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The production of the Dragon II had started and was on its way to becoming their next home. Once Natsu and Lucy got back to town they met up with the rest of their small crew and discussed what was to be done. It had been a quick discussion actually, Natsu had explained quickly.

There had been lots of questions about where the money came from, Natsu had watched Lucy the whole time she explained, a lie of course. She had said that she had known Ratchin before which was a partial truth since they were both royalty and he simply agreed to help her out since they had been acquaintances before. Natsu almost breathed an obvious sigh of relief when she didn't tell them what actually happened.

Happy and Charle were sent back to the other members of the crew to report what had happened and to tell them to make their way to town. All the possessions would have to be left there near the shore, hidden until the ship was done. They were asked to bring anything they would need for the next week or so. That was when the fun part began, Tim's face was surprised at first when they handed the money over and he quickly made a grab for it. Erza refused to pay him the full amount, saying half before and half after the ship was built would be a fine way of payment.

Tim reluctantly agreed but seemed happy enough to get so many workers to help build the ship, or maybe it was just because he had just come into possession of a fortune. Natsu spoke of specifics that he would need, obviously he wanted a larger ship, men's quarters, women's quarters and his own. A kitchen, two separate bathrooms, one in the girl's quarters. The women's quarters was going to be a lot larger than before, which Lucy was grateful for, especially if they got more female companions in the crew. She hoped they would, Erza was nice but sometimes Lucy felt like Erza was one of the guys more than a fellow female. Lucy really liked her but she wanted someone who she could more easily relate to, Wendy was still so young and Lucy would be dammed if she started talking seriously to cats on a regular basis.

Once the actual crew got there they started up the ship immediately, using Tim's equipment to start with the frame. Tim had a large basement, as it was now it was rather empty but a few large piles of different types of wood.

Erza downright refused to pay him 30 million if he didn't use the best wood he had. She searched the basement with him, finding a reserve of his best wood. Tim seemed reluctant to let it go but he caved in when Erza gave him the stink eye. Erza's glare could pretty much convince anyone. The crew used their leftover reserves to rent out rooms at a hotel nearby; girl's had their own room of course. It was a small hotel but seemed rather homey.

"So Tim has only lived in this town for about a year? And his prices have always been ridiculous?" Lucy asked, tightening the towel around her as she walked out of the bathroom.

"Yes, the Shipeaters have appeared about 9 months ago and since they appeared his prices have gone up." Erza commented, lifting the sheets for her bed and crawling in.

"Not many people in this town like Tim do they?" Wendy's voice came from another bed in the room.

"Well of course not. The way he is overpricing everything is disrespectful." Charle stated, curling up in the bed with Wendy. "His prices take business away from other stores. Not to mention if people get word there is Shipeaters around here they won't come close to this island."

"He seems like a bad guy most of the time but even though he's kind of a jerk and it ripping us off big time sometimes I catch this look in his eyes. He looks…sad." Lucy pulled on her pajamas.

"Or maybe he is looking for sympathy as well, so you don't feel so bad for giving him millions. You and Natsu are going around town tomorrow to try and dig up stuff about him right?" Erza sat up a bit and clicked off her lamp. A few of them had heard about the 'optional quest' from Ratchin and they had pooled together all the information they had gathered the other day when they were separated. "I am to stay and direct the ship building; I would like Wendy there just in case something goes wrong. We need our doctor." Erza smiled down at the small girl. "I'm sure Natsu could defend you if something goes array."

"Yeah, hopefully we can find something but couldn't we just blackmail him into making out ship for free if we did find something?" Lucy thought out loud, she could defend herself too.

"That's definitely thinking like a pirate, but blackmailing usually means making a deal of some sort. Not telling in exchange for a ship could have its consequences. We would be 30 million richer but the townsfolk would still be out of business if Tim continued with his Shipeaters. If he is responsible that is. If we get caught trying to find dirt on him then he may refuse to build our ship, he could easily notify the government. I don't think he knows we are pirates yet so just be very careful tomorrow. We will think about this later, goodnight girls." With that the last light was flicked off in the room and the girls drifted off to sleep. Lucy snuggled into the bedding, she found herself unable to sleep for a while. She missed the ship rocking her to sleep; nodding off she found she was already attached to the sea life.

Lucy got ready, spending a little extra time on herself in the morning. She told herself that it was to persuade any men who were being tight with information. Hey, she didn't mind looking good. She had a whole day to run around the town with Natsu and she was a little excited about it, not that she would say it. It seemed like it would be fun actually. Everyone left the hotel at the same time, Natsu, Lucy and Happy splitting off from the large group that headed towards Tim's place.

