"Master, Master!" A young blonde boy called to another boy with jet-black hair, "Where are you going? Are you going to Hogwoos again?" the boy asked his master again. Harry Potter laughed and patted Kagamine Len on the head, "It's Hogwarts, and yes I'm going. I'll be back for the holidays though." Harry laughed as Len huffed, "But why not stay with us Master?"Harry pulled Len into a hug and playfully ruffled his hair, "I'm sorry Len, but I have to learn! Please call me Harry, not master."

Harry smiled at the younger boy who beamed back. A girl who looked about 14 with beautiful long teal pigtails bounced into the room, "Harry-nii!" She sung in her sweet alluring voice, "It's time to go!" She bounced up and grabbed Harry's hand and dragged him outside, where a car with his trunk and hedwig were waiting."Goodbye everyone! I'll see you guys soon!" Harry waved to Meiko, Miku, Len, Rin, Luka and Kaito as he got into the car and closed the door. Harry waved to Vocaloids as he drove away, "Goodbye Master!" The Vocaloid's chorused back to Harry.

Harry smiled and sat back in his chair, wondering what this year would bring. ~*At the sorting*~ Harry watched the sorting hat calling out either 'Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor or Slytherin', Harry smiled and drank more of his pumpkin juice. Harry smiled again at Hermione and Ron who smiled back.

"This year, this have a new defence against the dark arts teacher, Professor Umbridge" Dumbledore spread his arms out and motioned Professor Umbridge forward, who giggled like a girl and stepped forward. When Umbridge was in the middle of her speech , the entrance door smashed open with a loud bang, most students scream and ran around, Dumbledore stood up with his wand pointed to the door.

When the dust cleared it revealed none over then-"Len! Miku! Meiko! Rin! Luka! Kaito! What are you guys doing here!" Harry stood up, ran over to them ,and hugged them, "Master! We found Hogwarts so we decided to come find you!" Miku chirped happily and she hugged Harry, "I'm so happy to see you guys! But why are you here?" Harry asked curiously. "We missed you Harry-nii!"

Len gave Harry his cute puppy dog eyes and hugged him, Harry ruffled his hair and laughed. The whole school was staring at Harry like he was crazy, "Mr. Potter, who are these...people?" Dumbledore stood up and haistily walked over to where Harry was standing, "Oh sorry Professor. This is Meiko" Harry pointed to a girl with skin-tight red leather clothes and short brown hair, "This is Miku"

Harry motioned to the girl that was in the teal school girl outfit and teal pigtails that reached to her ankles, "This is Len and Rin" Harry gestured to the two blonde twins with yellow school uniforms on, " This is Kaito-kun" Harry patted the boy with blue hair on the back, "and this, It's Luka!" Harry pointed to the girl with knee length pink hair."Hello Professor!" The Vocaloids chanted in unison to Dumbledore, who stood there staring at them strangley.

"Mr. Potter!" thundered Snape who had stormed up to Harry and grabbed him by the scruff of his collar, "Stop this, right now!". "Don't hurt Master!" Meiko's eyes glowed with anger as she punched Snape to the floor. Harry facepalmed and motioned to the Vocaloids who gathered around him, "Guys, try not to be...'violent', and follow me" Harry walked back to the Gryffindor table and motioned for the Vocaloids to sit down around him, they all stared at Harry with watchful eyes as he sat down between Hermione and Ron. Ah, what a year this would be...