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Many humans believe that Pokémon are nothing but tools, but there are the few who have learned the truth in Arceus's creation. It's sad that those that were so like us have turned from the way things once were, not that I would remember those times or anything. No matter how old Dragonites could live to be, I would highly doubt there would be one that is still alive from before humans "lost" their ability to learn attacks.

These were my thoughts as I rested outside the den that my mate, Flame, and I have recently called home. Our trainer is considered the strongest of his kind; they call him a "master" now that he beat the old man that once held the title. I still find it strange; neither human battled for dominance and later shook each other's hand. Had a dominance battle happened back at the Dragon Den that would be disrespectful and most likely would cause an outrage. I could tell my mate was just as confused, as she is the dominant of her own kind. All Charizards respect her wishes, and none would challenge her. And now she is the mother to many little ones, though on the request of my human and the old man that he calls "professor" we allow him to give most of those eggs to humans to raise. We have kept two together, and now have two sons, Char-iuk and Drano. We live not far from where my human lives with his own mate within a herd of their own kind that they call "Pallet". My human as also allowed two of my battle-mates, Spark and Toothy, to nest not far from us, only asking that we listen for trouble in the forest near the human herd. Which is what I was doing now with Spark, in the guise of napping under the shadows of the falling sun.

"I miss the old days of battling." Spark said from his spot on my back, between my wings. His small Pikachu feet slipping every few seconds on my slick scales. "At least then we had some competition. Now we are lucky if anything even compares to our power thanks to Richard's training." That was another thing weird about Spark, he always called our human by his human name.

"What ever you like to believe Spark." I hummed, my eyes shut in some of the glorious silent moments I had away from my two younglings. My antennae twitched as I heard some Growlithe barking in the distance. "Did you hear that?"

"Yeah that was called me talking to you." Spark said sarcastically. I could almost feel his eye roll from behind me.

"Not your mouth, idiot." I snapped, flicking my wings to get his attention. "Shut your mouth and quit your sparking and listen. I hear Growlithes around here."

"You must be hearing things," Sparks said, not even attempting to shut up. "The only Growlithes around here are those police dogs that think they are Arcanines and that the entire world should stop when they say so." I turned my head to look the Pikachu in the eye, giving him the glare that only a dragon Pokémon can give. "Fine, fine. I'm listening." He said as he twitched his ears, trying to pick up the sound I heard. His eyes widened as he heard the noise.

"So are they Growlithes that caught something they aren't supposed to?" I questioned the small electric mouse. "Or did some hatchling human get lost again?"

Sparks looked at me with huge eyes, widened in what looked like fear. "Worse. I hear Rocket men with them. They are chasing something, and they are close to the human herd."

I nodded and turned towards the noise, hardly giving Spark the chance to do as I asked I yelped "Hold on." I spread my wings and took off, staying only a few feet off the ground. Low enough to avoid any small Pokémon that littered the ground, but still high enough to gain enough speed to see our target within a few seconds. "There." I said coming to a complete stop near a tree, almost uprooting it. We were still a good while away, the Growlithes hadn't caught our smell yet anyways, but we could see what they were chasing. A human female, clutching something to her chest. She looked like she hadn't had a good meal in seasons, and she seemed to be covered in her own blood, which I truly hoped wasn't the case.

"We have to help her." Spark said snapping me out of my observations. "Or at least get her some human help."

"We won't have time." I said as I heard the Growlithes come closer, along with some of the Rocket men's pointless yelling. "I hope you are up for your challenge that you wanted." I told the Pikachu as I busted into the clearing that the female was in. I ignored her gasp of fear as I turned my back to her. Spark tried to tell her that we were here to help though I knew he was wasting his time, our own human still has issues understanding us. I braced myself for the attack as at least fifteen Growlithes bust out form behind the underbrush, their humans followed behind them, all of them with their black fake fur with the blood-colored human script on them. I stood to my tallest height and gave out a warning sign to them, only making a few of them take a step back. I felt Spark at my side, his pouches sparking with his body's built up electricity.

