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Leopard The Warrior Of Africa

Our story begins with a zebra with bright green eyes, galloping his way in slow motion to the waterhole in front of him, the penguins flying as he jumps and does a somersault across a gorge. On the other side after he passes a bush, a lioness with fur the color of a brownish setting sun and dark blue eyes, along with a small tuff on her forehead, appears from behind the bush. She grins and eyes the zebra. The zebra doesn't notice her and keeps galloping to the water, even as the lioness tiptoes to him… until….



Marty tripped over his treadmill and fell against the fence of his exhibit before looking at the lioness before him. "Alex! What have I told you about interrupting me while I'm daydreaming? When the zebra's in his zone, leave him alone!" he said as he went back on his treadmill. Alex, who the zookeepers originally call Alexandra, giggled and placed her paws under her head.

"Oh come on, Marty. I was just coming over to wish you a happy birthday!" She said, tilted her head cutely.

"Oh, gees, Ally, thanks."

"Ok, first of all, never call me Ally unless you really want to die," the lioness corrected him, placing one of her paws on her hips. "Second of all, not to bother you or anything, but do you got anything for a toothache? It's driving me crazy." Alex rubbed her left side of her jaw, showing the side where it hurt the most.

"Well, lucky for you ma'am, you came to the right place. Dr. Marty D.D.S is in the house. Now if you sit upon my examination table, I'll see to you right away," Marty said before Alex jumped onto the flat piece of marble that connected the corners of two of Marty's fences. Alex opened her mouth and let her best friend go into her mouth. "I don't see anything, Al."

"It's on the left."

"Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow."

"Sorry Marty."

Marty pulled his head out of the blue-eyed lioness's mouth and rubbed the back of his head. "Ok, just remember not to talk with your mouth full." Alex nodded and opened her mouth again. "Ok, here it is!" Marty pulled out a small snow globe and laughed. "Now what the heck is this doing in here?"

"Happy Birthday!"

Marty chuckled as Alex jumped up on twos. "Gee, thanks Alex. You put it behind the tooth! Girl, you alright."

Alex cupped her paws around the hoof Marty had the snow globe in and shook it. "Well, you might as well shake it, huh?" she said before letting go. Marty peered into the snow globe to see him and Alex on Alex's pedestal. "See, Marty? It's snowing. Ten years old! A decade! The big 1-0!" Alex made the number jester while smiling at her friend. Marty kind of began to frown again. The lioness got worried at the sight. "You don't like it?"

"No, Alex, I like! I love it!"

"You hate it! Ugh! I knew I should have gotten that Melman alarm clock! That's the one, that's the big seller."

"No, Al. it's great. It's perfect." Marty settled the snow globe down with all his other birthday gifts from the years before. "It's just another day coming and going, and I'm still the same old thing. Eat some grass, walk over here, drink some water, and walk back over here!"

Alex tilted her head and nodded. "I see your problem."

"Maybe I should go to law school."

"No Marty, you just need to get out of the old routine!"

"How?" Marty looked at Alex confused. He'd been doing this his whole life. How could he change it?

"Add something new! Improvise! On the Fly! Fume, Fume, Fume! " Alexandra did some punches in the air at the last three words before looking back the zebra.


"Make it fresh!"

Marty thought for a moment and then nodded. "Fresh. I can do that!"

"Works for me!"

The bells at the entrance to the zoo soon began to ring, telling everyone that the zoo was about to open. Alex jumped around excitedly. "Here come the people, Marty! Oh, I love the people! It's fun people fun time! Let's go!" Alex jumped out of Marty's pen and onto a hippo's back. "Gloria! It's time to wake up!" the lioness yelled, doing a dance number of the female hippo's back. Gloria yawned and looked around.

"What day it is?"

"It's Friday! Field trip day!"

"Yeah it's Field trip day! Let's get up and go. Five more minutes," was all the auburn hippo said before going back to sleep. Alex jumped from Gloria's back, swung around the lamppost that was in the middle of all of their pens and jumped on top of a tall building before tap dancing on the roof.

"Melman! Melman! Melman! Wake up, Spotty! It's another wonderful day in the Big Apple! Let's go!"

A green-eyed giraffe looked out, a cone around his neck. "Sorry, Alex. I'm calling in sick today." Alexandra looked down confused.

"Say what?"

"I found another brown spot on my shoulder! See? It's right here!" Melman pointed to a random spot on his shoulder and looked at it then to Alex and then back to it again. Alex grabbed the edges of the cone and looked at Melman straight in the eye.

"Melman, buddy, you know this is all in your head, hmm?"

A bunch of kids went through the gates of the zoo with their parents behind them. A bald man threw a paper in the trashcan next the chimpanzee exhibit. One of the two chimps went to the to the same trashcan, took out a donut, a newspaper, a cup that still had some of it's drink in it, and went over to where the other chimp was sleeping before knocking him with the newspaper. "Wake up Phil, you filthy monkey," Mason said before giving Phil the cup and sitting down to read the newspaper while eating the donut. Phil soon gurgled the contents of the cup down his throat.

Back in Marty's pen, the zebra began to stretch his legs.

"Oh, I'm going to be fresh. Fresh to the ground. Tasty fresh! Fresherific!" Marty took a sip from the cup near him before spitting the water out. Zipper lot fresh!"

A voice soon came from the speakers, announcing the main attraction on the day.

"Ladies and gentlemen. Children of all ages. The zoo now proudly presents…"

A crowd of people surrounded the lion exhibit, where Alex was getting ready for her performance.

"… The Queen of New York City! Alexandra the lioness!"

The crowd cheered at as Marty, Melman, and Gloria went to do their show stunts.

"It's show time," Marty said.

And so the day at Central Park Zoo began… no one knowing of what was yet to come.

Me: Wow! Yeah! Alexandra the Lioness! Yeah!

*Everyone stares at me*

Me: oh… I just did that in front of everyone, didn't I?

Gloria: Yes, yes you did.

Me: he he he…*blushes*

Melman: So…. Since Alex is a woman in this story, does this mean there's going to be a Mart and Alex love story in here as well?

Me: No, what made you think that?

Melman: I don't know, it just came it mind.

Alex: So… Marty and I are still just friends in this fan fiction?

Marty: Yeah, that's a good question.

Me: Actually, you two have more of a brother and sister relationship. Like in the movies.

The gang: ?

Me: Wait, so in the movies it's not a brother relationship between you two? Cause it really seems like that in all of them.

Marty: No, there's a brother relationship.

Alex: So… I'm stuck as a woman who likes ribbons and curls?


Alex: 0.0'

Me: Actually… you're more of a tomboy. And I would advise you to run right now.

Alex: *runs away from Gloria*

Melman: He really should not have said that.

Marty: No, he shouldn't have.

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