Prompt: Choice

Pairing: Vegeta X Bulma

I was approaching the most important decision of my life, it seemed. On one hand, I had my ex-boyfriend Yamcha almost half my life who was sweet and caring, yet conniving, jealous and a serial cheater. Yes, who would cheat on me, I know, but it happened more times than I can count. Yamcha, minus the myriad of cons, was essentially the perfect husband for me. He even helped me take care of Trunks in Vegeta's self-inflicted absence.


My fickle heart kept urging me to the dark side, it seemed. Vegeta is the polar opposite of Yamcha in every way literally possible, right down from personality to appearance. This infuriating man was the ultimate brood, stoic, surprisingly bashful and shy, standoffish, a prude and not one chivalrous bone in his body. Yea, that's Vegeta alright. However, Vegeta's issues stemmed from something much darker than anyone could ever imagine. Scars, mental and physical, that ran so deep that they hit his soul and defiled him in the process. His temperament is meant to push others away…But…in some strange way, his opening up to me and allowing me to birth his heir…makes me feel unique. Special.

Vegeta has not opened up to anybody but me…a stray thought that has kept me hopelessly in love with him all these years. This seemingly boorish man has bombarded me with the most ruthless and insensitive insults yet protected me from most of the harm aimed my way. His stubbornness has held him back from ever verbally letting me know how and if he feels even a modicum of anything for me, yet in the heat of passion, his gorgeous obsidian depths are ablaze as he caresses every inch of me like a lover would. Not like I'm a prostitute, no, like a lover.

It seems my heart is already a little biased, choosing this irrational yet enigmatic and meticulous prince who chooses every action carefully and with the utmost thought. My genius mind keeps preaching and urging me that Yamcha is much safer for me, much more predictable.

Choices, choices.