Author's Note: This just randomly popped in my head. I think it had to do with the fact I stopped at McDonald's for a drink earlier today.

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The Germanic nation sighed. His uniform looked weird on him, and his workplace environs were degrading. What was going on?

Germany was working at a McDonald's somewhere in L.A.

"Mein Gott... I hope this doesn't end in accidential homicide," Germany commented to himself. His first effigy for sharpened bendy straws - Err, I mean, customer - just happened to be Japan.

"Wilkkomen to - Japan?" Germany cried as Japan placed a dollar onto the counter.

"I'll have some Mcnuggets. Off the dorrar menu," Japan stated. With trembling hands, Germany gave Japan his Mcnuggets. "What efficient service!"

"Don't ask why I'm here, okay? Also, don't tell any nations where I am, especially Italy and Prussia," Germany explained.

"Roger that," Japan said before walking out of the store. Germany sighed.

"God forbid, if Prussia came here today... Oh, dear," Germany thought to himself before somebody cleared their throat.

"Meester Germany, will you help us with our order?"

Germany looked up, and he saw Finland and Sweden.

"Oh, uhh... Welcome to McDonald's! May I take your order?" Germany asked the two Nordics. Fifteen minutes later, Finland and Sweden had a lot of food.

"Vhat the hell was all of that for?" Germany cried.

"Didn't I tell you? We're having a McDonald's tasting party tonight at Meester Denmark's house. All of the nations are invited," Finland explained.

"I can't go. I have to... Do some paperwork, ja," Germany explained. "Sorry I can't make it."

Fortunately for Germany, the rest of the day went smooth. The only other nations that came were England, Taiwan, Belguim, Hong Kong, Estonia, and another nation he forgot. Oh, yeah, that nation was Canada.

"Wow, this day went smoother than I thought. Maybe I can -" Germany thought to himself before the three people he DIDN'T want to come entered the restaurant.

"Germany, we're here!"

"Awesome! My brother is working at McDonald's!"

"Yo, Germany! Whazzup?"

Italy, Prussia, and America were now standing at the counter. At that point, Germany lost it.

"WELCOME TO MCDONALD'S! MAY I TAKE YOUR ORDER?" Germany angrily yelled to the three.

After serving Italy, Prussia, and America, Germany was promptly fired from McDonald's. He also didn't show up to Denmark's McDonald's tasting party.

Ending Note: If anybody has some funny, crazy, and WTF theories on why Germany was working at McDonald's, please put them in the reviews.