Tim pushed him back on the bed, quickly following him, covering his body with his own. Pressing his lips to his, devouring his lips, he worked on the last piece of clothing that was blocking them from being skin to skin. "Off," he muttered, pulling back to look down at what he was doing. He didn't want to acknowledge how his hands were slightly shaking.

Jethro's hands helped, and quickly their pants were off and Tim straddled him, his hips thrusting against Jethro's cock in need. "Tim," Jethro warned with his hands on his hips.

"I…I can't stop," he whined as he continued to rut against Jethro. It's been too damn long since they've laid eyes on each other, let alone touched. His body was hyped up and he felt overloaded with feelings and want and the overall need for his lover.

The grip on his hips pulled him harder and faster and he rode the tidal wave of heat that had him cum in less than a minute. Jethro came right after him and he slumped on top of his lover, sprawled on him and holding him there, not allowing him to leave or move.

Jethro's hands smoothed over his back, Tim jerking occasionally from the rough hand running over his smooth sensitive skin.



"You alright?"

"I've missed you," he sighed as he shifted so only half of his body was laying on Jethro and tucked his face into his neck. "So much Jethro."

"I know Tim. Me too."

Jethro had been gone for the past two months on a deep undercover operation that required no contact from anyone in his life from both work and personal. Abby had to be put on watch for the first two weeks to ensure she didn't try and sneak a way to contact him. But not even Abby had been able to find him because the only one who knew his location was Vance, apart from the other agency agents that had been working the case with him.

But no one had known about his and Tim's relationship, so they hadn't thought to put him on watch and Tim had found him. He never told anyone and found ways to get him messages about how he missed him, loved him, how Tony was doing great as the leader, and that he was waiting for him to get back home.

Jethro had gotten back a few days ago but his days had been filled with closing the case and allowing himself to calm and rid himself of the persona he had been for two months straight. So Tim hadn't been able to be alone with him until earlier that day when Jethro looked at him and signed that he wanted him to come over. Jethro had taught him sign months ago when Tim asked.

Now, he had his lover back and he never wanted to let him go. He thread his fingers through Jethro's silver chest hair and whispered, "I love you."

The arm around him tightened and he felt lips press against his forehead. "Love you too Tim."

Tim rose up on his elbow so he was looking down at him. "Marry me."

Jethro's eyebrows rose at that and even Tim was a little surprised he said that. It had been on his mind a lot lately, especially since he had seen how well NCIS took to the newly gay married couple that had been transferred over from Hawaii, but he hadn't thought to bring it up for possibly another few months.

As Jethro continued to stare at him, Tim just played with his chest hair as he waited. Though it was what he wanted, he honestly wouldn't be upset if Jethro said no. It was a big step, Jethro just got back from being undercover, and…it was a big step in general for them. Especially since they hadn't even come out to any of their friends and family yet.

"This what you want, Tim?" Jethro asked as he raised hand to run it through Tim's hair.

Tim shrugged and gave a small smile. "It is."

"Then it's a good thing I want it too."

Smiling, he leaned down to kiss Jethro and sighed as the rough hands ran over him. Chuckling when Jethro rolled them over so he was above him, he gave Tim a full smile that warmed Tim's heart each time, and promised, "I'm going to make you happy."

"You already do."

The End.

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