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Chapter 16


"W-wait a minute, what are you two talking about?" Havoc asked nervously, looking between the British and the Ishvalan.

Allen let out a shaky breathe.

"Those were not Amestrian soldiers." He slowly lifted his gaze and looked at everyone in the room. "Those were akumas."


Allen sat in a familiar red couch, located in front of a brown desk of certain black-haired Colonel's office. It was the same scene, just like when the meeting after the Akuma attack.

Colonel Roy Mustang sitting in his desk, hands under his chin, his black eyes directed to the white-haired teen. Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye standing as loyally as always next to him with a small notebook and pen in her hands, reminding Allen of certain blond Inspector back home. Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc was sitting in a chair, nervously playing with his lighter. Alphonse was sitting next to him on the couch, playing with Timcanpy. Edward Elric was sitting on an individual coach, on the right side of his Brother.

The young exorcist had found the floor suddenly very interesting, trying to ignore the negative vibes coming from the soldiers in the room.

He felt relieved when a click sounded, and the door opened. The three remaining members of the team had arrived, each of them carrying big stacks of paper.

"I got what you asked me to get" said Second Lieutenant Heymens Breda, as he put the papers in the small coffee table in front of Mustang's desk.

"I got some information on what you asked to investigate regarding the murder of Secretary Storch, as well as the final report from Doctor Knox" Master Sergeant Kain Fuery said as he too laid the papers in the table.

"And I brought some papers that need your signature" said Warrant Officer Vato Falman as he walked to Mustang's desk and laid a bigger stack of papers.

The Colonel paled slightly at the amount, and from the corner of his eyes he saw Hawkeye looking at him with a glint that clearly stated that he either do that, or he will get shoot. He mentally sighed.

"Hopefully this will take too long and I won't have to do it"

He cleared his throat and motioned the three new arrivals to take a seat. They did as told.

"Now that we are all here, would you please explain what you meant by Akumas playing to be soldiers during the war in Ishval?"

Allen took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"Akumas hunt and kill humans to upgrade their levels. Akumas hunt secretly and most of the time alone. When killing they do it in isolated places so people in the city, town or whatever don't notice. And unless they get the command of a massacre, then they get into groups and kill as many as possible. To not call the attention of people, and the Order they disguise themselves to look like a normal person by wearing the… skin of their victims."

"What?!" Edward yelled in shock.

The other ones in the room couldn't hide the astonishment in their faces. All of them had their eyes wide open, while some of them also their mouths.

"B-but that's…" Fuery began, but he couldn't bring himself to continue speaking.

"Repulsive? Horrible? Monstrous?" Allen added, while Fuery nodded weakly. The teen smiled empathetically at the paled soldier.

"Indeed it is." Mustang said, while locking eyes with Allen. "Is there any way to differentiate between an Akuma in disguise and a normal person?"

"No. There isn't, unless you have my curse, which allows me to see the Akumas even if they are hiding."

"But you mentioned a pentagram and eyes" Mustang retorted back.

"That is only if they lose control." Allen answered. He took out Timcanpy from his pocket. "Tim, I need you to help me with some recordings, okay?" he smiled at the little golem, who nuzzled the teen's cheek and flew to the center of the room.

"What's that?" Fuery asked in interest.

"He is Timcanpy, my golem. Golems are communication devices used by the members of the Order, though Timcanpy also has the ability of recording video and audio. Since he is always with me, he has some images about what I'll be telling you, so you can see it for yourselves."

Mustang nodded in agreement. "Please continue."

"Like I said earlier, Akumas normally kill in isolated areas, not only so the population doesn't see or hear anything, but also so they don't lose control. Akumas Level 1 aren't very intelligent, so if they kill someone and there are more near, they'll go on killing spree. When this happens, when they lose control, but still wear their skins, they look like this"

Timcanpy then opened his mouth and light came from it. Slowly and image came into view. It was one of a young beautiful woman with red brownish hair tied in a half ponytail. She was wearing a pink kimono, and she was smiling kindly.

The Amestrians look at the video and then at Allen, confusion clearly written on their faces. However all of it was erased, when she gasped in pain and she grasp the side of her head while breathing heavily. Suddenly her eyes turned black with red irises and pupils and in her forehead appeared a black upside down pentagram.

"Ugh… just a bit more, please. Just till they get to the center of Edo" the woman pleaded.

"This is how they would look like. The black pentagram is like a symbol to the Dark Matter that is used to create Akumas, and that is what the Earl uses to control them. The black eyes and the distorted voice don't always appear, but they are still ways to know if they are Akumas. You can also see if they have a peculiar smile."

Timcanpy changed the image to one of a joker, with big round eyes, showing a wicked wide smile filled with shark-like teeth.

"The hell?" Edward asked disturbed.

"That is an Akuma Level 2. Their smiles are normally look like this."

