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Wally had been walking around aimlessly for about three hours twenty-two minutes and four seconds after Artemis had kissed him (not that he was counting). And of course, being him, when he was drifting around aimlessly he somehow ended up in the kitchen, and was absentmindedly eating his way through the contents of the fridge. The speedster couldn't be happier, of course if the archer was his official girlfriend then maybe he would be. What does this even mean? Does she like me? Of course she likes me, duh; I'm the Wall-Man. But…urgh! She always has to do this doesn't she! Make life ten times harder than it actually has to be! Now I have to find her again before she le-

Kid Flash's internal rant was cut short by a robotic voice saying, "Recognized, Artemis, B-Zero-Seven." At that the ginger nearly tore his hair out and let out a (not-so-manly) cry of agitation.

"You do not seem traught for someone who was just making out with their not-so-secret crush." Robin cackled, suddenly appearing in front of KF.

"Oh, shut up," The speedster growled, "Did she get that picture you took?"

"Yeah, and she took a couple of my Batarangs for good measure. She's vicious." The Boy Wonder at this moment looked slightly less than traught when he mentioned his stolen items.

"She's more like a spitfire, but whatever." Kid Flash mumbled more to himself, remembering Kent Nelson's words to him. "Hey, can you help me with something?"

"Uh, okay."

"Awesome!" Wally literally jumped for joy, and then looked seriously at bird-boy, "Look, I need you to figure out where Artemis lives because I need to ask her something really important. So get a hackin' A.S.A.P!"

"I already know where she lives," Robin told the kid, "And I'm not going to tell you."

"And why not?" Kid Flash folded his arms and started to tap his foot, running out of patience with his best friend.

"Because, she doesn't want people to judge her by where she lives, or by her family. Just wait for her to come back KF." Robin simply said.

"But that could be weeks! I need to see her now! Can you make a false emergency thingy, or something that'll get her here?" Wally's green eyes were full of desperation, "Seriously I need to talk to her!"

"Are you guys talking about Artemis?" Red Arrow walked over to them, raising an eyebrow, "I thought you'd given up on talking to her."

"Why would I do that" Asked a confused Wally. (A/N: he completely forgot about the entire 'insecure issue' GO ARTEMIS!)

"Well you called her insecure, and you literally turned your back on her. Kudos to you by the way, I thought that mole nea-" Roy was suddenly cut off by a furious speedster jumping on him.

"Don't you dare call her a mole, she's a better friend than you were. And I didn- Oh, shit. I did call her insecure didn't I? And I was asking her what was wrong and she kis- No, she distracted me!" It had taken Kid Flash, three hours fifty-seven minutes and fifteen seconds after Artemis had kissed him, why he had been tailing her in the first place. In a flash, the kid was off of Red Arrow and pacing around the kitchen. "Okay, Robin, I really need to talk to her or else I might explode. Just give me a hint, I'll figure it out from there just pleas-" Once again Wally's ranting was cut off by a robotic voice saying, "Recognized, Artemis, B-Zero-Seven."

Before the red archer or the Boy Wonder could blink, Wally was gone, off to find Artemis. They stayed in there all of five seconds before Robin said, "Wanna go spy on them?" To which Roy just shrugged and said, "Sure." And off they went to hide in the air ducts to go spy on the two love birds.

Four hours and twenty seconds after Artemis's distraction had occurred, Wally had cornered Artemis back in the training room. Currently, Artemis was staring daggers at the persistent speedster, while Wally looked slightly desperate and a little agitated. The silence was starting to get to the speedster after about four minutes of it, so he just had to ask, "Why did you do that?"

"Do what?" Artemis crossed her arms, immeadiately on the defensive.

"Distract me! I just want to help you Artemis." Wally emphasized his point by flailing his arms around, and ending with what looked like a double dream hands.

"I don't need help! Especially, not from some asshole who's always putting his foot in his mouth!" The archer's hands were itching to puch the obnoxious red head at the moment. She really didn't want to deal with him right now.

"Yes, yes you do!" Wally's hands were back to emphasizing his point, "You need to trust somebody on this team Arty, or I don't know if anyone can trust you!"

"Alright so I've got trust issues, big whoop!" Artemis casually flicked her hair, acting non-chalant.

"You're also insecure, in case you've forgotten!" The speedster pointed at her, and the archer went cross-eyed for a moment trying to focus on his finger, before pushing it aside.

"I am not insecure, if anyone is you are!" Now Artemis was pointing at KF. There was a beat of silence, when Wally didn't respond and Artemis put her arm down, the line was very nearly crossed, and they both knew it.

"Fine then if you're not insecure, than why the hell did you have to go run off and face Cheshire and Sportsmaster alone!" Wally had tried to sound calm and collected, but ended up yelling at her anyways.

