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Her heart pounded in her chest. She had never been so scared in her life. Now, she had thought that her father would have sent people after her when she ran away, but dogs too? Three vicious dogs had been released and had been chasing her throughout town of course accompanied by a large group of guards. One of the hounds even managing to get a good nip at her ankle. Rubbing the wound gingerly she slid down the wooden door.

It probably hadn't been the best thing to do but really, it was the only thing she could have done at the time, the only place she could hide.

A rather large ship, empty and looked like it had been forsaken. Climbing up the ladder frantically she slid onto the deck and ran to the closest door. Managing to quietly shut the door behind her and press her back against it.

Now she had slumped on the floor crying in all her misery. What a mess all of this had turned into. Lucy just wanted to be happy, all her life she had hated waking up and going through the motions of her day to day life. Nothing had made her happy, no one had made her happy. How could she smile when she had been cooped up in that house for her entire life? In her little cell-like room? She didn't hear the dogs or the yells of the guards anymore, they had apparently not seen her climb aboard. Finally she had lost them.

Wiping the tears from her cheeks she got to her feet, limping slightly on her sore ankle. It was too dark to see if there had been any significant damage but for now there was only one overpowering feeling she was concentrating on. She was so sleepy. Which made sense, it was about 3 in the morning.

And as luck would have it there was a bed right in front of her, more like a cot than a bed actually. It was hard to see with all the clothes and stuff everywhere but she spotted it no less.

She would just have a little nap, about 15 minutes and she would find out what her next move was. Collapsing on the sheets she caught a whiff of something she hadn't really expected. Looking at the ship from the outside she had assumed it had been forsaken but the smell here, it was strong like someone had been there not too long ago.

Like a guy had been there. She didn't really know many guys, only the ones her father introduced to her as a possible candidate for marriage. They had all been short and flabby, not to mention flat out rude...generally not attractive at all. That wasn't what her father had been looking for, the key trait was that they were all rich. If she married them then her step-dad's fortune would increase. Other than that she didn't really know much about guys, she had tried not to converse with those men, she didn't like them, they were rude and demanding. Now, she didn't know what she wanted in a guy, heck she didn't know what a real man was supposed to be like. But she didn't need to, she knew she didn't like the ones her father had chosen and that was that.

Yet, this smell she smelt right now. It wasn't like the other guy's she had met. No, not even close.

This was very masculine, strong musky scent with a touch of dirt and grime. Not prim and proper like her life had been force to be, it was quite the opposite. Fantasizing unconsciously at whose bed she was currently in she began to drift off to sleep. Not even thinking in the slightest that the stronger smell meant it was recent and recent probably meant he would return...and soon.

No, that thought never did enter her mind.

With that, Lucy Heartfilia fell asleep in a pirate ship and thus began the adventure that would change her life forever.

Yes? No? Sound like it could be exciting?

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