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So here you go, AU Wally and Artemis a tad late Spring Break fic. I am also fully aware that Wally lives with his PARENTS, not Iris and Barry, but I know so little about his real mom and dad, sooo...oh and yes some how I managed to arange for Artemis to live in a normal subruban home.
"So, your gonna go pick up more sticks right?" "There almost all gone." "If I go over there and there's still stick I get to hit you with the yard implament of my choice." "Is a mace by chance a yard tool? I've alway wanted to be hit by a mace. I kinda hope that's how I die." "Highly unlikly." - My father and I
"Are those bombs?" "Yes." "Ok, good" -My sister and I
"Hello 911? Yes, Krissy's hurt!" "No! What are you doing? Wait-is that a sea shell your talking on?" "Yes, and please send the mermaid doctor over right away." -My sister and I


She. Her. That girl. You know the one, we all do. Artemis Crock; the bane of my existence. Of course with my luck the annoying blonde was in almost all my classes, lived right down the street from me and was a close family friend. There was no escape.

But the worst part about Artemis Crock was, the control she had on me. It was hard to contain myself around her, approximately two and a half feet a luscious blonde hair, her gorgeous gray eyes, the sexy toned legs she flaunted around like it was nobody's business. I was her's to ruin. Although she will never find out I feel this way, it's still an inconvenience.

You'd figure after having to deal with her harpy like personality for all these years, I would just get used to it. But to tell you the truth, it was the exact opposite.

We tolerated each other as children. My Aunt Iris like to try and sell me on the idea we were friends, but I know better. Her mother, father, sister and her were always at our house. Once Paula, Artemis' mother had divorced her father, and he had got custody of the girls, we didn't see each other much. When another court case was finally settled, proving that Artemis' father was an unfit parent, our lovely blonde bad ass returned to us. Her older sister Jade had already moved out. Paula and my aunt desperately tried to rekindle the "friendship," but it was like beating a dead squirrel, nothing comes out of it except for blood.

Now, I knew there was something wrong with today. For one when my group of friend and I went out today, Artemis had not spoken once snide remake to me. She just sat glaring at anything in her line of sight- Not that I was staring! Second it was almost the official the beginning of spring break. Hello sleeping in! Then when I came home Aunt Iris was preparing all my favorites for dinner. Lastly I wasn't nagged about cleaning my room or doing home work. Something was definitely up.

When uncle Barry called me down for dinner I knew they were going to break it to me then. For we all know dinner is the best part of the night. I ran to my door, flung it open, and slide down the railing of the stairs. Snatching up a plate, I began to heap loads of pasta onto it. I slyly slipped into my chair and forked some noodles into my mouth.

"Wally-" Aunt Iris started.

"What's up?" Some spaghetti fell out of my mouth and back onto the plate.

"How does a beach trip for spring break sound?" Uncle Barry smiled. The two had a habit of telling me news by finishing each others sentences.

"Really?" My eyed widened in excitement.

Aunt Iris giggled lightly at my expression, "Yes, but, there is one condition." Oh no. "Artemis will joining us for the week."

It was like all terrible things in life came crashing down on me at once. "W-w-what?" I managed to get out once I had recovered choking on a meatball.

"Wally her mother wants her to come with us. And Paula and I figured this would be a great time for you two to become friends again." My evil evil aunt said.

"There was no friendship, ever!" I yelled. Uncle Barry and Aunt Iris exchanged worried looks.

"He'll get over it Iris." Uncle Barry reassured.

'No,' I thought. 'No, HE won't.'

That night, I went to bed thinking of Artemis, and how torturous this coming week would be. My dreams were filled with her. Her long blonde hair pulled back in it's sexually menacing pony tail. Her long tall body against mine. The delicious sent of her jasmine perfume. Her lips ever so close to my ear about to tell me a secret, when- I woke up in a sweat. My sight darted to the clock: 2:47 AM. Then my eyes drifted over my tent pitched lap. "Dammit!" I flung myself out of bed in rage, making my way over to the bathroom. I need a fucking cold shower!