"I wanted to face Cheshire alone, not Sportsmaster. And let's just say I have family issues and leave it at that." Artemis actually succeeded in being calm, but on the inside she was about to reach her boiling point.

"No, we are not leaving it at that, we are not leaving this room until I get some answers!" Wally crossed his arms and glared at the archer girl for a good five seconds before she replied icily,"Then I guess we're not leaving this room."

"I guess we're not." He replied just as coldly, still glaring at her.

"Why do you care so much anyway?" She huffed, expecting him to deny caring about her, expecting him to be flustered. But all he did was sigh and say,

"Because you're my friend and…" I'm nearly positive that I'm in love with you. Wally looked down for a second, wanting to continue his thought, but instead he said, "Just…whatever, I'm gonna go." He had actually turned to leave, before slender fingers wrenched him back towards his spitfire.

"I thought you weren't leaving until you got some answers out of me." The green archer raised an eyebrow at him, her hand still wrapped around his arm.

"I know a lost cause when I see one." Wally sighed, and then looked directly into her gray eyes before saying, "I just have one question."

"And that would be…?" Artemis's eyebrow was still raised, her hand still around his arm.

"Did you ever care about me…or anyone on the team?" Wally asked, quietly; so quietly, in fact, that Superboy who'd been listening in on their conversation couldn't hear it. But somehow, Artemis did.

"No…I was brought up not to care, and that's exactly what I'm doing." Her hand had Wally's limb in a death grip at that point, and she was pointedly looking at the ground, not in his green eyes.

"You're lying." He said.

"How can yo- No I'm not!" Her eyes shot up from the ground to glare at him, though it seemed forced.

"Yes you are! Why can't you admit that you care about me- er, the team?" Wally faintly blushed, at his slip-up, but his eyes never wavered.

"Because the second I admit that I care is the second that I lose you." Artemis said, her gaze softening slightly. "I better get going, I only came back because I forgot my jacket." She held up the brown piece of cloth slightly, as if that would make him let her go. It didn't.

"Artemis, please," The red head took the hand that was killing his arm off and held it tightly. "Please just trust me."

"Fine. I'm not going to tell you everything though, okay? Just enough so that you can figure it out if you ever bother." The blonde girl took a deep breath in before continuing, her grip on Wally's hand tightening. "I'm- My family isn't exactly filled with heroes like Roy's is. It's actually filled with villains. My mom, she turned around though, and she made sure I didn't turn out like my sister or my dad."

"But what does any of that have to do with Cheshire or Sportsmaster? Unless they're your- Oh." Realization flooded his features, his eyes became bigger and his mouth took on an 'O' shape. Artemis immeadiately tensed, and released his hand from hers.

"Yeah so now you know. Go ahead, say it, say that I'm the mole. React the exact way that Roy did, immediately thinking that I'm working for my dad." The girl said bitterly, her eys downcast.

"Artemis-" Wally, over his initial shock, looked at her with worry.

"Save it Flash Junior. I really don't want to hear it." She tried shoving past him, but he wouldn't budge.

"Artemis, you are not walking away from me." He grabbed both of her arms, and lowered his face so that she was forced to look at him. "Arty, listen."

"What?" She snapped, anger becoming the dominant emotion in her cold gray eyes.

"The fact that you decided to trust me…that just made me trust you even more. And also, your family doesn't define who you are, you do." The speedster said, his hands sliding down her arms so he held her hands. "And um, Artemis?" The kid seriously looked like he was about to pee his pants, and the archer nearly smiled. Nearly.

"Yeah Wally?" She asked her tone still had venom in it, but it was a little more affectionate. That just gave the kid more confidence, and he decided to straighten up. Her eyes followed him.

"I've been wondering," Wally looked sheepish and he scratched the back of his head, "Do you, I don't know, want to catch a magic show sometime?"

"Maybe." Artemis smiled coyly "I'm free Friday, meet me here at seven. And don't you dare be late." She quickly leaned in and, before he could register what was going on, pressed her lips to his. "Later Flash Boy." Artemis giggled when she released his lips two seconds later, and side-stepped around him.

Wally kind of stood there, slightly dumbstruck for about two minutes and four seconds (not that he's counting...again) after she kissed him. But at two minutes and fives seconds he recovered, jumping into the air and screaming, "WOO-HOO!". Ha! I knew she liked me, I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! Wally thought to himself, before he started running around in circles from excitement.

In the air vent right above the training room, Robin was trying to hold in snickers while Red Arrow handed over twenty bucks. "Told you that Wally'd end up asking her out." The Boy Wonder giggled. "Yeah, whatever." Roy grumbled. Note to self: Never, ever, ever make a bet with Robin. You will always end up losing. The archer thought bitterly to himself, glaring at Wally as he started sprinting around the room in joy.

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