Prompt: #5 Seeking Solace

Pairing: Vegeta X Bulma

I ran to him blindly, grasping in the darkness. I knew there was a high proficiency that my dark prince would shun me, scolding me of my mistake of thinking that he even cared or to assure me that to him, I was nothing more than a cheap whore whom he fucked, even still, I seeked him out.

The realization that I needed Vegeta was a startling revelation to me, shaking me to my core, knowing that in my heart he would never truly love me, for Prince Vegeta of the Planet Vegeta-Sei was not capable of love. He would never reciprocate my feelings of unabashed and unconditional love, the cavern of ice that he calls a heart would never allow such a thing to occur, he would never allow anyone to see his true self, one who is not a murderer or a homicidal maniac, no, a person who is lonely and devoid of someone who knows him….no friends or family.

After all of the things that Vegeta and I have been through, he still won't let me in. I still haven't found my way through his fortress of eternal darkness and I doubt a single soul could aside from me. I'm Bulma Briefs after all! A genius!

"Vegeta!" I gasped in the impenetrable darkness, grabbing in the air aimlessly until I felt strong yet calloused hands grip my arms firmly to steady my crazed demeanor.

"What woman?" Came his rough baritone, oh so rough like gravel, but so seductive and sexy at the same time. Something about his voice drove me to madness, even when he yelled at me or insulted me. I couldn't deny my insane attraction to Vegeta, he was so unlike anything I had ever known, but I had to toss aside my lust for this man for a moment because I needed solace. I needed to feel his massive arms encase me like a protective barrier, just to hold me and never let go.

I didn't respond to my broody prince, I merely crumbled into his powerful arms, ignoring his intake of breath of blatant surprise and befuddlement. I didn't care about his gripes of me touching him or being a bothersome wench, I just didn't care. All I cared about was that he was here with me, his arms slowly surrounding me like a mountain of warmth and protection. There was nowhere else I would rather be in the entire cosmos, and to my shock, he held me. He didn't let me go nor did we utter a word.

Yes, this was home, where I wanted to be, always.