"I was thinking we should go back to Cana, she seemed to know a lot of information. She helped us get the money anyway."

"Cana? Yeah, let's go see her. That whole thing was her fault."

Lucy smiled at his attempt to look angry; though it had been awkward it had all worked out for the best. The ship was on its way to be built, everyone was still okay and they should be able to get off the island relatively soon. Things were looking up. Maybe she should knock on wood after thinking that.

"We should get some fish." Happy purred quietly, curled up in Lucy's arms as they walked. Happy was steadily growing on Lucy as time wore on. She enjoyed petting his fur; it seemed to calm both of them at times.

"Well, let's see if we can get any information first. We should eat closer to lunch. How about we walk down to the docks later and see if we can get any fresh ones?" Lucy almost laughed at the excited look in the cats eyes. "So…where should we start?" Lucy began, only to turn around to nothing. "Natsu?"

"Hey do you know anything about Shipeaters?"

She heard his voice over to her left, asking a random citizen who seemed stunned at the sudden attention but only shook his head. Natsu side stepped to the next person and repeated the question. A giggle escaped her lips; of course his method would be straight forward. She joined in, why the heck not?

"Excuse me sir? What do you know about Tim the shipwright?" Lucy started.

Three hours passed and they had gathered some information, honestly Lucy's findings seemed a little bit more useful than Natsu's.

Since Natsu's questions were all about the fish he found that they are small dark and grey, like to eat ships and were mostly mouth. Most of what they had already figured out the hard way. They apparently didn't taste good either but are considered a delicacy in some places because they are so rare. Happy lost interest after he heard they weren't tasty.

Lucy found some info she already knew as well, among new. Tim had arrived to the island about a year ago; he had been quite kind at first only having smaller bursts of uncharacteristic anger here and there. With time he grew steadily more and more unhappy and his prices of ships steadily grew. Once people couldn't afford the prices the Shipeaters appeared, it seemed obvious that it was Tim's doing. But one of the weirdest things she heard was that Tim never really spent his money, he never bought anything expensive and lived off of a poor man's diet. Only one cheap meal a day, sometimes he even skipped meals. His house seemed like a charity case, one time he even sold all of his furniture and there were rumours he slept on the floor now. He only bought wood on occasion and made ships. No one knew where his money was going. This made Lucy increasingly curious, was he saving it for when the island went out of business? Apparently Tim had always been like that since he came to the island though, even before the Shipeaters his money was nowhere to be seen. Did he have a debt to pay somewhere? Had he been a gambler beforehand? Lucy made a mental note to check out the casino.

He was secretive about it, people had asked but he immediately shut him out. Eventually Tim had become quiet and stayed in his house most of the time, secluded from the townsfolk.

Then they were off to Cana's.

The bar was empty when they got there, Cana was sitting on a table looking more like a customer as she chugged wine than a waitress.

"Oh hey Lucy. Did you guys have a nice tip to Ratchin?" Cana hiccupped as she climbed off the table.

"No." Natsu growled.

"Thank-you for the information Cana, it came in most helpful." Lucy interrupted over Natsu's continued rant.

"I guess it all worked out then? Skin was shown?" Cana chuckled, directing the sentence over at Natsu knowingly who had suddenly turned around to look back out the door. "I'll take that as a yes. You know, that means I won the bet."

Lucy felt the air literally darken as those words reached Natsu's ears. The way Cana worded that made it sound like Lucy had known what was going to happen the whole time.

"What?" Another growl from Natsu.

"No, that bet was that I'd give in and show skin! Natsu had nothing to do with it."

"I don't recall saying you'd show skin, just that skin would be shown. Which it was, so you have to keep your part of the bargain."

"What bargain was this?"

"Natsu I'm serious I didn't even know I had entered into a bet of any kind."

"You shook on it." Cana piped in.

"You shook on a bet you didn't know you were making?" Natsu muttered over to her.

"I thought it was more of a joking bet than a real one..." Lucy countered, now that she thought about it the word 'bet' had been mentioned but it hadn't seemed serious at the time.

"Well, what do you want then?" Natsu turned to Cana.

Lucy dreaded what was to happen next. What did Cana want? Money? They didn't have any to spare. Or maybe Lucy could give her some of her jewels. Maybe Cana wanted them to kill someone, they were pirates after all. They didn't always follow the law but they were assassins either.

"Let me join your crew."

