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(Time skip 2 years or 8 seasons

Current ages
Cha-ko [aka Ash] - 28 seasons

Char-iuk [aka Nero] – 30 seasons

Gary – 7 years)

Cha-ko's POV

"Cha-ko, hey wake up!"

I groaned and rolled back over in my nest, attempting to kick whoever was trying to wake me away. My efforts only resulted in a set of claws poking my side.

"Don't make me use an ember on you." I faintly heard my brother threaten. "How can you sleep-in on our Leave day?"

"We were going to leave with Gary on his Leave day." I groaned, wishing not for the first time that I actually had a tail to knock Char-iuk with.

"But we still have to choose our own dens." Char-iuk said happily. "We get to be independent Mons-"

"That stay in the same forest as our family until Gary gets to leave on his trainer challenge." I interrupted. "I think we can wait for sunrise at least. The dens won't go anywhere."

"You won't get into the Valley with an attitude like that." A new, higher pitched voice said. I groaned once again, before turning around to face both my brother and sister. "Mama says that I'm so good at my attacks, I will probably evolve before Char-iuk." She said happily, ignoring the glare from the latter Charmander.

"Whatever you like to believe, Derli." I said, standing up and stretching. I was now almost a tail taller than both of them, and that same distance from Mama. I gave myself a quick shake, forcing the dirt, grass, and whatever else is in my nest off of me, and onto them.

"So can we get going now?" Char-iuk questioned, slightly annoyed, as he shook off the dirt I just hit him with. He gave another quick glare towards our younger sister. "Gary was supposed to come into the forest today, and I want to at least work on my nest before then, unless you like sleeping on the ground."

"Good point." I stated looking around. I gave a curious glance at Char-iuk then at the empty den. "Where are Mama and Papa?"

"They are out training with their trainer." Char-iuk stated. "They supposedly have this big battle coming up, and their human wants them in 'top shape'. Whatever that means." Char-iuk muttered the last words.

"Probably means what it sounds like." I told him, before going to pad out the den, placing my paws behind my head. Char-iuk started to follow me, wanting to get this search over with as soon as possible. "You are going to be okay here on your own Derli?" I asked, glancing over my shoulder towards my sister.

"I'll be fine, you worry-mander." The smaller Charmander huffed. "It's not like I haven't taken care of myself every time you two go over to your little human trainer friend. I think you two want to be TrainerMons sometimes." She said with a smile on her face.

"Eck, No thank you." Char-iuk said, sticking his tongue out in disgust. "Do you see what those TrainerMons live in? Those balls that shrink! They are probably cramped and uncomfortable in those." He told Derli, before realizing that I was already outside of the den, and walking off. "Anywho, Smell ya later."

"'Smell ya later'?" I questioned the Charmander. "Where did you hear that from?"

"You really have to ask?" Char-iuk said sporting me a smile.

"Right, you heard it from the self-proclaimed 'master' of the human tongue himself." I rolled my eyes, stating Gary's new nickname that he accidentally gave himself. "Where are we going to find our den?" I asked, changing the subject. "I don't really want to stay close to the human travel path, or near Old Oak's land."

Char-iuk gave a fake look of shock. "You don't want to live near Gary's gramps and the other TrainerMons?" He laughed.

"Nope, the farther away from them the better." I said scrunching my nose. "Besides, if we live near there, what's to stop the trainers from trying to catch us?"

"The fact that you look like a trainer." Char-iuk stated, still laughing a little. "If we do ever get found, you can claim to be a trainer and hope they don't ask for a battle." He suggested, a new set of laughs busting from his chest.

"You are so funny." I flat-lined, giving him a slight push. "Let's just find a home before nightfall."

-(POV skip, do do dododedo and time skip do do dododedo)-

(I'm going to try third person pov following Gary, if I epic fail at it, please don't hesitate to tell me so)

Gary walked though the forest, searching for his two friends. He left their old den, after being told by Derli that the two Mons moved out finally.

"They're not even 10 yet." The boy muttered, kicking a few stones as he walked along. He stopped as the ground in front of him was suddenly hit by a barrage of purple lit needles. "Oh come on!" He said, as he looked up at the large group of Weedles, Kacuna, and a few Beedrills, one of which had a knot on its head from a rock. Gary gave them a small smile. 'Want to talk about it?' Gary asked, stepping back slowly. 'Maybe? Maybe not?' He took a few more steps backwards, as one of the Weedles came out of the mob.

