"I-i-s he okay?" Marth said very shaken by the recent event.

"I think he's going to be fine, just let him rest up. No worries." Said Ike, patting Marth on the shoulder and giving him a smile.

During a practice battle, he had hit Link on the head with the hilt of his word, causing him to bleed and pass out. Marth was a skilled swordsman, but he was no Link. He was training as hard as he could, and still couldn't match his skills. He didn't think hitting him would cause such a mess. The glory of finally defeating him had got to him, and now he just sits there, regretting everything he once believed was right in defeating him.

Are you confused? I think I should explain what events have lead up to this. For now we'll call this the "accident".

Cess is the place where people come to experience greater battles and become stronger than anyone in their homelands. This land also resides in a place where dreams cease to exist and nightmares thrive on broken dreams and hearts. The only way to achieve greatness is to deny the darkness that holds an empty promise. Many cannot resist the darkness, because promises to help the soul who accepts it. It will convince the user in any way, to follow it to the Abyss. The Abyss is a ravine that was formed from the souls of the broken. If they follow, the darkness will have them promise to give their soul to achieve whatever the user desires. It's a trick! Once the user gives its soul, the darkness takes the body to use it to gather more innocent victims to get their soul. It will try in any way to gain their trust, heart, and in such way, they won't be able to back down from the commitment. Thus the cycle begins again.

Not everyone is brought into the darkness. Many cannot sense or see the darkness that lies in the land. Their hearts are pure and not easily convinced by the darkness. Many don't know that a kind of darkness even exist, it's hidden, but in plain sight.

Where does our hero come in? Well he's just a part of something bigger. He's tainted.

Link, our hero, and Zelda, our beloved princess, have traveled to this land. He brought the princess and himself to Cess, to find strength. He did not know what he would find.

He did not know he would find darkness.

(This chapter is quite short, but I hope it clears up some things. I am very happy that I can finally publish this story! It has been in the works for over a year, and have been working on it for some time. I hope you enjoy what is to come. Kuro)