Chapter 10: Water Reveals the Secret

"Get out!"

Boris yelled in the boys' bathroom and all the guys quickly scurried out of the stalls to make way for this bad boy.

"I didn't do anything wrong!" Alice struggled against one boy's grip as he dragged her into the bathroom. Alice could hear Boris kick one of the stall doors open. She gulped and once again, pleaded for her life.

"Please let go! I beg you!" She gritted her teeth as she tried to remove the boy's hand off of her, but unfortunately, the boy handed her over to Boris, who then tied both of her hands behind her back with a piece of rope.

"You asked for Liddell," deadpanned Boris. He gave a death stare before snickering. "You should know better. You do my work and I'll keep your secret. Done deal, right?"

What the hell is this secret?! Aaron never explained this to me! Ughh….. I wish I didn't go to the hospital with Julius… I couldn't ask in front of him. "Boris! You don't have to do this! I'll finish all of your work in advance AND I'll even take quizzes for you!"

Alice tried to give some sort of deal to Boris who was busy pulling off Alice's jacket.

"Naw, you still asked for it! You should've never taken my textbook in the first place!"

Textbook…. the hell? A stupid textbook and that's how my—er I mean Aaron's secret got out? I'm innocent! Arghhh!

"AHHHH!"" Alice started to scream as Boris slowly dipped her head into the toilet bowl. As Alice felt the fringes of her long bangs touch the nasty toilet water, it stopped. Alice opened one eye and peeked from the corner of her eye and noticed Boris sniffing the side of her neck.

"What are you—"

Boris held her tightly as he pressed his nose against the side of her neck and inhaled her scent.

"Why do you smell so….so….," Boris sniffed again. "… good."

Boris couldn't help but inhale Alice's femininity; the scent of flowers seemed to come right off of her skin and it made Boris feel…. well…. Attracted.

"You smell like her," commented Boris.

"Her?" Alice questioned. Then she realized he was talking about her and not Aaron. Oh no… I can't let him find out it's me!"

Alice tried to stand up, but as she did, Boris leaned forward causing her arms to slip into the toilet bowl.

"Ughhhhh….. this is so disgusting!" Both of Alice's arms were completely drenched with toilet water (luckily no one had gone. That would've been worse). Suddenly, she felt Boris unbutton her collared shirt and she panicked.

"Get OFF!" Alice pushed him hard enough and caused Boris to hit his head against the toilet bowl, rendering him unconscious.

"Oh no…. what'll I do?!" Alice panicked. She decided to leave him there and made a dash for the bathroom exit. A huge crowd surrounded the bathroom entrance/exit. The crowd was murmuring and saw Alice emerge.

"Hey! Aaron's still alive!" shouted one boy.

"Where's Boris senpai?" asked a first-year girl.

Soon, the crowd of students began to glare at Alice.

"Eh he… well…. You see…." Alice pushed the two boys in front of her and ran down the stairwell.

"GET 'IM!"

"My life officially sucks! I said this a million times, but it's not getting any better!" Alice shouted as she ran away. She spun around the corner of the hall and crashed into none other than Peter White.

"Watch where you're going!" Peter shoved Alice away and fixed his glasses. "You made me spill my drink!"

Alice got up and realized that her shirt was soaked with some kind of fruit juice and she quickly covered her chest. This thing is see-through! I can't let him see me like this…

"Sorry Peter, I got to go now!" Alice dashed away.

Peter felt strange. "I wonder why Aaron seemed more... I don't know the words for it," he muttered to himself. He shook off this feeling and walked to the vending machine for another drink.

"Excuse me! Pardon me," Alice apologized as she moved through the sea of people. She couldn't let any of Boris's people see her.

"Only if I had another shirt, it would be easier to run," she muttered. Alice was completely soaked with toilet water and juice, which gave created this pungent odor. Many students just ignored her and continued on with their lives.

"Did you find him?" a boy with choppy brown hair asked another boy.

"I didn't. Boris-senpai was unconscious! I have no idea what that Aaron-kid did to him!"

Oh shit… he's still unconscious! I could get sued for this….Alice groaned inwardly. "Why me…."

Alice finally ran back upstairs to the third floor and went into an empty classroom door.

"Finally, some peace and—"

Alice saw Gray standing near the window. He turned around and gave her a quizzical look.

"Aaron? What happened?"

He quickly approached Alice and helped her untie the rest of the rope from her wrists.

"It's nothing Gray-senpai. Just a bit of….. a problem I ran into," Alice's voice drifted off and she stared at the corner of the room. Gray gave her another look before reaching into his bag.

"Here, take my gym shirt. I didn't have P.E. today," Gray noticed that Alice's shirt was soaked with some type liquid.

"Oh, thank you," Alice took the shirt and just stood there.

