Chapter 13: Training

The following day, Kushina and the others were found training with Suigetsu.

After a while, Suigetsu waved for them to stop.

Suigetsu laughed."Still can't beat me,"he stated.

"Not yet anyway,"Kushina put in.

Suigetsu laughed."True."

The four of them ate their lunch.

"You three will have to find new training metods,"he stated.

Minoru looked at him."You got a mission?"he asked.

Suigetsu nodded."I won't be back till around the continuation of the Chunin Exams."

Kushina was swinging Shakrskin around, learning how to use it as effortlessly as Bee did.

Souls watched in the tree that stood in Kushina's backyard.

Kushina sat down to take a break.

Souls walked up next to her."Mind if i join in?"he asked.

Kushina smiled."No problem."

The two sat down from their sparing.

Kushina laughed."Your defenitly tough Souls,"she stated.

Souls laughed as well."I'll get stronger."

Kushina beat Souls so many times because she used Sharkskin. But Souls still laughed.

The two rested there, catching their breath.

Minoru was already working with his Shadow Possession Jutsu.

He and his sister were practicing.

They were both trying to catch the other.

Suigetsu sat down and toke a breath.

Karin brought him a cup of tea.

Suigetsu smiled and toke the cup.

Karin sat down next to him.

The two enjoyed their time together before Suigetsu had to leave.

Kushina put Sharkskin next to her bed, and got out of her clothes. She went to bed not long after.

She had calm dreams.

Naruto woke Kushina up the next morning.

"Dad?"she asked.

Naruto stood over her, his Rinnigan as intimidating as ever.

"I figured you would want someone to train you,"he offered.

Kushina sat up."Don't you have work?"she asked.

Naruto laughed."Not me. Hes waiting outside."

Kakashi Hatake walked into the room. Ayano walked behind him.

"I'll be training you."

Kushina faced kakashi, Sharkskin strapped to her back.

"So, wh at do you have?"she asked.

Kakashi handed her a piece of paper."First, focus your chakra into this paper. Lets see what type of chakra you have."

Kushina focdes her chakra just as instructed, after Kakashi expalined what it did.

After a minute, the paper did two things. First, it became soaked. then, surprisingly, it split in two.

Kakashi was a bit surprised, but laughed."And I though wind chakra alone was rare!"

Kushina laughed a bit as well.

Souls was prepairing to show his father what he could do.

"Are you sure about this Souls?"he asked.

He nodded."If I want to get stronger, I need to rpove myself to you, as well as everyone else."

Sasuke laughed."Well, your set on it."

Souls began showing his father everything he could.

Souls made the hand signs, and did the Fireball Jutsu. He followed up with the Pheonix Flower Jutsu, Water Shark Bomb, Shadow Clone Jutsu, Transformation, and everything else.

"Anything else?"Sasuke asked.

Souls nodded."One."

Sasuke watched as Souls made the hand signs.

"Wind Style: Shattering Hurricane!"

He let out the blast of wind.

Sasuke smiled."Three different types of jutsu. You defenitly have a lot of cards up your sleeve!"

Souls nodded."You have to to win."

"True words, but it won't hurt to have more to use. But, keep that wind jutsu to yourself."

Souls nodded.

Minoru toke in a breath."Good sparing sis."

Mayu was breathing just as hard."Same for you."

The two ate their lunches and toke a drink of water.

Once they were done, vthey went back to work.

Ayano watched her father training Kushina.

She felt a bit mad she couldn't go on in the chunnin Exams, but ignored it.

Although, she wanted to see Kushina win.

Kushina paid attention as Kakashi toght her the basics of the Rasengan.

"Using this jutsu, you could be as strong as your father."

Kushina laughed."Now all I need is the rinnigan!"

Kakashi laughed with her.

Kakashi handed her a water balloon."I'm going to teach you vlike your father was taught."

Kushina nodded."Understood."

"Your first test is to pop this water balloon by swirling you chakra inside until the point the balloon pops,"he stated.

Kushina nodded, and began to focus her chakra inside the balloon.

Her chakra began moving around inside.

But, it didn't go the way she hoped. The water in the balloon was just going in a circle. The balloon was nowhere close to popping.

She tried again, same result.

Kakashi just kept his eyes on her.

Souls nodded."So, your going to teach me the chidori?"he asked.