"What!" The word left her lips like more of a shout than anything. Lucy had not seen that coming.


"Wait, what!" How could he just agree so suddenly! He didn't even know her at all.

"When we are ready to leave I expect you to be ready to go by the docks." Natsu continued.

"Okay, Captain."

"Now hold on a second. Why do you even want to become a pirate?" Lucy kept her voice hush in case someone was close by outside.

"I would like to meet a certain person along the way, plus I'm bored of living in this town. Nothing ever happens here anyway." Cana explained; smile wide on her face as she picked up another bottle of wine.

"You know anything else about Tim?" The Captain asked striding over to the door now.

"Not much, he comes in here occasionally. One of the most depressing people I know when he drinks, doesn't look like he is enjoying life too much. Doesn't talk much though."

Natsu just nodded as he stepped back outside, Lucy stared at Cana for a bit longer.

"Better go catch up with your boyfriend." Cana winked at her.

"He is not my boyfriend." Lucy chuckled a bit exasperated, looks like Cana was the latest addition to the crew. She ran out the door after Natsu. Realizing Happy was still in her arms she looked down and was relieved to see he had been asleep during that last bit of conversation. That would be a whole new problem in itself.

"Natsu? How can you just let Cana join like that? You don't even know her." Lucy asked, catching up to his stride.

"Well, for one it was a bet and you shouldn't go back on your word even if you didn't know it was a bet..." he smiled a bit when he said that, "and she helped us out even though she knew who we were, if she was a bad person she'd have called the government and turned us in for the reward. That's good enough for me, as long as she keeps her mouth shut."

Lucy laughed, stopping suddenly when she saw a man selling fish on the side of the road, giving Natsu a gentle elbow she nodded over at the stand. Natsu smirked and they headed over.

Lucy and Natsu had been discussing everything over lunch, well…she had been talking to him while he shoved food into his mouth and nodded at her. It continued on like that for a while until someone walked into the little café they were in. Lucy recognized him instantly as Ratchin's butler. The sight of the man even made Natsu's eating cease. Natsu automatically glared at the man, remembering what had transpired under their roof. Lucy smiled politely at him as he approached and gave a small bow with her head; some people stared over at them intently.

"Ratchin sent me to town today to deliver this message to you. Have a nice day Miss Heartfilia."

Before Lucy could correct him on her name he was gone, a white envelope in her hand. Under the watchful eyes of Natsu she opened it up, unfolding the letter inside and began reading.

Dear Lucy,

I assume you have found some information regarding Tim by now, I took the liberty of removing the Shipeaters from the waters last night. A ship should have arrived by now and Tim would have gotten wind of it. I assure you he will be releasing more Shipeaters tonight under the cloak of darkness. Do your best to catch him in the act and stop this foolishness. I am not sure where he will be releasing the fish but I'm sure you can figure that out on your own, with the help of Natsu. Please try your best to keep this quiet, if Tim hears of any of this is will just escalate the situation. Thank-you very much for your time and effort, it is much appreciated.



P.S. Please say hello to Natsu and give him a wink for me. Haha.

"What does it say?" Natsu's voice was grave when regarding anything close to Ratchin.

"Ratchin says hi to you and gives you a wink." Lucy chortled.

"It does not say that!" Natsu ripped the letter away from her and stared at it hopelessly. Sure enough he found the words and he ripped the paper up fiercely but Lucy still saw that brief moment where his face turned red.

She should get Ratchin to join the crew just so she could see that face more often.

"So, how should we go about this? We know that Tim is probably going to sneak out tonight so should we stay near the docks? Try to catch him red handed? Or should we get the island's authorities involved?" Lucy wondered out loud.

"No, if they get involved they are going to want to know who we are. Not only that but we want Tim out of jail so he can finish the ship. I think we should just keep an eye on him and see if he goes anywhere tonight. It'll be a stakeout!"

"But I don't like steak; can it be a fish out?" Happy piped in. Happy had been enjoying the fish they had gotten him fully. Lucy gave him a face as Natsu began to bicker with him that he thought steak was better.

Actually, the conversation lasted fifteen minutes and it was starting to grate on Lucy's nerves. It had been a miracle no one else had noticed the cat talking yet.

"Okay, so we have agreed that we will meet at the hotel when it gets dark?" Lucy interrupted the conversation that was turning into an odd combination of the words 'fish' and 'steak'.

"What? Why? Where are you going?" Natsu muttered through a large mouthful of steak. Of course it was steak.

