Something wasn't right with Harry Potter. Rumors had circled the castle and still no one knew what was wrong with the Savior-turned- Kaizen. Well, no one except for the boy himself.

It had been almost two weeks since that fateful dinner, and yet Harry had only found two of his mates, and while Damian and Remus had tried everything they could think of, Harry only wanted to sleep. His energy was practically non-existent, and he knew his mates were getting more frustrated and worried every passing hour.

For the first week, he had tried to go to classes, tried to act normal, and tried to listen to his mates, but now, he just couldn't do anything. His third mate wouldn't come to him because he was mad at Harry, and the boy just didn't know why. Harry couldn't eat more than just a few bites, and he was withering away before their very eyes. Something had to be done, but no one knew exactly what.

Well, that wasn't exactly true, everyone could see the fact that he needed his mates, but no one knew who it was, not even Harry.

Sighing quietly, dull green eyes opened and stared at the ceiling, the feeling of safety that he had finally found seemed out of his reach. Remus was starting to loose his temper with the smaller male, and Damian decided to go and get his stuff from the other realm today. Alone once more, he couldn't even find the energy to get out of bed. He had tried so hard to keep his mates happy, but every day without his other mates made Harry's mind travel back to forbidden areas.

Whimpering quietly, he curled into himself and just laid there. His head was pounding, and his stomach was attempting to rebel against him, but he wasn't worried, he hadn't eaten enough to actually get sick.

Dangerous words drifted through his mind and he tried to shake them off, but deep inside his heart, he knew some of them were true. He wasn't good enough. He was just a burden. Sure, his first two mates were ecstatic when they first found him, but now…

He squeezed his eyes shut, and tried not to cry, yet again. When the tears started, he wiped them roughly, feeling sudden anger at himself for being so weak. The more he tried to fight with his emotions and bring them back under control, the more havoc they seemed to reek.

He stood suddenly and tried to make it to the bathroom, but his energy failed him, and he fell, his head hitting the bed post on his way down. The last thing he knew before darkness swallowed him was a high pitched call from somewhere in the room.

Remus paced the hallways, his usually warm honey colored eyes glowed a dangerous amber as he walked. His little mate was sick, and there was nothing he could do about it. Deep in his mind, he heard Moony whispering suggestions in his ear, but Remus was too irritated to hear them. Suddenly, he froze. The sound of the call was too strong for him to resist, and the next thing he knew, Remus was watching his body running towards the noise.

That's when it clicked.

Harry was hurt, and alone.

Bloody hell.

As the door was thrown open, his only thought was that his other mate was going to kill him.

Damian Wright sighed softly and ran a hand through his dark red hair and sighed, falling heavily on his bed. A soft knock caught his attention and as soon as the door opened, he relaxed.

"What's wrong?" The voice of his best friend asked, walking over to his bed and sitting next to his friend.

"My mate is a Kaizen." He whispered, watching flawless gold eyes widen in shock.

"You found your life mate?" His friend asked, his tone stayed steady, but his voice rose.

"Yes. And now he's going to die because his other mates are missing." Damian told him with another sigh.

Rage flooded golden eyes and before he knew what happened, his nose was gushing blood.

"You left you mate all alone, when they are most likely already feeling unwanted because their mate won't come to them?" Damian backed up, raising his left hand in surrender and leaving his right holding his nose.

"Steven, I'm not stupid, I left our other mate watching him." He muttered quietly. Blood flowed into his mouth and he gagged.

Steven's eyes softened and with a wave of his hand, the Tyme Lord was healed. As a Dairk Lord, he was automatically pissed when he heard his friend say that he had left his mate, but now that he knew another mate was watching the precious Kaizen, he was more relaxed. Kaizen were people under his protection, and his best friend knew better than to make him mad by mentioning that he abandoned his Kaizen mate.

"He's not like Julia. He can protect himself." Damian whispered.

Steven nodded.

Suddenly, a sound echoed through the halls, and Damian froze for a second, before bolting out of the room, back home to his mate who needed him.

Steven let out a breath, and whispered his own apology to Julia, before warping to the newest Kaizen.

Deep in the dungeons, a figure leaned over his cauldron and tried his best to encore his instincts that were screaming at him to go and claim his mate. Every day, he fought for control with himself, and refrained from claiming the Kaizen with help from suppression potions. The class around him never noticed that he wasn't as focused as he had always been. They never noticed how his hands shook, but they certainly noticed when his mind was suppressed by instincts and he heard the sound of his mate crying for him. No longer would he cause the younger male pain, and with that thought, he walked straight out of the dungeons to where his mind was telling him his mate was crying for him.

With a scowl, he raised his wand and cast the most powerful unlocking charm he could manage, and was rewarded when the door opened for him. Such weak protection against threats, he thought with a half smirk half irritated glare.

When Remus had gotten inside, his body froze at the sight. His beautiful mate looked like hell. With tender hands, he picked up his mate and laid him on the bed. With a wave of his wand, the cut on his head had healed and the blood was gone.