"Stand aside you stupid Pokemon. You are interfering with Team Rocket business." One of the Rocket men yelled. My only response was to let lose a weak ice beam towards them. The Rocket man gave a human growl. "Very well. Growlithe, use Flamethrower on those Pokemon! Don't let her escape!" He shouted as one of the Growlithe shot at me. Then the clearing became a huge mess of misplaced Flamethrowers, Thunderbolts, Ice Beams, and misplaced human yelling. I silently hoped that the human female got away, though those hopes were crushed when I heard a female scream. I turned and saw one of the Rocket men trying to force her to go with him. My view was cut off by another Growlithe's Flamethrower.

"Spark! The female!" I yelled at my battle-mate, before I swiped at three of the Growlithes with a Dragon Tail. I only caught sight of Spark ramming the Rocket man with Volt Tackle before I went back full focus on the remaining Rocket Growlithes. After what felt like a forever dodging Flamethowers, throwing back my own attacks, and watching the female and Spark's back, the head Rocket man finally called a retreat as I almost hit him in the head with a "misplaced" Ice beam. I grunted and made my way over to where Spark was with the female, who was now laying on the forest floor. She looked more tired now than when I first saw her. Her fake fur was torn in many places, and there wasn't much real fur on her. The female had less top fur than the old man did, which was saying something. I placed my front claws on the ground, as I got closer to try to find the bundle she held earlier. The female didn't even try to stand; she just turned her gaze to me.

"Thank you for trying." She breathed out. "But I can't make it much longer." I blinked in surprise. She was acting like she could understand us. Could she be one of the "Arceus' Chosen"?

"You have to make it a bit longer." Spark pleaded. "The human herd is only beyond the hill."

She shook her head. "I won't make it, but please watch him." She said as she uncovered the bundle that she was hiding under her chest. "They are after him for things he won't understand."

I blinked once again, but took the bundle. I stared at her for a moment, before using one claw to lightly unwrap the bundle. I let out a yelp of surprise, when a hatchling human paw grabbed my claw. I quickly switched my gaze back to the female mother, only to see her eyes had closed and that her chest had stilled. Sparks just glanced at me.

"So what is it?" He asked me, coming over slowly from where he was closing her eyes for the last time.

"Not a what, a who." I said simply. The hatchling cooed at me, reaching his tiny paws upwards. I stood on my back legs and picked him up, hardly noticing when Spark jumped unto my shoulder. "I bet a moon of hatchling duty that he's what the Rockets were after. Why else would they chase a mother and a hatchling into a forest?"

"So we are going to take him to the humans?" Spark asked. "We are still going to have to explain all this mess probably. Richard would notice the Rocket men handy work here, but the Professor might not." I glanced around and winced, as I understood what he meant. Apparently our battle was more uncontrolled than I thought. Two of the Rocket men and one of the Growlithes laid on the ground near by, never to stand again. I placed the hatchling in my arms, griping it like I would my own two.

"The Rocket would guess that the human herd would have him." I pointed out. "They would attack there, most likely when there is no one awake, as humans are crazy enough to never post a guard."

"Then where will we take him?" Sparks yelled. "It's not like a Pokemon can raise him. He's a human, for Arceus' sake!"

The statement put a unusual grin on my face. "A Chosen human. Look at him, he knows everything we are saying." I said looking at the hatchling, which kept cooing at me and griping my claws. He placed one of them in his mouth and stared at me. "Flame and I could raise him. He would be safe there. Those Rocket men would never think of that."

Sparks sighed. "So since nothing will change your stubborn dragon mind, what do you need me to do?" He said as he jumped down from my shoulder, using my tail as a slide.

"Get Flight. He will know where the humans are, and from there they can piece this together themselves." I said, walking away from the scene. The hatchling cooed again as I took my claw out of his mouth. "We are going back to our den."

Spark looked at me, his mouth left agape. "So you don't want to tell the humans at all about him?" he yelled.

"Nope." I said, turning my head towards him smirking. I then took flight, back to our den, and what I thought was my normal life.

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