotten fruit at him was too much of a hassle.

On the plus side, the diplomatic relations with Waterfall and Konoha had never been better. Fuu had successfully convinced them to make her the Ambassador and Waterfall...more out of a desire to get her away from the village than anything else.

As a result of the new relations, the village ended witnessing a rather odd sight.

The Aburame heir now had three girlfriends instead of two, and not a single one was loyal to Konoha as a whole. He had a rather large fan base after Kin accidentally destroyed his spare coat, and his other one was in the wash getting the blood out.

The sight of his chest through the fish net was enough to get a good portion of the Uchiha fan base to switch to him. Something that made Sasuke laugh his ass off every time he thought about it.

It didn't help that a few people had a picture of the coatless well as the very rare picture of him without coat or his sunglasses.

Haku and Kin had tried very hard to retrieve those, but a few slipped through their net. They had real trouble beating off the new fan base and prospective girlfriends. Anko had laughed herself sick after those pictures came out. His open-minded girlfriends had finally become a downside.

But it was seven months after returning from the Outside that things took a really nasty turn.

Ever since Dumbledore failed to produce the Boy-who-lived (who thought the name was ridiculous) the entire European magical community had it out for the shinobi continents. Apparently the so called Light Lord had spun a tale about how the shinobi were keeping their 'Savior' from them, which was why so many people were dying off.

I am well aware this is a short chapter, and it was more of a filler than anything. I only added another girl to Shino's harem because the Waterfall Jinchuriki has the beetle one inside her and it was too good not to use. Next chapter will be longer, I promise.