"Creepy…" murmured Alphonse. Others nodded in agreement.

"Hey kiddo, who was the girl from before? She looked really nice to be an Akuma" Havoc asked.

Allen smiled sadly.

"Her name was Sachiko, though she preferred to be called Chomesuke. She was an Akuma who had been modified by my Master and helped my friends during a mission. During that mission the Earl sent a signal to all Akumas, and even though she had been modified, she still couldn't fight it. She was loyal to my Master and actually became friends with Lavi and Krory, and since she didn't want to harm them, she self-destructed."

"Akumas can do that?" Falman asked surprised.

"Self-destruct? Yes they can. Akumas are machines after all, however they cannot activate the self-destruction unless ordered to by the Earl or the Noah. Chomesuke could, because my Master programmed her to destroy herself in case of falling under control of the Earl once again."

"Is it possible to modify all the Akumas and turn them into allies?" Mustang asked.

Allen snorted lightly. "It's more impossible than anything."

"Why? Your Master did."

"But it was just a couple of them. Akumas are created every day and are located everywhere in the world. Getting hold of all of them will take years to achieve, for not mentioning that they could indirectly tell the Earl about the location of our Headquarters. Besides, we don't know how Master did it, he won't tell anyone, not even me."

"Why hide a great opportunity to get more allies?" Mustang narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

Allen's expression hardened. "Central is greedy. They jump at any chance to get the upper hand on the war, not caring what or who has to be sacrificed."


"The top authority of the Order" Allen replied quickly, and didn't say much further.

Mustang observed closely at the teenager in front of him. There was something in those silver eyes that bothered the black-haired Colonel. The moment this Central was mentioned those silver pools had turned hard like steel, but it was so minimum that it was very hard to notice.

"Who are this Noah you mentioned earlier?" Hawkeye asked breaking the silent pause.

Allen thought for a moment. "How much you know about the Catholicism?"

"Catholicism?" Mustang exchange a glance at the people in the room. All of them shook their heads "I'm afraid not much"

"Well Catholicism is a religion" he said.

Allen cleared his throat and began his tale.

"There is a story that supposedly occurred a long time ago, more specifically millions of years ago. God saw that humans had been become wicked, so he decided that they shall no longer exist in the world. To accomplish this, he decided to flood the entire world that will kill all living." Eyes widened in shock.

"What? Why would he do something like that?" disbelief poured from Al's words.

"Is not that he wanted to kill humanity, he wanted to take away the sins made by humans. He wanted a new start for life. So God chose a man, a righteous one, and send him a message. He told him to build an ark for him and his family. He also told him to gather a pair of every species in the world, a male and a female; along with the food necessary for each animal and his family. His name was Noah.

Noah followed his instructions, so when God gave him the signal, he, his family and all the animals he had gathered entered the ark and the flood began. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights, and water covered the earth for 150 days. Noah's ark came to rest in the mountain of Ararat, where he and his family waited until the water dried up. When that happened, God told Noah to leave the Ark, and a new era began.

The Clan of Noah or Noah Family, as they are sometimes referred to, are the descendants of the man and his family that survived the Great Flood. The Clan is composed of 13 members, also known as Apostles. You remember the Millennium Earl?"

"Yes, you mentioned he was the creator and controller of the Akuma" Mustang answer.

Allen nodded in confirmation. "He is also the leader of the Noah, and the first Apostle." The teen took a breath and continued. "The Noah are humans, yet different. For once the-"

"Please excuse my interruption, but did you say humans?" Mustang asked somewhat shocked.

Allen nodded.

"So this Earl is human as well?" again the answer was a nod.

"You're saying that the one that creates those monsters is a human?" Edward asked not believing him entirely. The exorcist nodded again.

"Why would a person do something like that?" Al asked

"Nobody knows, except the Earl himself and maybe his family. The Earl has been alive for thousands of years, and there's not a lot of information on him. We all know that he swore to destroy all humans, though the reason is still unknown. There are theories that say that something must have happened, to make him turn and declare war on humanity."

"I see" Mustang muttered, and looked slightly at Hawkeye who was writing everything down. She paused and nodded at her commander. "Very well, please continue with what you were saying about the Noah"

Allen straightened up in his seat and paused, thinking about what he was to say next. He needed to be careful about every word that left his mouth. If he said something he shouldn't there would be trouble.

"Right, um… well the Noah are humans, but at the same time, not. That's because of the 'Noah Gene'. This gene, changes their appearances to one with grey ashen skin, seven stigmata in their foreheads and golden eyes, and their bodies are more resistant, they are faster and stronger. The gene also gives them three abilities. The first and most obvious one is the ability to command Akumas, but they cannot create them, only the Earl can.

