By: Kiralee Smith.

Based on: Across the Universe.

Copyright: Beth Revis


"What's that thing?" Amy asks me after a moment, when she's sure I'm done talking with Harley. "I thought you had tiny headsets or something, but that's actually embedded in your skin, isn't it?"

I brush my wi-com button with my fingers. "It's a wi-com. Wireless communication link."

"Does it hurt?"

I laugh. "No."

"So cool," Amy exhales, leaning in. Her soft, warm breath tickles the hairs near my ear. "It's like a phone built into your ear."

Her fingers brush the raised skin over my wi-com. My breath catches. She's right in front of me, tantalizingly close. Amy bites her lip, and all I want is to seize her, crush her against me, feel her lips with mine.

She doesn't look me in the eye, her gaze glued to the skin behind my ear. I can't take my eyes off her eyes though, her green eyes that shine in any light they've been given. I bite my lip as well, fighting the urge to merge our bodies together.

I can't help myself when my hands slip around her waist. Her eyes widen, looking into mine with urgency. My grip tightens and I pull her hips closer into mine and hold her close. We're alone, complete privacy. Why not now? I think to myself as I lean forward.

My eyes dart between her eyes and lips: the red, red lips that call to me, and have since I saw her frozen. Amy's eyes close half way and she swallows deeply as if nervous. I pull her ever closer, my eyes closing to match hers.

Her head dips backwards, but I follow it, brushing my lips against hers lightly, barely touching them. Amy relaxes in my grip, no longer fighting. My kiss deepens. Her lips are dryer than I thought they would be, but the warmth of her fills me, clearing my mind to a blank as I focus on every inch of her body.

Amy's hand, already places on my neck, links with the other at the nape of my neck. Her fingers swirl into my hair, pulling my face closer into hers in her need. I want her to know she doesn't have to be alone, that she doesn't have to stand on her own.

That I'm here for her.

I can feel my heartbeat become faster with every passing second. The kiss is light but meaningful, making me feel like I have never felt before. My hands move from Amy's hips to the small of her back, trying to get her as close as she can possibly be. My breathing is shallow from my excitement and I can feel my lips start to swell from the pressure Amy is putting on them.

Amy's hands move to my chest, balling up my brown tunic in her fists, pulling my chest into hers. A timid cough comes from behind us and her hands flatten against my shirt. She pushes my away, but in my reluctance to leave her lips I push forward. She tries again, succeeding this time in separating us. Amy's eyes dart to where the noise came from, mine following suit.

Harley stands awkwardly, holding his little box of art supplies. I can see in the strain in his mouth to cover a smile, but he's obviously failing. Amy tumbles out of my arms, her fingers on her slick lips, her eyes darting away from mine. "Interrupting something?" Harley asks, laughter in his voice. Whether it's mocking or otherwise I can't tell at the moment. My mind is still so full of Amy.

"No," Amy says at the same time I say "Yes." I look to her, but she won't meet my eyes. Harley steps forward and hands Amy the box. She takes it and places it on the table. Harley makes his way to my side. He elbows me in the arm.

He raises his eyebrows at me but I ignore him, my eyes still caught on the curve of Amy's lush lips. She takes out Harley's charcoal, wrapped in a scrap of cloth. She then smashes it to the ground, once. Twice.

"Hey," Harley shouts, forgetting what he had just walked in on. "I have to make that myself.