Another small movement and the cleaning charms had fixed up his mate. He must've passed out from lack of food, again. He ran a hand through what used to be soft raven locks, and sighed quietly. This was killing him to watch his mate fade farther and farther away every day.

Then, he asked the one question that he knew would help him: What would Sirius do?

He froze once more. That was the answer.

"Harry?" He muttered quietly, brushing the boy's hair out of his eyes, "Would you like me to go get Sirius?"

The boy's eyes fluttered open, looking more aware than he had in weeks.


Harry turned his head and nuzzled his mates' hand, before falling back asleep.

"I'll be right back, pup."

Remus closed the door quietly behind him and turned around quickly. The scent of another man was strong now, and when he saw who it was, he immediately knew who it was.

A smirk crossed his features as Moony told him to let the other man pass. He moved out of the way, and the other man chose that moment to walk straight into the room that his little mate was sleeping in.

He snickered lightly, and sat down on the couch. If this didn't work, he at least had an idea how to help.

With that, he settled down into his seat and grabbed his book from the coffee table, before waiting for his elemental mate to come home. The doors burst open moments later and Remus went immediately to the other man, wrapping muscular arms around a thinner frame.

"Its alright." Remus muttered into his ear. "His third mate is in there with him."

Damian settled into his grip, and he turned to the other man who had been watching them from the doorway.

"And you are?" Remus asked, keeping his voice even and trying not to jump when he heard Harry's voice threw the doors.

"Steven, or Stephan, whichever one you prefer is fine. I'm the lord of Dairk, and I'm here to help your mate.

Remus winced when he heard his youngest mate screaming at the newest addition, for once glad that he wasn't the newest mate.

The sound of something breaking caught his attention and both himself and his other mate ran into their room, the picture stunned them into silence.

Harry was up, frozen mid-pace, and the last mate was laying comfortably on the bed, pretty much encoring Harry. This by itself would have been hilarious, until one saw the amount of damage done to the room. Harry himself seemed shocked at the damage he had done.

Ice. The room was frozen, but the ice wasn't like normal ice, it seemed to be made of something else, something darker.

Realization sunk into his mind.

He had destroyed his room with, what he assumed was his new powers.

Giving an annoyed sigh, Harry went over to the bed and grabbed a book that he had kicked under there weeks ago.

"I'll be outside." He told his mates, not pausing until he had gotten to his favorite spot. He warded the area and made sure that it was a perfect temperature for him, before he opened the book to the table of contents.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Features

Chapter 3: Mates and Mate Relationships

Chapter 4: Everyday life

Chapter 5: History

Chapter 6: Elemental Powers

Chapter 7: Everyday Changes

Chapter 8: Difference Between Possible Mates and Life Mates

Chapter 9: Pregnancy and Birth

Chapter 10: Consequences

Chapter 11: Molding the Perfect Submissive Kaizen

Harry shuddered at the last chapter. He never had been a submissive person by nature. In fact, he had always considered himself independent. Sure, he still always felt the random stabs of loneliness when he watched the couples around Hogwarts, but all in all, he was better off without relationships.

That was when he noticed the author: original text by Morgana, and changes by Salazar Slytherin.

He let out a sigh, and opened the book to chapter one. He sighed quietly as the text flooded his mind. This was going to be a long day.

Kaizen are creatures that are thought to be legend. Created from the worst possible circumstances, these people are regarded not as such, but more as pets by today's society. The first known Kaizen was a woman named Guinevere, who found her first mate in Veela prince, Arthur. This is one of the most well known stories about Kaizen: Guinevere decided not to tell her mate that she had found her second in a vampire knight, Lancelot, and vice versa. Neither man knew of the other, until the day when Arthur was murdered by his knight, although hardly any know it this way. Lancelot was a selfish man, and couldn't even dream of sharing his lover with another. Then, he snapped, and summoned myself from my eternal prison, and I gave him the poison that would take the life of a king, slowly draining his life forces away.

Kaizen are usually strong people before their transformation at fifteen years of age, but then, they must learn to submit to the ruling of their mates, should they not, yet another accident will probably occur.

Kaizen belong to their mates in every possible way, they are alive because their mates will it, they breathe because their mates allow it. The relationship of a Kaizen and his/ her mates is a pure domination/submission relationship, and thus, everything a kaizen is, exists to please their mates.

In today's society, this is not necessarily true. Since the time of the creation of this journal, only men are Kaizen, which is believed to be because of the types of abuse that they must suffer. The strength of a Kaizen does not just depend on their mates, like my ancestor once believed, but also in their original strength and their ability to form a strong connection with their mates. Because of the fact that no one who is not a Kaizen or a mate can even see this journal, I can say this: I am a Kaizen, and my mates, Rowena Ravenclaw, the Dark Elf, Helga Hufflepuff, my Veela, and Godric Gryffindor, my Vampire, are mine. We founded a school, Hogwarts, and even still, people are unaware of what we are. Helga has foreseen a Kaizen of incredible strength and beauty beyond our wildest dreams. This Kaizen will have the fate of the world on his shoulders, and this is why I am leaving this, and creating notes in my current day, so they can survive. This child shall apparently be the descendent of myself and Godric. Know that Kaizen today and Kaizen then are two different creatures; the ones today have their minds, while the ones that Morgana knew were more primitive. Like every species, Kaizen evolve. In hundreds of years, I can not imagine how much more they would have changed.

