ok so i know i have lots of other ongoing stories but i've had this written for a while and wanted to keep going with it. so sue me! :P

"Loleus!" I turned my head and spotted Sirix running up the hill over to me. I smiled but that faded when I spotted *her* coming up behind him. I quickly put on my best fake smile. I don't want Sirix to think I hate his wife, even though I do. I know I encouraged him when he decided to persue her but still...I thought Lady Smyrna would chase him off.

"Hello Sirix, Hello...Serena."

"Hi Loleus." She said cheerfully, smiling. If she weren't a woman I would stab her. But I don't stab women. That's just rude.

"Loleus, I have great news!" Sirix's smile was glorious today, just like always. That confident strong smile...I love it. I absolutely love it.

"Oh? What it is?" Did him and Serena split? Is it wrong that that comes as good news to me?

"Lady Aglaia told me she liked you!" I suppose I should be happy but...I mean Lady Aglaia is a beautiful, kind, caring, genrous woman but...she's no Sirix Lucretius Fronto.

"O-oh? That's...that's good I suppose."

"Who knows, maybe someday you and her can get together." I know Sirix is trying to be nice but we both know that could never happen. She's from a rich family of nobility, The House of Felix, and I'm just a lowclass slave. There's no way we can ever be together.

"Yeah. When Mount Vesuvius erupts."

"Loleus don't say that! Have faith! If you believe hard enough you and Lady Aglaia will be together!" Serena why don't you just go home?

"We all know that won't happen Serena. She's one of the nobility, I'm the lowest class citezen there is. There's no way we can be together." Serena started to say something but stopped. Sirix looked at me with a look of pity and sadness.

"Loleus...you never know. Maybe something will happen and...I don't know...but don't give up hope. I'm sure you'll find a way if you want it." But I don't want it. I don't want Lady Aglaia. I want you, Sirix Lucretius Fronto. I love you. But you don't see me as more than a friend. Serena is the one you love. The one you'd fight man eating beasts for. You'll never return my feelings.