'DEATH TO THE HUMAN!' The Weedle cried as the Pokemon behind it started to move towards the boy. Gary gave out a yell before turning around on his foot, and dashing back towards the lab. He didn't even have to glance around to tell that the Beedrills were gaining on him, their yells gave away their position. ('Kill the human!' 'Get the non-believer!') Of course fate loves to mess with people, (A/N or is it authors? Ehh, Tomato Tomaoto) and Gary lost his footing as a Twinneddle hit the ground by his feet. Gary shielded his face, now regretting that he didn't pay attention when Cha-ko was attempting to teach him basic attacks.

'Hey bee-heads!' A voice behind Gary yelled. Gary turned around to see Char-iuk standing on a tall rock behind him, his tiny paws balled at his side. 'Pick on someone your own level!' He said, before letting lose an Ember at the bug types. The ones it hit backed away a few steps, though still not detoured from their current goal. A few of the bee Pokemon shot poison stings at Char-iuk, who dropped down to dodge them. 'I didn't mean me!' He shouted over the fury of needles.

'He meant me!' Gary spun around to see Cha-ko use Flame Charge on one of the Beedrills. The one Cha-ko charged fell onto another one, taking the two out of the battle instantly. Then the rest of the swarm turned their attention to Cha-ko.

'Great.' Gary said, Char-iuk helping him to his feet. 'Now we have the element of surprise.'

'Umm, yeah, that's all I got for surprise.' The "half"-human said slowly, backing up until he was next to Gary and Char-iuk.

Gary rolled his eyes at the two of them. 'What do we do now?' Gary asked, watching the bug Pokemon get closer.

'Best idea I got?' Char-iuk said, backing away slowly. 'Run for your lives!' He said as he turned tail and ran. Cha-ko followed suit, grabbing the back of Gary's shirt and pulling the human along with him. The chase continued for a few minutes, until the Beedrills seemed to tire of the game of Meowth and Pichu.

"G-g-gu-guys!" Gary tried to yell, as he dragged along the floor of the forest. "I think we can stop running now! They aren't chasing us anymore."

'How do you know?' Cha-ko said, slowing down slightly, but not releasing his grip.

'I don't know', Gary spat back in their language. "The fact that I'm being dragged around like a rag doll and have a clear view of behind us!"

'Don't have to yell.' The half-human said, releasing Gary's shirt, and trying clean his ear out. 'We're here anyways. Char-iuk is already inside.'

'Inside where?' Gary said, finally looking around at where the three stopped. To Gary, it seemed like they stopped in the middle of the densest part of the forest. It was surprising to Gary that they were even able to get between the trees, they were so close together. "There's nothing here?"

Cha-ko rolled his eyes. 'Humans have no imagination.' He retorted under his breath, walking over to one of the trees.

"That has to be the most ironic statement ever." Gary said, following Cha-ko. He watched as Cha-ko got on his hands and knees and crawled under one of the branches.

'Watch that first step!' Cha-ko's voice echoed from inside the tree, as Gary moved to enter the same way that Cha-ko did previously. Gary gave a nervous sigh before crawling through the hole between the tree and the dirt below. He took a few steps into the darkness, before the ground before him seemed to disappear. He took a tumble down a dirt slope, before coming to a stop near Char-iuk and Cha-ko. Gary stood up slowly, brushing the dirt off from his clothes.

'Well that was exciting.' He said, part of him wanting to "tackle" the two Mons for not warning him sooner. The other part wanting to ask to do it again, since it felt like a dirt roller coaster. 'Where are we anyways?' Gary asked, grimacing at the large dirt stains on his shirt that probably wouldn't come off. So much for his attempt to stay clean today, though that wish was probably doomed from the moment he encountered the Beedrill swarm.

'What does it look like?' Cha-ko said, waving his arms, gesturing to the rest of the underground space. Gary glanced around, taking in the half thrown together piles of dirt, leaves, and bird feathers on one side of the space, and the piles of Oran, Rawst, and Tamato berries on the other side, where Char-iuk seemed to be helping himself too. Gary walked over to the berries, picking a decent looking Oran berry from the pile (he learned the hard way that he wasn't 'built' to handle the Tamato ones), and popping the berry into his mouth before commenting.

"I don't know some kind of Clubhouse the two of you founded?" Gary suggested, shrugging his shoulders. He sighs as he notices that both of them are blinking confusedly at him. "You know, like a hide-a-way?" More confused looks. "A hangout? Lair? Headquarters? Camp? Secret Base? Why the Darkari do we have all these translation issues?" Gary finally said throwing his hands up, hitting the low ceiling of the underground room.