If I could turn back time

Summary: Set somewhere in S9 when the Kandorian thing wasn't going crazy. Every time Future-Brainiac comes back to the past the AI syncs with any remnants of his old self in that time. When he makes a trip to 2009 the two individuals on the plant who had been effected by Brainiac before and retained some of his Artificial Intelligence gain the ability to time travel.

Kara and Chloe both decide that the ability to go back in time to save the ones they love most is too good an opportunity to waste, despite Clark's reservations about time travel.

Chapter 1: The here and now

"What will you do?" Chloe asked Kara with her eyes hazy, her thoughts already on where she would go to first.

"Home," Kara said simply.

Chloe smiled at Clark's cousin with some fear. "You know… you know that you'll have to face your father. And Zod." The girls weren't really friends, but they had grown to respect each other.

"I know, but I have to try to save my planet, my people, my family… even if that means," Kara broke off, unable to really voice the evils that her father had done, unable to voice the decision she might have to make to stop him from doing it again.

"If you succeed then that means that Clark will never come to Earth," Chloe said, trying to imagine her life without meteor showers, kryptonite powers or Clark Kent.

"I know," Kara said resolutely. "I'm sorry if that hurts you, but I have to try."

"I know. I understand. Do you know the various theories on time travel?"

Kara smiled. "You are an odd human Chloe Sullivan."

"Yeah, tell me something I don't know. There are competing thoughts on time travel, some say that you can't come in contact with your past self, that you can only travel back to the beginning of your own lifespan. Others say that with each action you do, even the smallest ones you create a ripple in time that changes everything."

"A butterfly in Egypt bats it's wings," Kara recalled from a human book.

"Yes. So each thing we do could create a new reality, an alternate version of the one we know."

"That's a lot of ripples, do you think it's like that?" Kara asked Chloe. Despite Kara coming from the more advanced race, Chloe had retained more of Brainiac's intelligence, and was undoubtedly better informed on the topic.

"No. From what the Legion said, I think that we can change things, but when we change big things we might create an alternate reality."

"So the things we're trying to stop still happen in one reality…"

"But in another, things change. A new history falls into place."

"Which reality do we stay in?" Kara asked in a worried tone.

"I have no idea. I don't know how long we can go back or even how long this ability will last."

"So we could get stuck in the past. Our selves from this reality will just disappear."

"Or time could really be as simple as a line, and we'll be able to change things and only one reality remains, only different. And hopefully better."

"Definitely better," Kara agreed.

"No matter how it works, we may not remember the new reality when we return to this time."

Both girls nodded solemnly. They would still remember the pain of their lives, but hopefully the people they loved would have happier, longer lives if they were successful. "Good luck," Chloe offered with a brave smile.

"You too, odd earthling," Kara agreed. Kara raised her arm above her head and was gone in a blink of the eye, only a faint dot in the sky.

"Maybe Brainiac can learn how to fly, that'd be super cool," Chloe said with a nervous laugh.

Chloe rushed back to the Watchtower to work out her plan and leave messages for Oliver and Lois. She knew that she may not be coming back, and that if she does make it back her life may be irrevocably altered.

Chloe thought her best bet was to work from the farthest moment back forward, that way she'd be able to see if the change she wanted to result had actually happened. She laid out the dates and events carefully.

Lionel's murder of his parents.

Dr. Swan's contacting Lionel to join the Verita's Society (Though that one may not happen if Lionel fails to build LuthorCorp without the inheritance from his parents.)

Lionel's murder of Oliver's parents. (Oliver not being an orphan would undoubtedly change the course of his life. His having a family may mean he never becomes Green Arrow, never comes to Metropolis, that he and Chloe never meet or fall in love. But he would have a family, he would have everything he'd always wanted, everything Lionel had stolen from him. Chloe's eyes filled with tears as she realized what she could lose, but she smiled at what she could give to Oliver.)

Her mother's leaving.

Lois's mother's cancer. (Maybe she couldn't stop that one, but maybe she could get her aunt to go to the doctor sooner. Maybe that would be enough.)

There were so many events, some that were sure to be altered by other changes she planned to make. Jonathon Kent's death. Julian Luthor's death. Lillian Luthor's death. Duncan Allenmeyer's death. Oliver's being shipwrecked on the island for two years. Tess. Lana marrying Lex. Davis. Lionel's attempts to control and kill Lex. The Kent's going to Lionel's for help with Clark's adoption. Pete's family selling the corn factory to Lionel.

If Chloe stopped Lionel from becoming a global magnate, and Kara stopped the destruction of Krypton, then with just those two changes the world Chloe knew would be completely altered.

Chloe changed into a pair of jeans a plain T-shirt and a nondescript cardigan, hoping that her clothes would not make her stand out in any time, unsure of when she'd be back to her time, whether she'd have time to buy new clothes. She snorted with laughter, thinking she could make a fortune on vintage clothing, if she were so inclined.

Pages were printing rapidly from a nearby printer and Chloe checked the status bar on her Watchtower Work station. Eighty-four percent done.

She walked to a hidden wall save and pulled a few bundles of cash then stuffed her laptop into a messenger bag along with a charger with a world converter and the pages from the printer. She wasn't sure the computer would work in the past, she wasn't sure she wouldn't end up naked when she got there, but she wanted to give herself the best chance she could.

Chloe stuffed all her supplies in the messenger bag and looked around the room. Her eyes got shiny and her mouth wobbled as her eyes landed on the bouquet of flowers Oliver had just sent to her. He was out of town for four more days. Hopefully she would be back before he missed her. Hopefully he would still want her in whatever future she returned to.

Chloe forced herself to walk out, didn't allow herself any second thoughts as she visited the jewelry district and bought diamonds and gold with her 2010 cash. Walking towards Suicide Slums she kept her eyes open for buildings that were built prior to 1950. She needed a safe and secluded place to leave and hopefully arrive both safe and unnoticed.

Standing on the roof of the old Cortez Hotel, Chloe's phone buzzed with an incoming text message. She pulled out her phone and saw a message from Oliver. "I miss you Sidekick, talk tonight?"

Chloe smiled sadly and texted him back quickly. "Can't, having girls night with L. I've been thinking about what you asked me. Ask me again when you get back." Chloe typed in "Love you" then deletes it before sending the message. Turning her phone off, she slid it into her pocket and closed her eyes. She imagined herself in 1961 and when she opened her eyes the city was different, fifty years younger.

AN- I get story ideas all the time, but usually just jot them down and stick with my current story, for some reason this one just wanted to get out. I'm thinking it's less than 10 chapters, not sure of the ending, but I have a few of the chapters half written now… the story will focus on Chloe and Earth, but we'll see the success of Kara (or not) in the effects here.