There is always something that goes wrong. Always. C'est la vie.

C'est la vie... French. I speak it, rather decently. The king proper, speaking French. Than again, bloody hell, we have a queen now. C'est la vie. Its the life. Makes me bloody well think of JP.

So here I am again, in the hospital room. Unfamiliar ceiling. I chuckle at that. Kaori was insistent for us to learn Anime when we went in for the Snowdream run last season. Hiro established it when he went out and bought all of us complete dvd sets in Tokyo. Evangelion was the one most of us picked, when they would come in bickering after the daily brief and demand we watch a show. I suspect it was because of the quiet parts...

Right well. My name is Moby, Moby Jones. I suppose if your reading this, you've spent your precious money to buy this. The official SSX season finisher.

I didn't get to write about the first one. Nope. Why ? Simple, mate. I was unconscious.

So now, lemme tell you all about it. There was me, and there was Zoe, and others. I recall Hiro, and Jurgen. The way it works is that we were all recruited to try this new thing. Elise, Mac, and such. I was fresh off the bmx circuit and suddenly legal in the United States, something I had really been looking forward to. The officials approached me in Canada. I was a bit suspicious. I mean, hey, I had just been drinking my arse off, so what was I to not be paranoid.

"Is this about that time I tricked off of the queen's limosiune in my opening circuit ?" I had to ask, swaying around in the snow. Snow seemed odd to me. I had, after all, spent the day first riding around inside the areana which is hot and dusty, than going into a hot and dusty bar, drinking untill my mouth became hot and dusty. I auctually welcomed the snow.

"No, Mr. Jones" the tall guy said. The use of the name freaked me out. "We're hear to talk to you about signing a contract for an extreme winter sport. Through the fact that you did have the audacity to trick off of your monarch's vehicle a few years ago does come a high recognition for my backers"

"um.. Right. ...Mr. Jones is in Bristol right now, you know. I'm Moby, but I'm sure that my pap won't mind one bit if I do the bonebreakers stead of him" I had earlier that day discovered Mr. Jack Daniels.

"Happily Mr. Jones. If you just sign this contract here, we'll have our men pick you up tommarow and bring you to training camp." The guy said.

"Alright, but I'm telling you, I'm not Mr. Jones, I'm Moby" a month later that bloke came out with 'Play' and I became Mr. Jones. I signed the contract and they left, I stumbled back to my hotel room.

The next morning, the grunts arrived like they had every other morning after an event. They gathered my stuff, and we walked out into the bus. Well. They walked. I sort of stumbled, but they seemed used to it, so. We arrived at the airport, and I woke up. One of the grunts gave me a nurser and advice on how to deal with hangovers, in a very nice quiet voice too. From thence on, I wondered around, looking dazedly at my ticket.

That went well, actually. Ok, so I stumbled up to a nice gel and asked her to direct me towards my gate. She said sure, and lead me to it, smiling happily. The nice gel happened to be a model who was quite used to other celebrities being drunk. Well, anyway, that's when Elise dragged me onto the plane.

I knew right than that something was up. Defiantly not what I expected. I expected a dungy plane that was full of my mates heading to the home camp for dismissal. Instead, there was a private plane. I wondered what the hell was going on. Elise pushed me from behind, and I stumbled into a seat.

I landed on JP. He muttered something in French, and the good old school training from when our teacher used to let us cuss each other out in foreign languages kicked in. Like being called a dumbass in French is an insult.

I managed to find my own seat, and JP went his own way also. I sat next to Jurgen. He said "Hallo" and I said " 'lo"

Than I went back to sleep.

The private jet took us south, to Utah, and than to Japan, circling the globe towards France. That's when we reached the SSX headquarters.

I had just gotten off the plane with the rest of them, thereby cured of any hangover on the long trip. As we got off, I counted them. Hiro and Kaori, Elise and Mac, Jurgen and JP, and Zoe. I was surprised, as I must have slept through some of the introductions. Oh well. That's when we went into the building at the end of the run way.

The guy in the suit was there, waiting for us. "Welcome, my boarders. Your gonna be the new superstars of the extreme sports!"