"I was going to look around town a bit myself. Maybe buy some pants or something…" She mumbled the last part somewhat embarrassed by the vast arrangement of short skirts she had in her possession.

"So you wanna go by yourself?"

"Well, I don't think you'd enjoy it." She meant it, he probably wouldn't. Though it would be amusing to see him carrying her bags for her.

"Why? I can shop and stuff."

"You're going to be bored."

"I'm not really worried about being bored…"

It took her a few seconds to understand what he meant. He was worried about her?

"Look Natsu, it's still bright out I'll head back home before it gets dark out okay? You should probably go check up on the ship and the rest of your crew anyway especially if it's true that Tim is the crook we think he is." Lucy explained, trying her best to ignore the dejected look on his face. Happy didn't seem to even notice their conversation at the moment; he was pleased with the large fish he was currently ingesting. His stomach was comically huge and Lucy wondered for a brief moment if that was normal or not.

"I'll see you two later okay? I'll meet you in front of the hotel at dark." And with that she was off.

The three hours she spent out shopping went well, a few stores in town were fairly priced and some of the more expensive places had sale items. Lucy decided to buy good deals and get as many clothes for as little money as possible. It seemed that at some points they were going to be very poor so she might as well prepare for those times by saving as much money as possible. Plus she had the feeling that she would probably ruin clothes on a regular basis, if she was a pirate her clothes were going to get wrecked on occasion that was just a given.

The people were friendly and the walkways were all lit. Even the owners of the stores were kind and helped her find the perfect fit.

And Natsu had been following her the whole damn time.

Sometimes he would even get distracted and be standing out in the middle of the street right in her view. He had to be one of the worst stalkers ever. In a way it irked her how he couldn't allow her to be on her own, like she couldn't take care of herself.

Lucy could, she had two guns on her in fact, hidden ones but they were still there. She wasn't a helpless princess anymore and he should really stop treating her like one. She did her best to pretend not to see him, she wasn't sure why exactly. The thought crossed her mind to yell at him in public and try her best to embarrass him so he wouldn't go through with the same plan again.

At the same time she thought it was sweet how he was trying to protect her, from what she didn't know. But the feeling of helplessness overrode it and she felt a little more pissed than happy about it.

Instead, she decided to have some fun with it. She knocked her speed up a few notches and took quick unpredictable turns. To her amusement she heard him knock over stands and people to keep up with her, yelling out apologies here and there. She didn't dare turn around but she felt her eyes fill with tears as she struggled not to burst out laughing.

Seriously, worst stalker ever.

He had the brains to wait for a few minutes after she arrived at the hotel at dark before he approached her.

"Hey Luce, how was shopping?"

He was smiling away like he was so clever.

"Um…it was nice…though I had the feeling I was being watched the whole time." Lucy muttered keeping the smile hidden beneath her skin. She watched him squirm uncomfortably for a moment. Who's clever now?

"R-really? Did you see who it was?"

Really? Could he be any more obvious?

"No, but I'm sure he was sick. What kind of sick bastard stalks a girl all day? What a pervert."

She had to pinch herself to not smile that time, his face had dropped at the idea of being called a pervert.

"I'm sure he had his reasons?"

Lucy gave him a look, a child would see through this façade.

"Yeah, his perverted reasons." She countered, "I bet he was just waiting for me to go into a dark alleyway so he could jump me and-"

"Okay! Well, let's go!" Natsu interrupted as he spun on his heel and started down the road, now she smiled. Guess he was the worst liar ever too.

Lucy had purposely worn the warmest clothes she had bought today, along with the darkest ones she had so she could blend into the darkness. She fervently enjoyed how she couldn't feel the cold wind on her bare legs, pants were wonderful too. Natsu had done the same, actually changing out of the brighter clothes he had worn while chasing her around today. Completely oblivious it seemed to the fact that he did not blend into any dark backgrounds…either did his blue cat. At least he was wearing his black toque or she would have had to stop and talk to him about stealth, pink hair is honestly the opposite.

They walked in silence for a while, lost in their own thoughts until they arrived at Tim's house. It was quiet and there no lights on inside the house. They settled in behind some bushes so they could see any exits Tim could take. It was a small house but it was separated from the other town's buildings, darker looking and it creaked with heavy winds. Tim obviously didn't put any effort into up keeping it. The only thing Tim seemed interested in was working and getting money…but why? Lucy was pretty set on him having to pay off a debt but even earlier when she had asked the townspeople they said he never showed any signs of a gambling problem, the small casino in town said he had never even stepped foot into their casino. So was it a debt from wherever he had come from before this island?

