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Archers for the Win

To say that Artemis was frustrated would be an understatement. Just ask the punching bag she was currently shredding into a pile of fabric. With each kick she imagined Red Arrow at the receiving end, each punch was meant for Cheshire, and each knife slash was for Sportsmaster. Oh yeah, she was pissed; Artemis had promised herself never to use a knife again, not since she quit the Shadows. She used to be better than Cheshire, than Jade, but now she had this freaking morality thing going, and she just couldn't take.

Insecure my ass, Artemis thought to herself, That little pervert is the insecure one. The only reason I did that ws because Jade would've spilled all of my secrets if I didn't catch her. I don't need to prove anything to anyone, especially not Wally Fucking West or that asshole Speedy.

With one final roundhouse kick the bag's support broke from the ceiling and nearly fell on top of Artemis, but she deftly lept away before being crushed. Even the fucking equipment is out to get me great.

As she was silently fuming to herself about inanimate objects she never noticed a certain ginger standing outide the dooway. In fact, Kid Idiot had been standing there watching her for the majority of her workout, which was roughly four hours. He felt bad about what he said, because certainly, with insecure people, you don't just go around telling them they're insecure, that would just make them more insecure, and that would suck. So being the Oh-So-Fearless man he is he plucked up enough courage to walk over to the training room, look in the doorway, and nearly ran away when he saw the archer cut a very -if it were human- fatal wound into the punching bag's side. But, he didn't, he just decided to wait it out; and being the ADHD kid he is, he nearly died from having to stand still for so long. His fingers twitched slightly when she brought down the punching bag, but other than that Wally just watched her. Until of course he got annoyed at the silence and decided to say, "I'msorryforsayingthatyou'reinsecuebutwhydidyoudoit?"

Needless to say Artemis didn't understand a word he just said, but she did whip around and glared at that moment she seriously wished looks could kill, or at least leave people in comatose state as she stared at the asshole before her. But, alas, they don't, so she just huffed, crossed her arms, turned away from him, and stood there. (Because when Wally was concerned Artemis always converted back into a five year old).

"I'm sorry for...what I said, but please, I just want to understand," Wally said, actually making a comprehensible statement, "I told you that you didn't need to prove yourself, and then you go off and do something stupid. Why?"

This where Artemis turns around again and glares at him some more. Kid Flash could see her jaw tightening and her temple slightly pulsing. She closed her eyes for a brief second, willing him to disappear, and when she opened her gray orbs she was slightly disappointed to see him still standing there.

"Drop it," the archer huffed, "Now if you'll excuse me I have to go on patrol with Green Arrow."

With that the goddess pushed past Wally and stalked out of the room, leaving the speedster to be caught up in his own turmoil. Why can't she get that I'm trying to be her friend? Whatever, I came here to apologize and she's being evasive...I think we're back to square one. The ginger didn't want to go back to square one with Artemis, it had felt good to be her friend, someone she could count on; and now all of that was thrown out the window.

At some point in his little depressive thought cycle he had slid down against the wall behind him, raking his hair with his calloused hands. That's when he noticed something was off. It was quiet, besides the fact he heard Robin's cackle, Zatanna's infuriated cry, M'gann's laughter, and Kaldur and Conner's occassional grunts as they sparred; there was something wrong, he didn't hear the computer announce the departure of Artemis. She's stil here! Sweet, now I can track her down and make her listen to me! At that thought he became little less than a blur as he sprinted around the mountain looking for the archer.

Unfortunately for Kid Flash, the second he left the training room Artemis strolled back in, there was a reason she infuriated the kid to no end. She had been hiding out right behind the door where she knew he wouldn't see her, and he definitely wasn't going to be looking for her, oh no sir, so she was safe. Except for the fact that Wally was currently on the hunt for her, because he desperately needed closure.

