Iron Man meets Star Fox

Chapter I: The Arrival

My name is Aaron Silvers. I'm one of the world's last superheroes, the successor to the mantle Iron Man. I will explain how I came to be the successor of the original Iron Man, Tony Stark, and what happened that allowed me to become the new Iron Man.

I was a Lt. Commander in the United States Marines during the Genocide War of 2029. During one of the battles, I lost my entire platoon because of a sneak-attack by the Muslim enemy. And even though I was the only survivor, I was fatally injured. I had shrapnel in my chest from the bomb that killed the rest of my platoon. I passed out shortly after I tore off my body armor and seeing my blood gush out.

I woke up after what seemed like several hours. I saw that I was in an infirmary. I felt something up my nasal cavity and down my throat at the same time. I pulled the thin plastic tube out of my nose, tore off the vital sign sensors, and pulled out the I.V. needles. And then I walked out of my room. Right after I stepped out of my room, I bumped into the one man I did not expect to see: Tony Stark. He said he was glad to see me up and about, for he needed to talk to me about an urgent matter.

When we got to his office, I asked him what he had done to me. He said he saved my life. He also said he saved my life because he chose me to be his successor. When I asked his successor for what, he pointed to my chest and said to look at the center of it. When I pulled my gown and chest bandages off, I saw the same thing in my chest as in Tony's: A miniaturized Ark Reactor. And then it dawned on me: I was to be the new Iron Man. I told Tony that I couldn't possibly be the new Iron Man, that I wasn't good enough to be Iron Man because I let my entire platoon down by letting them die. Tony said that he knew how I felt. He felt the same way when the American soldiers that were escorting him got killed by a bomb that his company had created. I looked down in shame, having forgotten the press conference he did back in 2007. After he noticed my silence, Tony told me to follow him. I followed Tony down a lot of hallways until we reached a laboratory that said 'Genetic Engineering'. When I asked what we were there for, Tony said that I was chosen for a mission to a parallel universe. He also said that they needed to alter my DNA and my appearance to blend in with the locals on the planet where my mission was happening on. He opens one of the cryogenic freezing-like tubes and asks me to step inside. I walked into it and lay down on the hospital-like bed inside. Tony closes the hatch and nods to one of the technicians.

All of a sudden, I feel about ten to twelve needles poke into me all over my body. Tony then said through the speaker in the tube that nanites were going to start changing my DNA. It was then that I saw a seemingly-glowing semi-clear blue fluid flow through the tubes connected to the needles and into my body. It was then that I started to feel an unbearable stinging pain all throughout my body. I tried to withstand the pain, but I simply couldn't. I screamed until I was certain that my lungs were burning. And then I blacked out.

Several hours later, I woke up in my infirmary room. Tony was standing there, like he was waiting for me to wake up. I asked if the procedure worked. Tony handed me a hand mirror and told me to look for myself. As soon as I put it up to my face, I almost immediately drop it in shock. When I picked it up again, I carefully studied my appearance. From what I saw, I looked like a humanoid fox, like the main character from my favorite video game series, Star Fox. Tony then told me to follow him, that he had my armor configured and ready for my new body. I carefully got up and followed Tony to the armory. After we arrived at the armory, I saw my new Iron Man, or should I say Iron Fox, armor. Tony said that it was custom-made to my new body. He asked me to step up to the platform so the robotic arms could conform the Mark IV briefcase armor to my new body. I obediently stepped onto the platform. After about a minute and a half, I was fully armored inside my Iron Fox suit. Tony then said that I should get some rest, for tomorrow was when my mission to the Star Fox Universe began. I went to my new bedroom and, after detaching the Mark IV Armor, got into bed and was asleep in less than five minutes.

The next morning, I woke up to Jarvis, Tony's AI, telling me that the wormhole was going to open in forty-five minutes. I thanked him and got into the shower. After I got out, I put on my new outfit, which matched Fox McCloud's outfit. When I looked in the mirror, it was then I noticed. I looked exactly like Fox McCloud, but I was all red, with the stripe in the center of my head being all black. After studying myself for about five minutes, I put on my portable Mark IV Armor and went down to the Wormhole Transportation Room, or WTR. When I arrived, the countdown said three minutes until the wormhole opened. Tony was already there, waiting for me. He saw me and said that he was glad to see me suited up. He said that radiation levels were high, and that he tailored my armor to be impervious to cosmic radiation. As he was saying this, the wormhole opened up. I stepped through the anti-radiation airlock and stood in front of the wormhole. After taking a deep breath, I stepped through the wormhole. I stepped through the event horizon and was disintegrated down to the molecular level. After going through the quantum warp tunnel for about five minutes, I came out of the wormhole on an alien planet. I checked the readings on my heads-up display, and I was able to confirm that I was on Cerinia.

I had finally arrived in the Star Fox Universe.