Her brow furrowed in frustration, Ratchin was right to doubt this man and be suspicious of him. There was something up with him. Something wasn't adding up.

"I can hear him moving, I think he's coming outside." Natsu whispered in her ear startling her out of her thoughts. He moved a finger to his lips to signal for her to be quiet; she nodded and found herself holding her breath in order to hear Tim.

She heard nothing but the serious look on Natsu's face told her he sure did, his eyes stayed trained on the house. He was wearing his usual toque and all black clothes, this time he really did blend into the background. The only thing better would have been camouflage. His pants were baggy like usual but the shirt he was wearing was tight.

Like, distractingly tight.

She shook her head in an attempt to focus. Tim would be coming out of his house at any second.

She had to be serious.


Seriously tight shirt.

Damn it.

"Get down." Natsu muttered putting a hand on her head and pushing her down as he ducked down himself.

For a moment she found herself wondering why he even told her to get down when he would've made her anyway when she heard the faint sound of a door opening and closing. It was quiet, like the person was trying not to disturb anyone but Lucy and Natsu heard it. That was when they began stalking Tim.

Natsu's second stalk of the day.

Hopefully with her here he wouldn't be so blatantly obvious that he was following someone. They tiptoed behind the brush for a while following a fair distance behind Tim. Even Tim looked suspicious, he was holding a box, well, clutching desperately to a box like his life depended on it. Not only that but he also didn't take any route through town, he was heading straight through the forest towards the water's edge. Her heart lurched up to her throat, maybe the box held some Shipeaters? Was he just going to throw them into the water quickly? Weren't they supposed to stop it? What if he did it so quickly they couldn't even stop him? Tim could deny it and they wouldn't actually have any proof other than their word…and who was going to believe some pirates? No one.

Apparently Natsu was thinking somewhere along the same lines because his pace quickened. Lucy was astounded; she was actually being the loud one now. Natsu was silent and had not made a sound when he moved.

So why the hell did he suck at stealth so bad in public? Did he want to be caught or something?

What a weirdo.

So they kept up to Tim who was paranoid and looking behind him ever four seconds. It didn't take long before they reached the water's edge and to Lucy's surprise there was a little dock and shed that sat above the water, the shed was only big enough to hold a small boat but she assumed it would give Tim the cover he preferred to let the fish go.

As soon as he disappeared through the small door the two of them were out of the brush and running full speed towards the little shed. Her brain was screaming at her that they needed some kind of plan but there was just no time. They had to catch him right before he did the act for it to have any merit at all. Throwing all caution to the wind they ripped the door open.

Her brain was right; they really should have had some kind of plan. It was made rather clear when they were greeted by the sound of a gunshot. Lucy had flinched at the noise but Natsu had actually ducked, good thing he had because there was a steaming hole in the wood right where his head had been seconds ago.

"Whoa! Whoa! Calm down!" Natsu shouted glaring at Tim as his hand shakily held onto the pistol in his hand. Slowly Natsu straightened up.

"Don't move! I'll shoot! What the hell are you doing here?" Tim sounded angry but Lucy noticed he just looked more scared than anything.

"We were about to ask you the same thing." Lucy said, careful not to anger Tim too much. Lucy's fingers twitched at the fact that her own hidden gun was only inches away. If she could only…

"I said don't move!" Tim shouted, making Lucy flinch again. There goes any inclination that she could get her gun.

"Oi, oi, just calm down now, we are here to talk. We don't want anyone to get hurt okay? Just put the gun down now." Natsu coaxed taking a few steps.

At first she had thought that Natsu was stepping towards Tim but she was rather shocked when Natsu had actually sidestepped in front of her. Her mouth literally dropped open a few millimeters. Natsu was protecting her again?

No, wait…maybe he was allowing her to get her gun without Tim noticing. Her heart thumped as she began to raise her now hidden hand up to her chest. She had hidden a small gun between her breasts.

Yeah typical but hey, it came in handy to hid things, including a small pistol. Before her hand could even gain much elevation Natsu's hand stopped hers. He firmly pushed it back down in the universal language to not do what she was thinking. He had known what she was going to do. What was wrong with that? If she had a gun at least they could threaten Tim to put his down…or something. Or maybe that would just make everything worse? Lucy wasn't sure; she had never really been in under these kinds of circumstances before.

Either way that meant that Natsu had indeed stepped in front of her to protect her. As soon as this situation was over she was going to give him a piece of her mind. He couldn't keep treating her as a stupid defenceless girl.

