The scence is at Felicity and Bens aparment in Palo Alto. It is night and they are Ben is asleep. Pan to the bathroom. Felicity is sitting on the edge of the bath holfing her tape recorder.

Felicity: Dear Sally, I told you i would let you know how things were with Noels wedding. It was beautiful. Zoe looked stunning and the love between him and Zoe was amazing. Somehow I was jelous. Ben and I have been engaged for so long now but we never even discuss it. Now with everything that has happened with Claire I don't even know what I want anymore. I know I forgave Ben but that was the easy part. The hard part is coming back to school and seeing Claire in class and hearing all the things she has told me. It all started a couple of days after we returned from New york.

(The scene is at Felicity and Bens apartment. They are both lying in each others arems watching TV. The phone rings)

Ben:Hello..........I'm good, is there anything you want?,..........No, i cant do that..........I told you.........listen I;m sorry but I have to go.(He hangs up the phone) Unbelievable.

Felicity: Who was it?

Ben: It was Claire.( He sees her face fall) Listen she just wanted to catch up. I told her before that i dont want to see her anymore, she just has to accept it.

Felicity: OK. ( She sits up and covers her face, like she is about to cry)

Ben: Felicity. I'm sorry. I have asked her not to call.

Felicity: I know, its just hard (her voice starts toi get louder) I mean she was a part of your life for a whole month. There must have been feelings involved. What if she loves you?

Ben: It wouldnt matter. I love you.( He pulls her towards him and kisses her head) I am planning on spending the rest of my life making this up to you.

Felicity:I know. I have forgiven you but.......

Ben: Shhhh (He interupts her and starts kissing her. It becomings intense straight away)

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