They also have immunity over Akuma poison, if by any chance they are shot by an Akuma bullet, the poison will simply disappear from their system. The most important one and dangerous is the capacity to wield Dark Matter, because it gives a special and different to every Noah. All Noah are very dangerous, we Exorcist have the order of not battling them alone. One of the most dangerous is Lulubell, because basically she can change into anything she wants."

"Anything? Don't you mean anyone?" asked Falman confused.

"No, I meant anything. There was once when she changed into some kind of liquid thing, and used her arms like whips to fight her opponents."

Allen looked at Timcanpy, who changed the image to the one they had of Lulubell during the attack on the old Headquarters. She was wearing a white coat, with her long black hair tied in a low ponytail, with her small fringe covering all her stigmata except from the one in the middle. She was standing on top of the Akuma Egg glaring and looking as the lethal woman she was. He let the Amestrians have a look at her and then changed it to the one of her Liquid Creature form hovering protectively over the Akuma Egg.

"Wicked" muttered Edward.

"Do you know about the other members of the Clan's abilities?"

"Not all of them. So far we had just encountered seven of the 13 members, including the Earl. " Allen nodded at Timcanpy.

The golden understood and set another image, this time of a little girl. She was wearing a white shirt, with a pink frilly skirt, with high purple and black stripped socks, and small black dress shoes. She had short spiky blue hair, with ashen skin and golden eyes. The seven stigmata were visible of her forehead.

The Amestrians looked at Allen as if it was a joke. That girl couldn't possibly be one of the enemies, she couldn't be more than 12 years old. She was sitting in a red chair, licking a lollipop for God's sake!

"That's Road Kamelot. She can control three things. She creates these… big boxes that can trap people inside. She dominates, you could say… dreams and dimensions. She uses a checkered red door to enter and travel through dimensions, and she can trap people in dreams. And finally the candles. That's her trademark and favorite weapon, those candles are pointy and she moves them at her will, normally to impale people."

His left hand and eye twitched at the last statement. His body still remembered when those bloody candles impaled his arm to the wall and then skewering his eye, leaving him temporarily blind.

The Amestrians looked at him, clearly not believing a word he was saying. Allen sighed. He actually expected something like this. Road was lethal, she could make you let your guard down at her appearance, just like Tykki and Lulubell could.

"Don't let her sweet and innocent appearance deceives you, she's actually a sadist and the oldest of all Noah besides the Earl."

"Oldest?" Havoc gulped. "By how much?" he asked nervously.

Allen pursued his lips in thought. "I'm not entirely sure, but the records in the Order state that she was present 35 years ago."

Some of the Amestrians paled at that piece of information. Edward, Breda and Havoc gaged, disturbed that someone who looked so young, could actually have the age that of an old woman.

"Holly hell, she could be my mother…" Havoc muttered. Edward snorted.

"More like your grandmother"

As the men began discussing, Allen looked at the picture of the blue-haired girl. His friends had the same reaction when they found out, he should had felt the same way. Hell he should had felt worst, the girl had kissed him… in the lips!

But still Allen couldn't feel like his companions.

When Komui had told everyone in the Order, the same reactions had appeared. Some paled, other shivered, others scowled in disgust… but he hadn't. He knew he should had at least paled. But he hadn't. He didn't know why. He could only stared at the old photograph with a small pang of sadness.

Why?... Maybe he pitied her.

Because she was trapped in the body of a small girl, when she was older and more mature.

Because she had been like this for 35 years… maybe even more.

Because she had to see people age, while she stayed the same.

Because she had to see her family die 35 years ago after the betrayal of the 14th.

Because despite of having a new family, she still felt lonely as none of them could understand what it was to live as many years as she had.

Because she would never leave that body unless she was killed.

No, he didn't understand what it was to live more than 35 years with the same appearance, he was only 16 after all.

Yet, he pitied her.

Because he was human, and she was one too. Because despite being a Noah, a sadist, a murderer in cold blood, Road Kamelot was still a human. And humans could still feel pain and loneliness.

And right now, looking at the projection Timcanpy was showing of her, he felt the same sadness.

A small hand tugged at his sleeve. He turned his head down to the left. He met a pair of indigo orbs.

Those beautiful orbs belonged to a beautiful young woman. She was wearing a melon dress with her slight spiky hair held down by a headband.

"You promised me a dance." She said with a small smile.

He chuckled and smiled teasingly at her. "Oh, did I?"

She pouted at him, but then smiled. "Yes, you did"

"Oh my. I'm afraid I don't remember having made such promise." She snorted.

"You're the worst."

He smiled proudly and bowed slightly. "Thank you very much, milady. I try my best." He winked at her.

She huffed at him. She crossed her arms and turned around. But she still couldn't stop a small smile appearing in her face, and the slight blush on her cheeks.

