I do not own any of the characters or the movie! That all belongs to Dream Works! Well… except for maybe female Alex. And to answer a question, no. The female version of Alex ISN'T modeled on Vitani from Lion King 2 Simba's Pride. Even though I'll admit, now that I think about it…

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Leopard The Warrior Of Africa

About three days later, Alex felt her boa tilt, causing her the break the top and roll out onto the sand. The lioness stood up and spitted out the sand in her mouth before looking in shock of the image in front of her.


Alexandra tripped over her feet and landed in the sand on her back. Standing up again, the sunset pelt of the female now looked like a dusty brown as she looked around.

"Hello? Marty? Melman? Gloria? Marty! Gloria? Melman!" she called, running through the sand, not even carrying that the water was touching her paws.

"Hello! Anyone! Hello!"

Next morning….

Alex stumbled over her feet again, still repeating her friend's names. Finally, the poor feline fell into the sand, tears running down her face. "I'll never see them again," she whispered, her fully black ears flat against her head before perking at something.

In the distance for some reason, she saw just out of the corner of her eye, past some rocks, a box that had Melman's voice in it. Alex gasped and quickly got up to get a closer look.

"Help! Someone! Get me out of this thing, right now! Hello? Anyone?"


"Alex! Is that you?"

Alex tried to hold up his box, but failed as she was knocked into the sand. She borrowed her way out before surfacing again and breaking the bottom of Melman's box out. "It's ok, Melman. I got you!" She pulled his legs out, using her common sense to know that pulling his head instead on the other side would be kind of pointless.

Melman stood up and smiled. "You're ok! I can't believe it! You're ok! Hey, look! It's Gloria!" both giraffe and lion looked see the hippo's crate just washing ashore.

"Gloria!" Alexandra cried out, knocking the box before suddenly being pushed into the area by Gloria's legs. Melman screamed as Alex fell on him. Gloria soon stood up out of her crate with seaweed as hair, and starfish and a crab as a bikini.

"Alrighty, boys. Fun's over."




All three animals turned to see Marty surfing on some dolphins. After the dolphins let him on shore, the zebra patted his fur and looked back at them. "Um, I don't have anything on me right now, so…. I'll get you later." The dolphins swam backwards, talking in their own tongue before swimming off. "And a a-a-a-a-a," to you too!" the zebra said before shaking the water on his fur off.

"Marty!" Alexandra ran forward, Gloria and Melman right behind her.

Marty turned and ran to his "sister", crying out, "Alex!"

Soon, we see them going in slow motion.







The two soon ended up hugging each other, and then Gloria and Melman hugged both as well. Alex giggled and hugged all of them before Gloria spoke up. "Oh, here we all are together. Safe and Sound," the hippo said.

Melman nodded his head. "Here we are! Um… where exactly is "here?"

Everyone's eyes widen before turning around to see the massive tree in front of them. Little did they know, three cat-like creatures that belonged to the weasel family were watching them from a tree out of their eyesights. These creatures were called foosa. Two of them were male, on of the males clearly bigger and certainly the leader while the other male was clearly his loyal follower. The third one was a female who either third in command, or just a simple follower, but she was surprisingly small for her age and had teal eyes and a dusty golden fur unlike the brown or dusty red-brown other foosa had.

The leader of the three spoke first. "Well, well, well. What do we have here?" he said, eyeing Alex in an evil smirk and a raised eyebrow. 'Hello beautiful,' he thought to himself.

His loyal follower answered him, saying, "Well, we have four unknown creatures, Shakalo, sir. Well, maybe three. That female right there looks like she could be an over-grown foosa if it weren't for that tail thing on her tail," he said, pointing to Alex. Shakalo glared at him.

"I didn't want an answer, Boko."

Boko laughed nervously backing away. The female of the three though seemed to look concern. "Shakalo, Boko's right. We don't know what they are. As far as we know, they could be dangerous to the clan," she said, sitting beside the leader. Shakalo pushed her away before rubbing his paws together, still checking the beautiful creature he was seeing before his eyes out.

"Quiet, Aya. As far as I DO know, that beautiful creature with those wonderful blue eyes is going to be my queen!" he said, his smirk only getting wider.

Me: Holy crab, this is getting creepy.

Alex: *is reading this * Why did you add them?

Marty: *is chuckling * I'm finding some irony in this.

Me: I wanted to go deep into the villain.

Melman: So, which on is the villain.

Me: It isn't obvious?

Melman: Nope.

Gloria: Seriously?

Marty: Dude, everyone can see that the villain is…

Me: DON'T SAY IT! KEEP IT A SURRPISE! And besides, it's not who you… well. Actually, yeah, it kind of is.

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