56 Degrees

I woke up to sunlight in my eyes. I turned around to find Sam, but he wasn't there. I waited maybe a minute or two for him to come back, but he didn't. Did he go out or something? I stretched my legs and got my lazy butt out of bed.

"No! You can't! You need to forget about her!" I heard Sam yelling. I paused a moment to find out who Sam was talking to. I heard someone yelling back. I couldn't make them out though. It must have been Cole. The voice was to deep for the new girl. What was her name again? Leigh? No.. that wasn't it. Oh well.

The yelling stopped for a second. It was only replaced by my growling stomach. I was walking toward the door until the yelling started again. " I don't give a fuck, Sam! I am going to see her. What if this happened to Grace? You would go get her! So back off my case!" I heard Cole growl. What the hell was going on? I could now hear them clearly. They must be right in front of my room.

"This isn't about Grace! It's about Isabel and you know she is trying to forget about this!" I heard Sam yelling at the top of his lungs. I heard a door shut, must have been Cole's room. Which is across the hall from mine.

I heard shuffling, and some yelling I couldn't quite make out. I think I just heard rock star shifting wolf... "You can't go to California!" Sam hissed.

Cole laughed. "Just watch me Ringo." He just snapped. I was tired of eavesdropping.

I walked out of the room to see Cole with a red suitcase in his arm. Sam with his keys. "What the hell is going on!" I glared at them. They have been fighting lately, but not this bad.

Sam looked at me for a second. Which gave a Cole a opportunity to take the keys. Which he did do. Cole left to his car, and Sam just followed his yelling. I followed them for a bit. Then I just jumped right in front of them. "Stop! Tell me what is going on! Now!" I hissed. I felt left out, or that nobody could hear me.

Sam put his hand to my forehead. "How you feeling?" He asked. I just rolled my eyes, and Cole made I sound which I think was a laugh. Sam shot a glare at him when he did. Which made me giggle. "I'll take that as you feel fine. Nothing is going on. Hungry?" Sam had bright smile om his face. Last time I saw him he looked like he was about to kill himself.

I was hungry though, but I was stronger than that. I wanted answers, and I was going to get them. "Liar. Tell me!" I shot a glare at Sam.

"I am going to California. To Isabel. Now." It was Cole who talked this time. My mouth dropped. Was he really going to see her? I knew there was something going on with them.. but this? "If you keep your mouth open like that, you're going to find a bug in it..." Cole stated. This time I shot a glare at him, and he just laughed.

"Cole you have done bad ideas before but... this one takes the cake?" I spoke up.

"Doesn't it?" Sam said by my side.

Cole rolled his eyes. "Shut up. I love her, and I am pretty sure you guys figured that out. Now let me go see my baby." I nodded. I am not sure what Sam thought. Then Cole's sentence replayed in my head. Baby. That one word screamed in my head. I can't be having a baby. It was just the flu. Get it out of your head Grace.

My thoughts where interrupted by something. "So I was just a little fun for you?" I saw the new girl glaring at Cole. Everyone was in shock.

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