Sasuke nodded."I will help sharpen your Sharingan as well. But, be warned, this training will take a lot out of you. Once you start, you can't stop."

Souls stood up."I know. And i'm ready for it."

Sasuke nodded."Then we head out tomorrow morning."

Souls nodded.

The entire day had the same results. Kushina could not pop the balloon.

She went home and feel asleep, exhausted.

She woke up early the next day, then went to the training ground.

Kakashi gave her another water balloon.

Kushina had to pop the balloon, same as yesterday.

Kushina looked at the balloon to try and figure out how to pop it with her chakra.

She focused her chakra another way. She fucused her chakra, but it had the same result, only the water was now going up in the air.

Kakashi just looked a little annoyed.

Kushina put the water balloon down, and though for a moment.

She picked it up. She thought for a moment, and fucused her chakra.

Once it was spinning, she began hit the balloon.

The chakra inside the balloonwas spinning in multible places. she kept hitting it. Then, pop.

She was splashed with water, but smiled. She did it.

Kakashi clapped."Good job. Now that you have finished with rotation, I can start you on the next part of the Rasengan."

Kushina smiled."I'm ready for whatever you got!"

Kakashi threw her a rubber ball."You next task is to pop that ball right there. If you can manage it, you can start the real training."

"This is for power, isn't it?"

Kakashi nodded.

Souls went with his father.

They had left the village a few hours ago, and were racing through the trees.

Up ahead, Souls could see a range of mountains.

They were going there to train. the exact place where kakashi toke Sasuke to train so many years back.

Kushina focused her chakra, only to have the ball moving like before. she began hit it with her other hand, moving the chakra around.

The ball held in the chakra.

Kakashi sighed."Well, both Naruto and Jiraya never said learning the jutsu was easy."

Ayano laughed."You have the unfair advantage of the Sharingan dad."

"True,"Kakashi said, laughing a bit.

Kushina toke a breath. She focused as much chakra as she could into the ball. She then began hitting the ball with her other hand, moving the chakra around.

She felt something, and got ready for it to blow.

No luck. One hole appeared, and let out all the air.

She threw that ball away, and grabbed another.

Kakashi knew she would need more of them.

Hana sat down and drank her can of soda.

Haruki was sitting in the tree above her.

"Well?"Haruki asked.

"Why do you keep asking me to come train with you?"Hana asked.

"Don't you want to get stronger?"he asked.

Yukki climbed up the tree. She sat on his lap, and began to fall asleep.

"Not really,"Hana replied."Plus, you can leave me out of your love life."

"This isn't for Kushina,"Haruki said, blushing."I just want to best souls."

"To win Kushina's heart,"Hana added.

"Well, yeah."Haruki blushed more.

"Honest. I respect that. But, I can't help you win Kushina's heart."

"I just want to get stronger, thats all i'm asking."

Yukki yawned. Haruki started petting her. Yukki layed there, happy.

Hana smiled seeing Yukki so relaxed and calm.

She sighed."Fine. I'll train with you."

Haruki nodded."Thanks."

"Don't thank me. Thank Yukki."

"Thanks my little friend,"Haruki said, scratching Yukki behind the ear.

Yukki started hitting her leg off of Haruki's leg.

Hana smiled again.

Kushina forced her chakra. She was sweating with the amount of chakra in the ball.

Right when she though it was finaly blow, another hole popped it, and she tossed the ball away.

She sat down and toke a drink of water.

Kakashi and ayano walked over.

"Done already?"Kakashi asked.

"Just taking a break,"she replied.

Ayano sat down with her."You okay?"she asked.

Kushina nodded."These ball are wiping me out though. I can get it to pop like its soppose to."

Kakashi nodded."Your father dealt with this problem. He overcame it though, seeing that it blocked his path."

She laughed."Yeah, that seems like him."

Naruto sneezed.

"Someone talking about you?"Shikamaru asked.

"I don't know,"Naruto replied.

He looked at the next report.

"BurakkurĊzu?"Naruto asked.

Shikamaru nodded."They are a group we learned about. They are S ranked ninja trying to reach some unknown goal. All we know is that Taka, Ryo and Arufa are members."

Naruto thought for a moment. He read the report.

He nodded. He put that paper off to the side, and went to the paper work.

Kushina was running out of rubber balls.

She grabbed another ball, and focused her chakra again.

