Insane Eddie

Chapter 5


As soon as I got rid of the body I started speeding away to home. I hope my mom (Esme) didn't notice I was gone. Ever since two years ago when my dad (Carlisle) died in a car accident my mom has been paranoid and on edge bout everything. I guess I don't blame her though because the love of her life did die. And I am the only reason why she bothers to live anymore. If my Bella died I would make sure to follow her into the afterlife, so that we could be together.


Darn door. I really need to oil the hinges or something. It always makes loud creaking sounds when I am trying to quietly sneak inside.

"Edward? Is that you honey?" Damn, why is mom awake at three in the morning?

"Yeah mom, it's me." I replied reluctantly.

"Why weren't you home? I was worried sick."

"I couldn't sleep so I went for a drive." I quickly lied.

"You know you shouldn't drive at night, it's dark and you could have gotten hurt." She admonished.

"Sorry mom." I replied with my head down.

"Just don't do it again. And get to bed you have school today." She said sternly.

"Yes ma'am." I went over to my room thinking thank god she didn't notice anything suspicious.


"Yes ma'am." He replied walking to his room.

Does he think I am stupid? That I wouldn't notice his clothes were covered in blood. Or how when he walked in he was smirking about something only he knew. I just hope he doesn't get himself into too much trouble.


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