Harry kept reading, not even taking his eyes off the pages as on some things, he blushed a bright red, and on others, he looked disgusted. The first chapter went into detail about who Genevieve, and the way she lived between her mates, before Salazar added some of his own experiences. He looked sick though when he read about child birth for a male Kaizen, and flopped on his stomach, supporting his head with his hands as he occasionally turned the pages.

It was an interesting read, especially because it was written in a way he could understand, instead of the English that they used back then. He guessed there was a spell to change it so that whoever it belonged to would be able to read it without translating it.

When he started to have some trouble reading, he cast a spell, and didn't even look away from the book, had he, he would have noticed a small figure, slightly taller and more muscled than his own, heading his way. Pointed ears would have told him all he needed to know. But for now, he encored the other, knowing subconsciously that this man would not harm him.

He read and read until his mind felt like muggle play-doh, then, when he fell asleep in the grass. Warm hands picked him up, and as soon as the scent hit his nose, he relaxed into the grip. His Padfoot was here. The other watched in envy as the other cradled his mate, but as soon as the boy was handed to the were-wolf, the figure left. There would be time for it tomorrow.

Remus sighed quietly and followed the newest mate who had their little one cradled in his arms. This was the nicest he had ever seen him, and he rolled his eyes. His best friend was watching them from behind, not wanting to intrude. For once, he was glad that he and Damian had the talk his first night, and hopefully, this new mate would be the last, but if what they saw earlier was any indication, he probably wasn't the last.

When Remus saw what Harry had in his hands, he held Damian and his other mate back; letting him have the time he needed to read the information given to him. After a few hours though, they grew worried and called Sirius to help them look for their wayward mate. When it neared midnight and he still wasn't back, they went out to look for him, finding Harry sleeping peacefully in his favorite spot, the exact same spot that James had favored almost seventeen years earlier.

Remus saw his best friend keeping a closer eye on the other two, and as soon as Harry had been tucked into bed with their newest mate asleep next to him, Remus, Sirius, and Damian all sat in front of the fire. Damian was reading something, and occasionally making a note in it. Sirius and Remus were having a softly spoken conversation. Then it happened.

Their newest mate came rushing out of the room and straight to the fire place, his hand holding his dark mark. They knew what was coming, and none of them knew what to do. Remus and Sirius stood and blocked his path.

"You can't go." Remus told him.

The third mate growled at him, and tried to push past the stupid wolf, but he was immovable.

"Don't you get it? If I don't go, he can kill me with my dark mark!"

Damian looked at the man and cut his wrist, making the room freeze. The next thing that Remus noticed, fangs had extended from the newest mates mouth. A vampire. Lovely.

After the man had dug his canines into the elemental, he almost fell asleep in his grip. Carefully, he was lowered into his bed, and Damian smirked down at him.

"Elemental blood is not only a powerful numbing agent, but it also has something that makes vampires fall asleep faster than Harry does." He informed them.

Sirius and Remus smirked as they saw the man trying to fight the sleeping potion that was naturally infused in an elementals blood.

Harry awoke slowly; the suns bright rays burned his eyes. He turned on his side, enjoying the feelings of his mates pressed against him. Three full grown men, plus him, fit in the bed. He sighed in contentment as his second mate wrapped his arms around him, pulling him closer and closer to his warm body. Behind Remus, Damian laid on his back, one arm thrown over his eyes trying to block the sun. And finally, his newest mate, his third, was lying on his other side; eyes closed in a way that made him look younger.

Each of his mates were beautiful in their own way, Damian's aristocratic features and dark red hair made him irresistible to Harry. His second mate had beautiful amber eyes with honey colored hair; he even seemed to be loosing the grey in his hair. He to, looked younger when asleep. Harry propped himself up on his and stared at his mates beautiful face, a strong chin, slightly larger nose, long pale fingers, and a beautiful upper body which was Harry's to stare at because the blanket that covered them had slid down. His chest was pale, like the rest of him, a few scars littered the beautiful skin, and dark pink nipples stood at attention.

Harry ripped himself out of his day dream and sighed, lying on his back once more. He had been ogling a professor. Not just any professor though, he thought with a bitter smile on his face, the bloody Potions Professor. Yes, he was lying next to the Snarky Bastard of the Year, Severus Snape.



He closed his eyes again, not noticing the amber and onyx eyes watching him with amusement, as he struggled to come to terms with everything that had happened. His last thought before he had fallen back into blissful darkness was Neville was going to kill him.

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