Title: Much More

Rating: Various ratings

Main Character/s: Timothy McGee and Jethro Gibbs

Summary: If you take the alphabet A-Z and apply it to McGibbs, it equals some fun for some fans.

Main Warnings: Slash and Language

A/N: Series of Oneshots. Not related to each other. So prepare for them to range from drama to humor; from angst to so fluffy it could be cotton candy; and from a soft cuddle to some hot steamy sex. Hope you all enjoy.

Much More

All in the Eyes

Tim peeked up from his work and again blushed when he saw those blue eyes looking back. They blazed with fire and seared him. He squirmed in his seat as they darkened and he looked back down at his work before he embarrassed himself.

Those eyes were dangerous. They promised so much.

"Something on your mind, McGee?"

Jumping, he gasped at the fact Gibbs had moved to stand beside him without him realizing it. Shaking his head, he bit his lip. "No."

"You sure McGee?"

He whimpered at the hot breath on his ear as Gibbs bent closer, staring at the computer as if there was something to look at. Where the hell were Tony and Ziva? Oh, yeah, Gibbs ordered them both to go get lunch.

Clearing his throat, he glanced at Gibbs, only to be snagged by the piercing blue eyes of one Leroy Jethro Gibbs. The breath was knocked out of him when he saw the range of emotion in those eyes that have haunted his dreams.

So much in his eyes.


Those blue blazed something fierce and Tim gasped when he felt a rough hand rub the back of his neck and he shivered. Man, this was dangerous. Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous. He knew when he had first met Gibbs and stared into those eyes that he was a dangerous man. But, still, he had wanted him. He still wanted him. And judging by the fire in those eyes, he wanted him in return.

"My house, 2100, door will be unlocked."

"O-Okay," he whispered and had enough time to glance into those dark eyes that promised a night of rough and dirty fun before he moved to his desk and the elevator arrived with Tony and Ziva.

"What took you so long?"

"Sorry Boss."

Tim stared at the door nervously. He wasn't afraid to admit it. He was nervous as hell, but he was also excited. And with that excitement, he opened the door. "Gibbs?" The man appeared with a hint of a smile and Tim smiled nervously back. "Hi," he waved.

"Hey." He motioned with his head for him to join him and when Tim passed the living room to get to the kitchen, he blinked at the sight he saw. The table was covered with a tablecloth, candles were lit, and on two plates was a delicious looking meal.


Gibbs came to stand in front of him and grabbing his hand, he stared at him with the softest look he's ever seen the older man wear and felt his heart skip. "Tonight, I'm Jethro."

Tim looked down at their joined hands and asked, "Just tonight?"

A hand on his chin brought his face back up and Gibbs—Jethro—was closer than before. "As long as you want."

And the look in his eyes said it all.

Better Believe It

He gasped as his back arched, clutching the man to him by his shoulders. He threw his leg over the older man's hip and pulled him closer, pushing him further into him.

"Jethro," he gasped.

This…This was what happened when he questioned Leroy Jethro Gibbs. They had had a huge fight and Tim had questioned the man's love. It wasn't like it was his fault anyway. They had been out with the team at a bar and Jethro had been openly flirting back with a woman who came onto him. Tim understood that it was a way to keep the team out of their business and away from finding out about them.

But he laid it on pretty thick and when the woman asked if she could give him her number…he took it! What the fuck?

Tim was furious by the time they got home and he let Jethro know it too.

And after all the fighting and Tim refusing to believe that Jethro loved him, Jethro set out to show him. Pushing him against the wall and devouring his mouth, shedding him of his clothes as they moved up the stairs and to the bedroom.

"Tim," Jethro grunted as he thrust, his rough callused hand gripping the thigh of the leg around his waist. A sheen of sweat covered his skin, matting his hair to his forehead.

Tim thread his fingers through the silver hair and stuck it up, breathlessly chuckling when Jethro mock glared down at him. He smiled and leaned up to kiss the older man, Jethro's lightly chapped lips opening for his tongue.

"Never doubt," he said when they finally pulled back from each other, their hips still moving together but softly and leisurely. Their foreheads rest against one another's, breathing each other's air. "Never doubt what I feel for you, Tim."

"You love me?"

"Better believe it."

He gazed into those forever blazing blue eyes and whispered, "Promise?"


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