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Caroline is sick and tried of all the men in her life and the drama they bring. She's been doing a good job of holding it in; but after one really bad day, Caroline has a melt down. A few of her friends think she need a good old girl's night to help her out. But what happens when the roots of her problems walk in the door.

QUICK BACKGROUND: This is set before the Orignal's ball and the murders never happened.

Chapter 1:
Third Person:

It had started off as a normal day for Caroline Forbes. She woke up, got ready for the day, and went down to have breakfast with her mother. That's where everything went south.

Her mother started talking about her new baby cousin Amanda and how she couldn't wait for Caroline to have one. But that would never happen. Because Caroline was a vampire. She was froze forever at seventeen.

The awkard silence that followed her mother's slip was deafening. They sat there in the kitchen for a while, before Caroline's mother left saying she was going to be late for work.

"And so another day begins in Mystic Falls," Caroline mumbled to herself, as she put her cereal bowl in the kicthen sink.

After that, Caroline decided to go she her boyfriend, resisted werewolf-vampire hybrid Tyler Lockwood. When Caroline arrived at the Lockwood manor, she saw Carol's, Tyler's mother, car gone.

As Caroline got closer to the house, she heard something. She focused on thesound and it was...moaning?

She opened the door and ran up to Tyler's room. She wanted to vomit when she opened the door. Tyler was feeding on a girl who Caroline could tell was being compelled to enjoy the pain.

Tyler pulled away from the girl when he hear the door opened.

"Gess, Caroline knock much," Tyler said.

"Tyler," Caroline said, seeing the girl was pouting like she was dissappointed.

"Want some," Tyler asked, looking between the girl and Caroline.

"We talk about this," Caroline said.

"Caroline, this is how I am," Tyler said, falling back on his bed, "You can't change me."

"So now you're Klaus...Is that what you are trying to say," Caroline asked.

"He is my sire, Caroline," Tyler said.

"And Damon is mine, but I'm not off drinking from random girls," Caroline argued.

"Well, we all can't be little Miss Perfect Barbie Baby Vampire," Tyler snapped, sitting up.

"You're being a real asshole," Caroline said.

"And you're being a real bitch," Tyler threw back at her.

"I'm leaving," Caroline said.

"Good," Tyler yelled.

"You haven't change at all. You are still the same jerk you were when we were human," Caroline said, before leaving.

After leaving Tyler's, Caroline went to the Grill. She needed a drink.


Walking into the Grill, Caroline saw Matt working at the counter. She plobbed down on a bar still in front of Matt.

"A beer and some fries, please," Caroline said, smiling at Matt.

"The fries I can get; the beer not so much," Matt said.

"Please," Caroline said.

"How about fries on the house," Matt said, heading to the kitchen.

While Matt was gone, Caroline checked her phone. She had one new text message. It was from Tyler.


Caroline didn't answer the text. She just put her phone away, as Matt came back with her fries.

"Fries, Caroline," Matt said, placing the fries down.

"Thanks," Caroline said, and reached into the basket. She touch the fries and then pulled her hand away as fast as she could.

"You vervained my French fries," Caroline said, standing from the bar, "Why?"

"Caroline, don't be like that," Matt said, walking around the counter.

"You know what what does to me," Caroline said, backing away from Matt.

"Caroline," Matt said, but it was too late. Caroline was already heading for the door.


Caroline walked through the park. Today had thoroughly sucked for Caroline. First, her mother's slip at breakfast. Then Tyler being Tyler, and Matt being a jerk.

"What are you doing out here, love," Caroline heard behind here.

"You've got to be kidding me," Caroline said. There behind her was Klaus.

"Glad to see you too, love," Klaus said, standing in front of Caroline.

"Go away," Caroline said, brushing pass Klaus.

"Don't be like that, love," Klaus said, walking beside Caroline.

"What do you want," Caroline said.

"A chance," Klaus said.

"No thanks," Caroline said.

"Darling-" Klaus started.

"No, don't 'love' me or 'sweetheart' me or even 'darling' me...I've had a shitty day, and all I want is for all you people to get it through your heads and leave me alone," Caroline yelled, and stomped away.

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