She threw the ball away when the hole appeared again.

Kushina sat down, and toke another drink of water.

Ayano stood up."I'm heading home dad, you coming?"she asked.

Kakashi kept his eyes on Kushina."I'll be there later. I have to keep an eye on Kushina."

Ayano nodded."See you then."

Kushina smiled. This ball had two holes in it. She was progressing.

She pulled the next ball out and focused her chakra.

She felt something, which made her lose concentration, and the chakra flow stopped. she focused on that point.

She appeared in a room that was large.

She looked around and saw the room was filled with trees and plants.

Behind her stood a fox with three tails.

"Who are you?"Kushina asked.

The fox walked up."Well,"he said with a deep voice,"I was once called the Nine-Tailed Fox by the leaf, Kurama by yourt father, and a monster by everyone else."

"But my father is the nine-tailed jinchuuriki,"Kushina stated.

The fox laughed."Your father has a friend named Sora. He has another Nine-Tails inside him. Your got my chakra from your father."

"How?"she asked.

The fox sat in front of Kushina.

"The tailed beasts are made of pure chakra. if a person gains a big enough amount of our chakra, a new tailed beast is born inside of them. your the first person born with a tailed beast inside you."

"Are you going to try to take control?"Kushina asked.

The fox laughed."No. I was born with you. as far as I care, I am content in this space here."

Kushina faced it."Why only three tails?"

The fox laughed."I'm not yet as strong as my counterpart in your father. I guess you could call the Nin-tails my father if you think about it."

Kushina nodded."Anyway, why am I here?"she asked.

The fox laughed."You require my aid, and i'm will to help. But, be warned, you coan't relay on my chakra. I can only give it to when you most need it."

Kushina nodded."I need to learn this jutsu. Please help me fox."

"Please, call me Zurui,"the fox said, standing up.

Kushina nodded."Lets do this!"

The fox let out a growl of approval, and Kushina reappeared in her world.

The sun haden't moved.

Kushina focused her chakra into the ball, and began to hit itwith her free hand, moving the chakra around. But now, the chakra was more powerful.

And then-

Kushina was sent back by the power of the chakra destroying the ball. She passed out.

Kakashi stared in amazment. Such pwer.

He saw the small amounts of chakra coming from her. It look like tailed beast chakra.

Kakashi picked up Kushina, and carried her home.

Hinata handed Kakashi a cup of tea.

"Thank for brining her home,"she said, sitting down.

Kakashi nodded.

Naruto walked out of Kushina's room.

"Okay, spill it sensei,"Naruto said.

Kakashi told them what he saw. He finished with explaining the tailed beast chakra coming off her.

Naruto sighed."I hate to admit it, but Kurama was right about his powers being transfered to Kushina when she was born."

Kakashi finished his tea."I can continue teaching her the Rasengan, but you need to train her to use that chakra."

Naruto nodded."Thank you sensei."

Kakashi walked his way home.

Souls was still up. He had his hands tied behind his back, and was climbing up a mountain side without his hands.

Sasuke followed jus incase he fell.

"You know you can sleep, right?"Sasuke asked.

Souls grunted. He ket climbing.

"Man, was I really this stubborn when I wqas his age?"Sasuke asked himself.

"Actualy, yes you were,"came Naruto's voice.

"Shadow clone?"Sasuke asked.

Naruto laughed."Yeah."

Sasuke laughed."No change in you. That is you most usefull jutsu."

Naruto nodded."I came so that I could see your son's training."

Sasuke laughed."Don't get to many ideas."

"There is also another reason."

Sasuke looked at him."That would be?"

"My daughter has inherited the powers of Kurama,"Naruto stated.

"First the Byakugan, then wind chakra, as well as sharkskin. Now a tailed beast. All she needs are the Sharinggan and Renigan and she will put you ro shame."

Naruto laughed."Maybe your right. But, still, this is startling news."

Sasuke nodded."You have train her now?"

"Once she learns the Rasengan, then yes."

Sasuke laughed."She still won't beat my son."

Naruto laughed with him."We'll see. But, I have to go."

The clone vanished.

Sasuke saw his son sitting on a ledge. He made real progress.

Once souls made it to the top, Sasuke would begin teaching him the chidori.

Kushina slept like a log that night.

Her dreams were of her reaching as high as her father.

The next day, her training in the Rasengan began.

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