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Dib walked home without Gaz. It was pouring, and Dib was sick of the constant rain. And Zim walked at least a half of a mile behind him. Over the last few years, Zim got a clue from Tak. He had artificial skin type stuff. Dib sighed helplessly and stopped walking. The graduation ball was in a month, and Dib was dateless. As was Zim, Gaz was going with some freaky guy who she had fallen in love with a few weeks ago. It was scary seeing Gaz in love... Dib sighed again and turned to face Zim.

"Zim, come here please." Dib said into the rain. Zim cautiously stepped up to Dib.

"Whaddya want Dib?" Zim asked. Over the last 4 years, Zim had gotten taller and he now had black hair that dangled into his eyes, the rain helped a lot.

"I wanted to know if you wanted to come over to my house and do an experiment. I need your help." Dib asked, fixing Zim with a blank stare.

"Yeah, sure... Wait..." Zim reaching out slightly. "It doesn't involve bologna, does it?" Zim and Dib both laughed.

"No, though that was funny..." Dib said with a cute 17 year old smile.

"Yeah... It was..." Zim said looking up at the sky. "Saturday?" Zim asked snapping his attention back to Dib.

"Yeah. Oh, and FYI... my dad's a bit odd." Dib said walking off, leaving him the rain. But they both thought the same thing as they walked away from the ice-break point.


That Weekend...

Dib was nervous, Gaz was gone and Professor Membrane had to out of town on an emergency. He was all alone, soon to be all alone with Zim. He paced the room wondering what would happen, fantasizing as he had the last 2 months.

Over the last few months, the Irken had become strangely attractive. Dib couldn't explain it, but nothing had been going right the last few days. He didn't know that the alien felt the same way... but he didn't even want to know how...it... would work. He was an alien.

"We're mortal enemies... but I love him?" Dib asked himself as the doorbell rang.

"Zim..." Dib whispered. He wrung his hands nervously as a knock sounded.

"One sec!" Dib called. "I need to check something! Hold on!" Dib scampered downstairs and checked that the rat was still there.

"I just had to put him around my pheromone experiment. Maybe he won't react. Maybe he doesn't like me at all, he just wants to see my house so he can find my weakness!" Dib half yelled. "Nah..." He said walking back upstairs.

He opened the door with a smile to see Zim standing there, his black hair hanging in his eyes, much like Tak's did. Dib's jaw dropped slightly, Zim was dressed very well. If you liked guys, that is. He was wearing tight black jeans and a black tee-shirt with a red Irken symbol on it. No one believed that Zim was still going to take over the world, including Dib.

"Hey Zim..." Dib said leaning on his door like a school girl. He suddenly realized what he was doing and pulled upright.

"Dib." He acknowledged him with a simple nod. "So, what's going on?" Zim asked still standing outside. He was nervous to come in, much less even be there... Zim shook off the feelings as Dib turned, beckoning him in. Zim sniffed the air, with his non-existent nose. He smelled human pheromones. He couldn't tell if they were Dib's or not.

"Well, for my experiment, I took a regular sewer rat and see if it could love. It's mating habits just seem to be for reproduction's sake..." Dib said walking down into the Lab. He continued to explain. "I've been using human pheromones to help it in someway, but nothing's been working." Dib said as they walked over the rat.

"Why did you choose human pheromones?" Zim asked Dib.

"Most accessible, anything else and I would need a warrant and proof that I am a college graduate scientist." Dib said leaning on the table over the ugly brown sewer rat.

"Can I have a needle?" Zim asked. "And some skin cleaning supplies." Zim said pressing a button on his belt that Dib missed. His holograph skin shorted out and his green skin seemed to glow in the dim light. Dib complied, and watched with interest as Zim cleaned his skin with the peroxide. His skin hissed and bubbled a bit.

"It was water based. Sorry..." Dib said with an apologetic tone.

"No problem, you just have to grit your teeth and bear it." Zim said through clenched teeth. He took the needle and stuck it in the crook of his elbow, right above where his glove ended. Dib walked over to Zim and took off the glove for him.

"Thanks..." Zim said as he drew what looked like a creamy blue substance from his arm. He quickly removed the needle and gave it to Dib.

"Irken pheromones, try it. Just inject about a milliliter behind it's ear..." Zim informed, activating his hologram again.

"Thanks Zim." Dib said injecting the pheromones into the rat. Suddenly, the rat became calm.

"Pick it up." Zim said leaning on the table, looking at Dib. Dib timidly reached into the cage and petted the rat. The rat leaned into his touched and Dib swore it almost began to purr.

"Wow..." Dib said picking up the rat and cuddling it a bit.

"Yeah, Irken pheromones have a strong structure. When we love, we love to the deepest degree. The Tallest have felt that way forever... at least I think so. That's why, when Irkens love... we must never have our heart broken... or painful things happen to the lover..." Zim said going silent.

"We love, but not as deeply. People murder, people divorce, breakup, cheat. But I believe that love is the basis of life. Without love, one cannot live life to the fullest." Dib said, putting the rat back in its cage.

"I loved once..." Zim said quietly.

"Really Zim?" Dib asked with a smile tugging at the ends of his mouth.

"Yes..." Zim paused and glanced at Dib nervously. "Hi-his name was Tanth... He left me for a tramp named Feo. Feo was the worst invader ever. He wasn't fit." Zim said nervously rubbing his arm.

"He? You were in love with a guy?" Dib asked. Oh my Gosh... I might have a chance! Dib thought with excitement.

"Yeah, all the females on Irk have..." He cleared his throat. "Very different jobs..." Zim finished looking away from Dib.

"Ah... Not gonna ask." Dib said with a laugh. "You wanna stick around for a while?" Dib asked Zim, looking at him out of the corner of his eye.

"I'd like that." Zim said with a smile.

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