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Hidden Beauty Summary: Alice has a twin brother attending one of the most prestigious schools in Japan, Hearts Wonderland Academy. Only the rich can get in, but Alice's brother was able to get a scholarship through testing. When Alice's brother gets into a severe car accident, Alice has no choice but to help her brother. She disguises herself and tries her best to blend in and keep the scholarship. What happens when she runs into the five flowers of the academy? Is there time for love?

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Chapter 1: The Dilemma

"Alice-nee, thank you so much! I don't know how I can repay you!" cried Aaron. Alice forced a smile on her face to appear. "No problem little brother, but please, just be careful! You almost gave mom and dad a heart attack!" Alice sat by Aaron's bedside in the private hospital room. Her twin brother, Aaron, got into a car accident on his way to school. He received a bad concussion, internal bleeding, and a few broken bones. It was terrible. It was bad enough that the medical costs were high, but he would be missing school for about six months recovering.

And this is where Alice comes in. "I can't lose that scholarship! You know how expensive Hearts Wonderland Academy is! And you also know that anyone who attends this school can get into any college they want," stated Aaron. "I know, you tell me this every day when you come home from school," muttered Alice. "Don't worry, just give me your class schedule, names of any friends you have, and your uniform," said Alice.

"I hope you'll be okay," said Aaron. "Stay low and don't expose yourself, or else it'll be the end for me and you!"

"Yeah, yeah," said Alice. "I can't believe I'm giving up my womanhood for my brother," muttered Alice. Alice waved goodbye to her brother and took a bus back to their apartment complex. Mom… Dad… I hope you can make ends meet… Alice and her family have been having a hard time earning money. Alice was attending public school and her parents live and work a twenty-four hour company. So, they don't get to see Alice and Aaron often.

It's been a bitter four years of work, ever since their parents lost their watch company to Monrey and Co. Alice just shook her head and tried to think of positive thoughts.

I'll be a boy

I don't need to wear dresses anymore

I don't have to use a girly voice

I get to meet new people

Alice paused… "Arghh! My life…. why is it so complicated?" Alice banged her head against the window, until bus passengers stared at her. "Ah-ha… Sorry," said Alice, with a blush tainting her face.

Alice opened the door to their apartment and greeted the tiny kitten that snuggled against her leg. "Hey there Bandy," smiled Alice. "Well, I have lots of work to do! I get to go to Hearts Wonderland Academy tomorrow!" Alice felt kind of excited and began right away and studied the friends and classes that Aaron had. "I should probably study some of the class materials as well," she muttered. "I don't want to look stupid." After studying, she went to Aaron's wardrobe.

She took out his uniform and stared and remembered. "Hmm… Aaron wears contacts, but if I wear them, I'll look too much like a girl," muttered Alice. She went through her drawers and found a pair of thick black framed glasses. "This should do!" Alice put them on and groaned. "Arghh! I forgot… my hair!" Alice touched her long brown-golden locks. "It's a pity… oh well," said Alice. She sat on her bed, took a pair of scissors and snipped away. Bandy meowed at the falling pieces of hair that floated to the ground.

Thirty minutes later, Alice looked in the mirror, putting the finishing touches on her hair. "Not bad Alice Liddell." Alice had the same hairstyle as Aaron; Korean-style hair. "Just like Jung Yong-Hwa!" Alice brushed her side bangs a bit and put on the glasses. "Perfect, I can just give an excuse for the glasses."

Alice yawned, it was already midnight. "Well, good night Bandy. Wish me luck," said Alice.


Alice pushed the alarm clock and threw it against the closet door. "Be quiet," muttered Alice. It was almost seven thirty and classes started promptly at eight a.m. Bandy meowed loudly into Alice until she woke up. "I'm late! Aaron's gonna kill me!" Alice quickly pulled on his uniform and put on her glasses. She grabbed his book bag and ran out the door. "See you later Bandy!"

Alice ran down the street and greeted some of the small store owners. "Careful Aaron! " shouted Ms. Hanagawa. She tossed "Aaron" an apple which she—well he—took gratefully. "Thanks Ms. Hanagawa!" Wow, it seems like Aaron's popular. More store owners greeted Alice until she reached the school.

"Woah!" exclaimed Alice. She's only seen the academy in photos, but never in person. The school was enormous. Tall walls and a huge gate welcomed her. The academy looked more of a college campus than a high school. Beautiful roses lined the walls and an elaborate walkway lead to the entrance of the school. "This school is amazing," murmured Alice. She wandered around a bit and remembered that she was late. "Oh no! Sensei will kill me… and Aaron too!" She dashed to the entrance of the building.

"I'm late, I'm late!" cried Alice. She ran too fast around the corner of hallway and bumped into a white haired boy. Imitating Aaron's voice she apologized. "Ah, sumimasen," said Alice. "I'm late." The white haired boy dusted off his uniform and frowned at Alice. "Yes you are late. That's the third time you've been late to school Aaron. As class representative, I cannot allow tardiness."

Alice fixed her glasses before taking a proper look at the boy. She blushed. "Ah, I'm sorry… Peter senpai?" She tried to remember the list of classmates that Aaron gave her.

"You should be sorry," said Peter. Alice blushed more. Aaron didn't tell me he was good looking!

"It won't happen again," said Alice in a low voice. "Well, go on to class before sensei comes into the room. You're lucky that sensei's in the copying room," sneered Peter.

Geez…not to mention hot tempered. Alice walked into the class and was stunned.

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