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A kaizen is a magical creature that only comes around in the darkest of hours. For a Kaizen to exist there must be a wizard who has been abused in every way, and must be able to think thoughts of suicide without flinching. He must be mentally begging for death, but he must also have a split will to live.

Kaizen have angel like wings that are as black as ink, and some vampyric tendencies, such as their need for blood from their mates. A Kaizen will have anywhere from three to eight mates, and these mates are the ones who take over the Kaizen's responsibilities. Once a Kaizen comes into its inheritance, other creatures will try and win their eyes. A Kaizen's mates are all magical creatures.

Little is known about a Kaizen's mating process besides the fact that the other beings or magical creatures seem to gather around wherever the Kaizen is located. A kaizen cannot come into his inheritance until he is in a state of not only complete hopelessness, but in a somewhat safe environment.

Kaizen have deadly abilities, including almost perfect control over one of the six elements. The most common element for a Kaizen to have is Water, but the only one that has never been able to be conquered by a Kaizen is the element of Darkness, as well as the rarity of Light, since it is the darkness of a wizards heart that causes this horrific transformation.

Some Kaizen are able to live hundreds of years with their mates, but they seem to disappear from this world, and go into the world of whoever the top dominate is. All mates are creatures or beings, and none are wizards or Muggles. The mates must be able to help the Kaizen with their elemental learning, which is why in the thirty-five cases in the history of the earth, there has always been an elemental as a mate.

Kaizen are very submissive creatures until they find their mates, and even then, they will wish to be protected and spoiled by their mates. Kaizen also may never be separated from all of their mates for longer than a single hour, or they will loose control over their creature side, and go into what is described as Rage Mode. A Kaizen must have some sort of contact with every mate, every day, usually sexual, and every mate will be a male of another species.

Kaizen are also always able to birth children, and never will go fertile. Also, a Kaizen will never have a child who is a Kaizen, but they will also never have a child without magic, for the children will be created by magic, and thus will always be children of magic.

A Kaizen will do anything to protect their children; including giving up their own life, but that doesn't mean that the mates can rest easy. If a Kaizen feels like they have been betrayed, and a mate can no longer protect them, a Kaizen will kill them.

Kaizen are not to be judged under the laws of any creature, as the way that they grow up is considered payment for being able to do whatever they choose to. They, however, are known for their soft heartedness, and would rather die than betray someone who they care for, be it muggle, magical, or Wizarding.

The usual appearance of a Kaizen is like this, enlarged canines, to feed from, a pale, perfect complexion, and wings, the darker in color, the more pain and suffering they have survived.

There is only one flaw on a Kaizen. If they attempted suicide by either the cutting of the wrist or neck, that scar will not heal, but gain an unearthly glow.

A kaizen will also have what is referred to as a familiar, a creature, be it muggle or magical, that has tasted their blood, and is the persons complete half in every way. The creature is sometimes able to advance into complex thought, and communicate with the Kaizen.

Another well known fact about Kaizen is they come into their abilities when they turn fifteen, and it will always be in a well populated place, so that those who have hurt or tried to protect the Kaizen will be able to see what happened, as Kaizen would rather cut off their own limbs than tell someone about their home life.

In this particular story, the crowded place is the Great Hall at Dinner time, and the Kaizen… well that would be telling wouldn't it?