(A/N): Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated recently. I have been having troubles with my new phone (since I live out in the middle of nowhere and can't get internet). So I just got the second book (Trial By Fire) and I'm only on like page 13 (because I'm lazy) so can you pretend this is set right after the first book? I also had no idea that a new character in the second book was named Lucas (Talk about irony)! Anyways on with the chapter!

Chapter 5- Getting Use To It

When she got home, her mom was already making dinner.

"Hi mom," she greeted, throwing her stuff on the coffee table in the living room.

"Hey sweetie. Go get cleaned up and we'll eat dinner."


She went upstairs and washed her hands. Dinner passed quickly and she helped her mom clean up afterwards.

Katherine went upstairs and took a shower. She dressed in baby blue booty shorts that said Juicy across the butt and a white tanktop. She looked at her phone and noticed she had a text message. It said: Ask you mom about tomorrow yet?

She ran down stairs and asked her mom.

"Sure. Just be careful."

Katherine went back up to her room and replied: She said sure.

A few minutes he text back. Good. Can't wait to see you there;)

She smiled and turned her phone off.

The next day at school was basically the same, except Devon walked her to almost all of her classes. She got to know all of her new friends a lot better. Lucas talked to her for the whole period in Science again. He sat closer than yesterday though. And she was fine with that.

It wasn't raining today, but it was very cold. Katherine had wore some black sweats and a loose, sky blue tanktop with her black, fur-lined boots. She had also braided her hair to the left with her bangs pulled back with two bobby pins. Everyone complimented her on her hair. She went to her locker after Science ended only to find Devon waiting for her.

"I thought you only meant between classes," she said sarcastically.

"Well this still counts in my mind," he replied quickly.

She threw her stuff in her locker and they set of towards her car. When they reached her car, their conversation stopped.

"Well bye," she said and went to get in the car.

"Wait." She turned around and faced him.

"Yes?" He pulled her into a hug. Katherine felt safe and warm. She hugged him back. After a few minutes they parted and she said, "See you at Scott's party," and drove off.