Wow, so many of you wanted a second chapter. But I said it was a one shot! It had a happy ending! Rin and Len are together like they should be! I'm keeping it a one-shot, this will be a different story, a sequel. It continues their relationship. It will be happy, trust me! I wouldn't make it sad. I love RinxLen more than anything. Please enjoy the continuation. ^^

"Cinderella!" I turned around and saw my Romeo running towards me. "Good morning."

"Good morning, Len." I said sweetly.

"Can I walk you to class?"

"Of course, I don't mind." Len gave me a smile. His adorable smile. Man, am I lucky to have a guy like Len. All the girls envy me. I have the cutest guy in school as my boyfriend. Kagamine Len. The two of us became a couple about a month ago. It started when we transferred to my school. Len ended up being in my 2nd period class. We started talking, but we had a few bumps. Soon, I fell for him, and he fell for me. The two of us were happy. Then my mom got mad because I was spending too much time with him and I kept missing my curfew. But, Len still came to see me at night secretly. We wrote a song together, and it's our special song. No one else knows, it's our secret. I'm his Cinderella, and he's my Romeo. Why am I Cinderella? Simple; Romeo and Juliet was a tragedy. We don't want a tragedy.

Len walked with me down the hallway until we got to my class. His first period class was different.

"I can't wait until next period, I'll be with my favorite person in the world."

"Len, stop it. It's sweet, but it embarrasses me."

"Then my mission's accomplished. Good luck with math, Rin."

"Thanks," I replied. Len smiled at me then kissed my forehead, and headed down the hall for his first period class. I walked into my class and my best friends Miku and Gumi were squealing when they saw me. The two rushed over to me and almost clobbered me.

"Rin-chan, that was so cute! And you didn't believe us when we said he liked you!" Miku started.

"You two are the sweetest couple ever. I wish my boyfriend was like that! I'm jealous!" Gumi chimed in.

"Well, we just like each other a lot. Ever since my mom got mad, Len's been super sweet. I think he;s trying to get on her good side."

"I don't get it," Miku said, "Len isn't a bad guy. He's the sweetest and cutest guy ever! What does she have against him?"

"Miku-chan, I think it's because Rin-chan kept missing curfew."

"And, I kept telling her I was with you guys when she asked where I was. I knew she wouldn't like me being with a boy, so I lied. But she didn't even let me explain."

"But, does she know you and Len are still, you know?" Gumi asked.

I shook my head. "I act so coldly towards her. I act like I'm mad. We barely speak anymore. But I am a bit mad still. She just can't tell me I can't see a friend of mine anymore!"

"Especially if he's a special friend," Miku said happily.

"She should know what it's like to be away from the guy you love, Dad's been gone over sea for seven months now. He was supposed to be back home by now. I don't get it."

We just stood there until the bell rang, and then we took our seats. Class was going by so slow. I was really tired and bored, who's idea was it to have this class first thing in the morning when none of us are awake? 2nd period went by too fast. I kept getting glances from Len. We kept smiling at each other, and all the other girls would get jealous looks on their faces. All the girls are crazy about Len, but he was mine. If they really liked Len, they'd be glad he's happy.

During free period, Len and I went to the music like usual. Together, we listened to our song, "Romeo and Cinderella." I never got enough of it. It was perfect. Our voices blended so well, and the feel of the music. It's partially based off of all that happened to us for the first couple weeks of our interaction. I lay my head against Len's shoulder and he lay his head against mine.


We both turned around and saw Miku behind us fangirling. She came down her during her free period sometimes.


"No, really! You two are so cute together! I hope you don't mind me being here. I just came here to practice some songs."

"We don't mind, Miku-san," Len said.

Miku walked towards the microphone and began singing. Miku has such a wonderful singing voice. She can reach unbelievably high notes with such ease, it makes me a bit jealous. But one can only take so much high-pitched singing. That's her one weakness, she can't reach low notes too well. But besides that, she's amazing.

"The deep-sea girl, sinking ever still,

shut away beyond the darkness,

the deep-sea girl, she yet wants to know,

because she's found the one who's captivates her heart..."

"Miku-san has a pretty voice, doesn't she?"

"Mhm. It is pretty."

"Did you write this song, too?" Len whispered so Miku couldn't hear.

"I helped her with the back beat and some of the lyrics, but she did most of it by herself."

"The deep-sea girl, pulling by the arm,

sings a blessing of marine snow,

the deep-sea girl, she wants to know more,

because she's found the one who captivates her heart...

Leave this sea, and now, fly away..."

Len and I applauded when Miku finished singing. She turned around blushing, but smiling.

"Miku-chan! That was great! You should really perform this song! It's great!"

"Oh no no NO!" she exclaimed, "I have stage fright!I could never sing in front of other people besides you guys and Gumi!"

"Miku-san, this is a great song and you have an amazing voice. You really should perform it." encouraged Len. "There's an open mic night this Friday at seven. You should go and sing this song!"

"I can't! I can't! I'm too scared!"

"Come on, Miku-chan! We'll go to support you!"

"...maybe...I'll think about it." said she quietly.

Right then free period ended. We all went to our next class. When school ended, Len caught me at my locker. "Hime-sama," he cooed, "I can't wait until Friday. Miku-san told me she's sing at open-mic night."

"That's great! This is awesome for her! But..I don't know if my mom will let me go. I barely speak to her anymore. After, the incident..."

"Rin, don't worry. I'm sure she'll let you go if you explain."

"Len, I don't know. I don't think she trusts me anymore."

"I don't see why she wouldn't. You're a good girl. I like that about you. Everyone thinks a guy likes a bad girl who exposes herself, but I don't. I prefer girls like you, smart, cute, and nice. I don't care if you're a goody-goody, I don't dig rebels at all. Boy or girl."

This made me smile. "Thank you, Len." I pecked him on the cheek. "I better get going before my mom suspects anything again. See you tomorrow, Romeo."

"See you tomorrow, Cinderella." he said sweetly and lovingly.

I walked away slowly, looking back at him, then turning around to go home. On the walk home, I took out my orange iPod and listened to "Romeo and Cinderella" the entire walk. I couldn't get enough of the song. It was too precious to me. I'd never want to let this song get away. It was the one thing that kept me and Len together when everything else kept us apart.

When I got close to my house, I put my iPod away and walked through the front door. "I'm home~" I yelled into the house. I took off my shoes and switched to my slippers to where around the house. I walked upstairs and put down my school bag, then walked back downstairs. When I entered the kitchen to get a glass of apple juice, I came face-to-face to the biggest surprise of my life.

"Rinny-chan! How's my little girl been all this time? I've missed you all this time! Oh, look how you've matured while I was gone!" The figure talking to me came up and gave me a huge hug. I hugged back but was so surprised, that it was an awkward hug from me, but a passionate one from the figure. "I've missed my little girl so much!"


There's Chapter one! A bit short, I know, but I had nothing else to write, and I felt I over-elaborated everything already. Yeah, so Rin's dad is back! He has returned from the ocean and came back to an...island...yeah, that's how it goes. Your overseas visiting islands and come back to an island. Oh, well. I hope you enjoyed chapter one. ^^