This listing will be comprised of 30 (unrelated) Thor & Loki mini fics based on the 30 Elements of Darkness prompt list over on Y!Gallery. I'll be posting two per chapter, since they're so are all filmverse, although several will reference events from the myths or comics. They'll still make sense if you've only seen the film though. Enjoy.

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1. Drowning

Once, when he and his big brother were children, they had accompanied their father on a voyage overseas. Their father -and most everyone else on board his ship- was too busy to pay much mind to the two boys as they played on a more deserted part of the vessel. Because of this, only Thor was aware when Loki fell into the dark waters surrounding them and it took the young prince a little too long to realize that his baby brother was no longer play-acting.

After the initial fall, Loki's memories were mainly of sensations.

The cold pressure that crushed him from all directions.

The fear and confusion when he realized he no longer knew which way was up.

The burning in his chest and throat as he longed to take a deep breath that would only choke him.

The calming numbness before everything just faded to black.

The blinding light and painful tightness in his chest as he awoke in their cabin, wrapped in his brother's cloak and arms with no memory of how he had come to be there.

The relief and devotion he felt as he made sense of his brother's apologetic ramblings and realized that the big oaf had belatedly pulled him out of the water.

Later, Loki had learned that Thor had revived him despite the boatswain's instance that the water had been too cold and Loki in it too long to possibly survive. He still did not know how Thor had responded; only that it caused the large man to avoid him and his brother for the rest of the voyage.

Succumbing to madness, Loki thought in retrospect, was not dissimilar to drowning. Fortunately, his big brother still did not know when to deem him a lost cause.

On the other hand, perhaps the big oaf was still the only one who knew Loki's true strength.

2. Coming Undone

After the initial shock wore off, Thor was confused for quite some time. His brother's words and actions back on Midgard and on the bridge had made no sense. True, Loki was mischievous (and sometimes wicked), but never malicious. He had always stood behind Thor in the past.

Thor and Loki's strengths had always complimented each others', so they viewed their differences as complimentary rather than hindering. They played together, grew together, learned together, fought together… They loved each other.

They were brothers.

When their father informed Thor that they actually were not -and of how Loki had discovered that fact- his confusion faded into understanding and sympathy. He could not imagine the shock and pain of learning that your origins were a complete falsehood. That Loki had been alone when he did, without his brother to offer any support, must have made it unbearable. It was no wonder the poor soul's mind had broken.

Later, as Thor thought of this further (for he could think of little else for some time) he felt guilt as well. He knew that no other had ever truly seen his brother's differences as assets and strengths the way they did. He had heard the whispered insults and callous mocking to which his brother was subjected. He had been aware of their father's blatant favoritism. Thor wished that he had not been as arrogant and egotistical as to allow it.

While Odin assumed that his youngest son's madness had come about suddenly, Thor knew better. He saw now that his little brother had been coming undone for years. Loki's birth parents and just about everyone in Asgard shared the blame, but none so much as Thor himself. He was the big brother, the hero, the future king; he should have protected his brother better. He should have loved him better.

Therefore, Thor mourned his brother in quiet solitude, the same way Loki had suffered for years. It was all he could do now. Sometimes though, Thor could swear he felt his brother's quiet presence with him when he suffered so, and he wondered if he had not failed entirely just yet or if he was simply coming undone as well.