Elevator problems

Madoka's continuous blaming made Homura decided to step out and once and for all make the pinkette shut up.

"It's all my fault." Madoka whined, pressing on the button as the buzzing sound continued ringing outside. "We should have taken the stairs."

"It's not your fault, Madoka." Homura sighed, fanning herself with a flyer she received when she was passing a newly opened restaurant. "Your house is at the 28th floor, no one in the right mind would take the stairs instead of the lift."

"No, it's all my fault." Madoka grumbled. Getting a lot more impatient, she started banging on the door. "Where the hell is the security guard when we needed him the most?"

Homura straightened her posture after leaning on the cool metal wall of the lift and sighed. "The speaker might have a problem, that's why we couldn't receive any information from the outside. It's just 2 in the afternoon, someone is bound to find us." She reassured.

"I shouldn't have asked you to come to my house for tea. At least you could be saved from this misery and helped me to pass on my legacy." Madoka bit her lips and closed her eyes tightly.


"Thank you Kyoko and Sayaka for the wonderful memories."

Homura gritted her teeth and began tapping her shoe in slight annoyance. She knew her friend was a talkative chap, but she just couldn't control the amount of noise that was distracting her when she was trying to cool herself down in the warm elevator.

"Madoka." Homura finally called out.

"My goldfish… I always love you... But what if I could never get out of here-"


"-no one could feed my goldfish!"


"Then it will die! Or it'll end up lonely as Mami!" Madoka wrapped her arms around her chest and shook in fear.

"Madoka!" Homura grabbed onto the pinkette's shoulder and shook it hard till she was snapped wide-awake. She inclined her head before something struck her mind.

"And I might die here, and never be able to taste Mami's delicious ca-"

A few seconds ago, Homura swore to herself that if Madoka still doesn't shut up, she'll going to use this method to seal her lips. And it worked.

Madoka blinked, and blinked, and blinked again. Her lips parted and allowed Homura's to rest on hers. It took a few seconds then she realized they were actually kissing.

Slow and steady…

Tasty… Strawberry…

"Hello, is anyone in there?"

The sound of banging could be heard from above. As their lips parted, their eyes gazed at each other for a moment until Homura broke contact with Madoka's pink bright eyes. She gave a loud yell. "Yes! There's two of us here."

When they were rescued within half an hour time, Homura went home, so did Madoka. She tried pretending nothing happened before, but she just couldn't.

The next day, the pinkette just couldn't control it anymore. Ringing her bestfriend's doorbell desperately and the door finally open and the two of them just stare at each other weirdly. But Madoka started the conversation first.


Knowing exactly what Madoka meant, Homura just replied what she thought of at that moment. "I told you to remain quiet but you wouldn't."

"But why?" Madoka started to blush as she cupped her face with both of her hands in embarrassment.

"There wasn't a choice." Homura shrugged helplessly, before she decided that she should admit something just to comfort Madoka too. As she bent forwards and stuck her lips next to Madoka's ears, she whispered.

"Don't worry, that's my first kiss too."