"Um… you can change if you want…. Are you just going to stand there?' Gray pointed at the shirt. They are two guys; it shouldn't matter if "Aaron" changes in front of Gray.

"Uhh… I'll pass on that. I'll just change in the bathroom!" Alice laughed nervously as she started to make her way to the door. Gray looked at her suspsciously as Alice tried to cover up her chest.

No! I can't let him see….. I can't….

"Aaron, are you sure you're all right? Are you hurt anywhere?" Gray began to step closer to Alice. He inspected her as she covered her chest tightly. "Did they hit you in the chest or stomach?"

Gray tried to pry Alice's arms away but she refused. "No! Please.. .um.. .don't do that! I can change myself!"

Alice opened the door, but Gray being the swift one, spun Alice around and closed the door, trapping her against it. Gray propped one arm above Alice's head and another at her side near the handle. She couldn't help but blush at their scandalous position.

"Please just let me change Gray-senpai… I really, REALLY don't want to cause you any trouble," squeaked Alice. Then she realized she let her guard down and didn't cover her chest completely.

"Are those… bandages?" Gray looked down at her chest.

"No!" Alice turned around but Gray's arm prevented her from doing so.

"Take it off. Your shirt," ordered Gray. Alice blushed.


"I said take it off."

"No way! Just let me go!"

After struggling for about a good ten minutes Alice finally sighed and slid down.

"What are you hiding from me Aaron? I thought you would keep your promise!" Gray was being unusually demanding, especially when he's usually calm and gentleman-like.

What promise?! I really am going to bash my good-for-nothing brother! He has some stupid secret with Boris, he's enemies with Blood, and he has a promise with Gray! Whyyyyy is he involved with these flower boys?!

As Alice shouted and complained about Aaron inwardly, Gray tapped Alice on the shoulders.

"Are you hurt? That's all I want to know," said Gray. Alice couldn't help but admire this sweet side of Gray.

I guess he was really worried about my—well I guess Aaron's—wellbeing. Does he like Aaron?!

"I'm… I'm not hurt. I'm fine Gray-senpai," said Alice. Her soft voice made Gray feel self-conscious.

"Wait… your voice…"




Gray looked closer at Aaron.


Alice slapped her forehead and groaned. "Ughh…..I guess the secrets out?' Alice gave a nervous laugh as Gray stared at her in disbelief.

"So you took Aaron's spot in order to save his scholarship? Am I correct?" Gray asked as he faced the classroom wall while Alice changed her shirt.

"Yeah and I didn't know that Aaron's life in this rich-kid school was this tough! I thought he was doing fine. He never complained to me and he always studied and—Hey! Keep your eyes to the wall!" Alice snapped at Gray as his head was slightly tilted to the side.

Gray blushed. "I wasn't looking. I didn't mean to turn my head like that…" he mumbled.

Alice also blushed. It was strange talking to Gray about this stuff yet comforting that she could let the secret out. Well, not that she let the secret out to Julius and Nightmare figured everything out with his creepy mind, but Gray was easy to talk to.

"Okay, I'm done. You can turn around now."

Gray looked at Alice and looked away. Gray's P.E. shirt was too big for Alice and it was baggy on her, but it made her look somewhat adorable. "You look cute…." He mumbled.



"So Gray… please don't tell anyone," Alice begged. "I really can't afford to lose Aaron's scholarship and I just want to stay out of trouble. It's bad enough that Boris is out to kill me and I have Blood on my back too…."


"Yeah… he's out to get me… well Aaron... But you can talk to Julius! He already knew from the beginning. So it's okay to talk with him, but only in secrecy," said Alice.

"Julius?" Hearing his name made Gray feel a bit jealous. "He already knew?"

"Yep," said Alice. "He's been a big help even though he's a bit awkward," she laughed.

Hmph…. So that's why Julius was with Alice. I wondered how they knew each other outside of school, thought Gray.

Gray looked down at his watch. "Lunch break is almost over. You better head to your next class. I assume you skipped the first two periods?"

Alice laughed. "Yeah… well Boris did try to put my head in the toilet. Well, I'll see you around Gray."

Gray gave a big smile. "No problem. Anything for you, Alice."

Alice gave him a look, but just headed off to class. Once the door closed, Gray gave a big sigh.

"She's been with me all this time and I didn't notice…. I can't believe that Julius found her first…. Maybe now's the time," Gray said to himself.

He wasn't going to lose this opportunity.

I LOVE GRAY! But do not worry, I haven't chosen "the guy" yet x) Well who knows Alice's secret now? Julius... Nightmare... and now Gray. So how do all these individuals know Alice from before? What attracts them to her? It's quite confusing but more about the Liddells will be revealed later (and not with toilet water and juice hahaha!)

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