Artemis did a quick look around the room to see if there was anything to do in it. Considering that she just destroyed some equipment already and the archery range was outside, there really wasn't anything to do, unless she wanted to try out Wally's treadmill. Stupid Wally, trying to understand. Yeah he, most certainly, won't understand why I did that. She had started to pace as she thought to herself, going round and round the room, until-

"MOTHER FU- ARGHH!" Artemis yelled out in pain after stubbing her toe on a piece of equipment , that the archer could've sworn hadn't been there two seconds ago. Holy crap ow, ow, ow. Where did that come from? Aghh!

You were probably distracted, came a voice that sounded eerily like her Martian friend. In fact it probably is the green girl; which meant one of two things- one- there was a mission coming up and Megan decided to tell her telepathically; or two- Miss M had been spying on her, trying to figure out why the archer was always so secretive.

M'gann, Artemis started out as calmly as possible, Please tell as to why you are intruding into my personal thoughts?

Whoops sorry! I just wanted to tell that Wally is looking all over the place for you right now. And I have a feeling that you don't want to be found, considering your thoughts a little earlier.

Well thanks, I guess...Now can you please get out of my head?

Yeah sorry. And with that the archer became Martian free.

"Ugh, why can't he just leave me alone!" Artemis cried out in frustration, her hands rubbed her temples as if that would solve her chronic headache known as Wally West.

"Hah! Found you!" shouted a triumphant speedster. "You know if you didn't want to be found you shouldn't of screamed like that."

"Go away Bay Watch. I don't feel like dealing with you right now." Her fingers were now rubbing her temples in a most painful way, considering her headache just got ampliphied ten fold.

"I'm not going to leave you alone until you tell me why the hell you decided it would be a great idea to take on Cheshire and Sportsmaster alone!"

"Well then you're going to be very bored for a very long time because I'm not talking!"

"Arty please c'm- mmph!" Kid Flash was promptly cut off by Artemis pressing her lips to his. The speedster really didn't live up to his name as he didn't react for about three seconds. And he then realized that this wasn't some warped fantasy, it was actually happening, and so his eyelids closed shut and he wrapped his arms around the archer's waist. At around the same time that happened Artemis had one hand tangled up in Wally's hair and the other securely around his neck to bring him closer. Artemis, being the more experienced, bit at Wally's lower lip causing him to gasp and promptly stuck her tongue into his mouth, and there was absolutely no resistance from the Wall-Man, no battle for dominance. Seems like I stole his first kiss, the blonde girl tried very hard not to smirk at this, but she did, lucky for her the ginger just thought she was smiling into the kiss.

Their little make-out session went on for about a minute longer- and then they hear it. The unmistakeable cackle of the Boy Wonder and the snap of a camera taking a picture. They immeadiately jumped apart, and Artemis, being Artemis, yelled in righteous fury, "ROBIN! I AM SO GOING TO KILL YOU!" and then took of running towards the little troll.

Wally kind of just stood there dumbfounded, thinking, Did Artemis just kiss me? Did she seriously just kiss me? Holy crap she kissed me! The yellow spandex wearing hero seriously almost jumped for joy until a certain green being interrupted his little victory dance saying, Wally I think that was a distraction.

Um...what are you talking about? Wally scratched the back of his head, not really catching onto what M'gann was saying.

Well, you know what, nevermind. Kid Flash could practically hear her storming off, frusturated at his lack of understanding.

And with that Wally's head was Martian free and totally and completely focused on Artemis. Every single detail about her, from her piercing gray eyes to her beautiful blonde hair, everything. Except, you know, for the part about how he wanted to know why she attacked Cheshire and Sportsmaster alone.

A/N- This takes place after 'Insecurity' because I need closure...I also felt like kicking a few things when he said she was insecure...she seriously needs to tell someone about her family. Also I don't hate Red Arrow, I just think he deserves a good round house kick from my favorite archer. Review please!



P.S I don't know if I should continue this or if I should just let it be...I really don't know :P