New chapter for those who care. So sorry for taking so long. Your reviews are lovely and I will try and write more. I have to say that I miss felicity and really want more episodes. If anyone else is writing fanfic then post it so I can read them!!!!

( We see Ben sleeping in his room at the New York loft. He is tossing and turning. Eventually he gets up and starts walking towards the kitchen. He gets out a bottle of water, takes a sip and sighs. Megan walks down from her bedroom)

Megan: Hey.

Ben: Hey.

Megan: Cant sleep?

Ben: She still hasn't called.

Megan: She is probably just tired Ben.

Ben: It doesn't take long to make a phone call.

Megan: Listen Ben, you know exactly how I feel about this whole situation, I basically think you deserve anything you get.

Ben: Megan, please I don't want to hear it.

Megan: Then let me finish. I think you are arrogant and selfish and don't deserve anyone in the same league as Felicity, but for some freaky unknown reason that will never make sense to me, she loves you. ( Ben slightly smiles) It doesn't mean I think you are ever going to be the person she deserves, it just means I think it will be okay. Give the girl some time.

Ben: Thanks. I think.

Megan: You two will be fine. (She hugs him) And if you ever tell anyone about this talk I will make you pay.

Ben: I believe you will ( Ben smiles and goes to bed)

( The scene is back at Adams art studio. Felicity is asleep at a desk with drawings around her. Adam walks into the room holding two coffees. Felicity begins to stir and wakes up)

Felicity: God, how long have I been asleep? ( We see she has a big black smudge on the side of her face)

Adam: All night. We both bombed out. ( He picks up a cloth and heads towards felicity) Here, you got a smudge. ( He wipes the smudge away and stares at her. Felicity smiles)

Felicity: Thanks. ( She takes a sip from her coffee) I should get dressed and go to the hospital. I haven't even met your father yet.

Adam: No big loss. He is always busy. He will love you thought. An aspiring doctor. Everything he wanted for his own children.

Felicity: Well after seeing all your artwork, I think being a doctor would be a big waste for you.

Adam: You are nothing like what I expected.

Felicity: What did you expect?

Adam: A snob. Every other person who has worked summers with my father have been stick up and don't care about anything but themselves.

Felicity: I love art. I love medicine. I cant help it.

Adam: (Smiling at Felicity. We can see he is interested. Felicity seems to like the attention) Go out with me.

Felicity: Was that a question or a demand?

Adam: Just let me take you somewhere. You will love it I promise.

Felicity: I would love to..

Adam: But..

Felicity: I am sort of in a bit of a... oh my god Ben. ( She jumps of her chair and head out of the room) Can I borrow your phone?

Adam: (Looking rejected) Sure.

( Felicity picks up the phone and dials. We cut to the Loft where we see Ben sitting on the floor throwing a tennis ball against the wall. The phone rings.)

Ben: Hello.

Felicity: Ben. Hey.

Ben: God, Felicity. Where have you been? I have been so worried. You didn't call.

Felicity: I am so sorry. I was tired and time just flew away.

Ben: Its okay. Its good to hear your voice.

Felicity: ( looking a bit uncomfortable because Adam has walked into the room) You too. I cant really talk. I have to go to work soon.

Ben: Okay. Um... call me tonight?

Felicity: I'll try.

Ben: So good luck today. I love you.

Felicity: You too. Goodbye ( she hangs up the phone and turns towards Adam) Sorry about that.

Adam: Boyfriend?

Felicity: Complicated.

Adam: Well maybe we shouldn't go out and complicate things more.

Felicity: Its probably for the best.

Adam: Okay so... I am going to go for a walk. See you later.

Felicity: Bye. ( Adam walks out of the apartment. Felicity looks sad and heads towards her room.)

( We see Ben sitting in his room at the loft. He grabs the phone and dials a number. )

Voice on end of the phone: Hello American Airways. Candy speaking.

Ben: Hi I want to make a booking for a flight to San Francisco