Chapter 1-The Move

"This sucks! Mom do we really have to move all the way to Colorado?" Katherine asked as they were getting ready for the day-long car ride to their new home.

"Yes we really do. You know how big of an opportunity this is for us! I couldn't refuse the job offer and you know it," replied Karen.

"Whatever," Katherine said and shoved her IPod earphones in to her ears. She unlocked her phone, went to her music, and put it on shuffle, not really caring what was playing. She sighed, this was going to be a long drive.

"Hurry up or your going to be late!" Katherine groaned. They had just arrived in Cedar Ridge, Colorado a day ago.

"Can't I just stay home and help you unpack today?" She asked her mom while trudging down the stairs.

"Sorry sweetheart. It's already mid-term and you need to make some friends."

"Ugh, fine!" Katherine grabbed her bag and walked out the door, toward her 2009 Kia.

It was a boring drive to her new High School. The clouds were threatening to open up and pour down on the small town. Katherine pulled into the parking lot and found that all of the spots closest to the school were taken.

She heaved a sigh and pull into one of the last spots in the lot, which just happened to be the furthest one from the school. She grabbed her stuff hopped out of her car. 'Wow,' she thought as she looked up at the two story school. The school had tons of students, all trying to get into the doors before it started raining.

She pushed her way through the crowd of people and went straight to the office to get her schedule.

"Um, hello?" Katherine asked cautiously while stepping into the cluttered office.

"Hello! You must be Katherine Miller!" The secretary said, practically bouncing over to her desk.

"Um, yeah, I am. How did you-" The secretary cut her off.

"We don't get a lot of new students very often."

"Oh okay, I guess." Katherine mumbled under her breath.

The secretary typed something on her keyboard quickly and the printer came to life.

"It'll be done in a moment dear." The printer stop and the secretary walked over and handed it to Katherine.

"There are all of your classes. I hope you don't have any trouble finding them. And if you do I'm sure a teacher or student will help you along."

"Okay. Thank you." Katherine replied, almost running out of the room. 'Okay my locker is number is 320. Where could that be!'

She looked down at her school map and kept walking. Katherine turned the corner and bumped into someone. She closed her eyes, getting herself ready to crash to the floor. Instead of hitting the floor, though, someone grabbed her wrists, making all of her things fall to the floor instead.

She opened her eyes to be met with bright green eyes staring at her with interest and something else. There were shockwaves going up her arms and to her heart and spine. It made her shiver.

That seemed to snap the guy in front of her out of his trance. He slowly let go of her wrists, lingering a little longer than necessary, and took a step back.

"Hi," He said, never taking his eyes off of hers.

"Hi," She said with a smile. "My names Katherine Miller. I just moved here from California with my mom. Um, would you mind showing me where locker 320 is?"

"Of course! Follow me."

They picked up her notebooks and binder and he started walking down the hall. She decided to follow him. They had walked about fifty feet when he slowed down a little to walk beside her. She smiled at him.

"If you don't mind me asking, but what's you name?" She asked curiously, tilting her head to the side. He smiled back at her.