"Perhaps I could remember…" he took her by the waist and turned her around, pulling her towards him. Her head rested on his chest. "If you allowed me this dance"

The girl looked at him and smiled teasingly. "Oh my, such a gentleman. It would be an honor."

"But milady I am no gentleman. I'm afraid I had been disrespectful to you. " He said as he guide her through the crowd of people into the dance floor where other couples were dancing. "I forgot a very important promise, worst a promise to you. Please accept my deepest apologies and in exchange I'll give you anything you want as a way to pay for my rudeness."

"Huh? Is that so?" she smiled playfully at her companion. "How about… you grant me two more dances?"

They were now in the middle of the dance floor. His left hand holding her petite right one, while his right one was holding her waist. Her left hand was poised on his shoulder. He pulled her closer to him.

"As much as you want... Road"

Allen blinked away the scene.


He looked around and sighed in relief, apparently they hadn't noticed that he had zoomed out. His attention was then directed at the group of Amestrians.

They were still discussing about Road. Apparently they were now guessing her age. He frowned when the bets began. Allen had to admit her situation was disturbing, and that from a certain point of view, she deserved it for all the things she had done, but… the white-haired exorcist didn't thought it was fair to laugh.

He scowled slightly at them, and ignored them. He looked at his hands and thought about that scene. It looked like a memory, but it wasn't his.

Mustang cleared his throat, calling everyone's attention.

"If all of you are done playing around, I would like to continue this meeting."

The group consisting of Edward, Havoc, Breda and Falman quickly shut up. The last three smiled sheepishly at their commander and apologize.

Mustang sighed and nodded at Allen to continue. The teen nodded back and looked at Timcanpy.

The little golden ball put the image of a man dressed in a very expensive looking suite, with wavy black hair. He had a smug grin with a lighted cigarette in his mouth. The man looked relatively normal, had it not been his ashen skin, with seven cross-like shapes on his forehead and the already familiar golden eyes, along with a strange black and purple butterfly on his hand.

"It's been sometime, Shounen"

"His name is Tykki Mikk, he can pass through solid objects if he want to. You have to be very careful with him, he will pass through any attack you send at him, unless it includes Innocence. And there's also his Tease, the black butterflies, they are carnivores."

Some of the Amestrians shuddered. Allen's hand unconsciously flew to his chest, right where his heart was supposed to be. He felt reassured at the beating of his heart.

"The hell?" Edward looked strangely at the 'Tease'.

"Who would have thought something like that existed?" Mustang thought and looked at the butterflies with some interest.

"What did you meant by 'any attack unless it has Innocence'?" Hawkeye asked.

Allen's eyes widened in surprised. "Oh right, I forgot about it." He smiled sheepishly. "Dark Matter is a double edge sword. While it's true that it gives them those powers and the skill to destroy Innocence, it is also their weakness. Noah can be harmed and killed by Innocence."

Now they were interested. "Have you killed any Noah?" Mustang asked. Allen nodded.

"Just one, his name was Skinn Bolic. I'm not very sure what his power was, but from what I was told, he became some kind of… beast with much more strength, and speed than the other Noah. You should ask Kanda about him. He was the one that fought and defeated him." Mustang nodded. "We also fought two other Noah, Jasdero and Devitto. They were always together. They fought with guns, however their bullets were different. Each bullet had a different color and a different power. One was used to manipulate your sight. You couldn't see them, only hear them."

Timcanpy showed the picture of two young men dressed in strange clothing. One had short jet black hair, and the other long wavy hair. Both of them had ashen skin, golden eyes, seven stigmata, and black makeup in their eyes. They also had two golden revolvers.

"While their bullets are powerful, their true power comes when they become one. They shoot at each other in the head, and their shadows get together, and they become one person, known as Jasdevi. I don't really know about their power during that state, it was Krory who fought them. But according to what he said, they used their hair as a weapon, and just like Skinn, they were stronger and faster. Krory defeated them, but we don't know what happened to them or if they are alive."

The silent reined in the room as the words were processed in the group of people.

"Hey Allen, could you show us how the Earl looks like?" Al asked.

Allen nodded and looked at Timcanpy.

The golden ball understood and put the image of a… man? The 'man' was tall and fat, with long pointy ears, a wide smile, and eyes covered with glasses. 'He' had purple skin, and was wearing a pink coat with a tall black hat with two blue roses on it.

"You're joking right?" Edward looked at Allen. The teen shook his head.

"That's the Millennium Earl?" disbelief poured from the question. Allen nodded.

"Why is he wearing something like that?"

Allen shrugged his shoulders. "I really don't know."

"He looks like a clown. I thought the creator of Akumas would look more… I don't know, badass?" Havoc said.

Everyone chuckled at that, except for Mustang and Hawkeye. Mustang cleared his throat.

"Speaking of Akumas, you still hadn't told us how are Akumas made."


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