"Hey! Hands where I can see 'em!"

Sighing Lucy lifted her hands up gun free; they would probably just have to talk their way out of this.

"You are the guys that wanted that new boat right? Well like hell I'm going to do that now! Not unless you get me another 20 million to forget about this little incident, either that or I'll…have to kill you." Tim muttered, hand still pointing towards the two pirates in front of him.

"Tim, why are you doing this?" Lucy piped up from behind Natsu, taking a side step of her own in defiance so she was out in the open again.

Foolish? Maybe, but she wanted to prove a point here. She just had to ignore the look Natsu was giving her.

"Doing what?" He feigned ignorance.

"Don't beat around the bush, your releasing Shipeaters into the wild. Though I'm not sure how effective that will be with a box of them like that. That can only hold what? Two or three of them in some water?" Lucy said eyeing the box on the ground next to Tim's feet.

"What does it matter to you?" Tim growled.

"What's your plan? You're hurting the townspeople; they aren't getting any business anymore because of your fish!" Lucy retaliated.

"What do you mean? Because of me people get stranded on this island and loose everything! If anything I help business! I-"

"So you admit that it is your doing." Natsu interrupted, Tim stared at him, dumbfounded by his loose lips.

"Fine, so what? It only takes two of three of these things, they reproduce like rabbits anyway."

"Why? Is it for the money? Is that why you charge so much for your ships?" Lucy asked instantly regretting it as Tim's face contorted.

"Of course it's for the money! It's always for the goddamned money! I need all of it and I'll kill if I have to in order to get it!" Tim's voice got louder and he shook the gun angrily. "You better give me a good reason not to kill you soon."

"You don't have any valuables, the banks in town haven't gotten any of your money and you don't blow it all gambling. Tim, why do you need the money? Maybe we can help you." It was out on a limb but maybe Tim needed it for some good purpose.

"Are you fucking kidding me? You can't help me! No one can help me! It's the ones we go to for help that is the goddamn problem! What could a bunch of kids do anyway?"

That was when the gun fired a second time; to Lucy it had looked like an accident. The way Tim had been waving the gun around was dangerous to begin with. Lucy was rather stunned when Natsu stepped sideways again, his arm reaching out and pushing her. Her mouth dropped open in shock, there he goes again! A thud sounded behind her and she noticed that the bullet had narrowly missed her, thanks to Natsu. It had ended up going between the small space between the two of them. Lucy stared at it, which would've been a direct hit to her.

"I-I'm sorry, that time I didn't mean to, I swear!" Tim cried, finally pointing the gun at the ground. Natsu only responded with a dark glare.

"The government right? What did they do to you?" Now it was Natsu's turn and by the scowl on Tim's face Natsu was right on, the scowl slowly turned into grief. It was quiet after Natsu spoke; the only sounds were the waves beating gently against the shed.

It took a few heart wrenching moments until Tim dropped his head and she heard a small gasp that was followed closely by a sob. Tim's fingers loosened and he dropped the gun onto the dock beneath his feet. Natsu and Lucy stood still for a moment unsure as what to do exactly until Tim actually fell to his knees and wiped at his eyes roughly. That was when they stepped forward, Natsu quickly taking the gun by Tim's side and emptying the remaining bullets and tossing the gun away and sitting in front of the guy to listen. Lucy didn't get too close to the man, just in case this was a plan and he lashed out.

"It's not exactly what they did to me…they…they took my daughter. There had been rumors that she had magic and they just took her, no questions asked. They said that if I could pay the bail that I could have her back but…I've paid the bail for the last year and nothing! At first the bail was reasonable; then they would send me a letter in the mail saying that the bail had gone up after every single payment I made! It just keeps getting steeper and steeper. I don't even know if she's even alive anymore and I'm throwing money at the people that took her away from me. It got to the point where it would take me years to earn enough money to pay them so I got a hold of some of these fish so I could ask any price I wanted. I always asked the people for exactly how much the bail was, I tried my best not to rip anyone off more that I had to and I made sure to make the ships right. The most recent one said 30 million but they just sent me another one saying they want 50 million now or she's dead!"

"Did she have magic?" Natsu spoke, taking a few steps towards the man and kneeling before him.

"It doesn't matter…"

"No, it does matter."

"Why? Why the hell would it matter? Saying anything to do with magic would get me arrested at the least!"

"Well, we are pirates. Now that we both have dirt on each other why don't you tell us if she did or not?"

"You guys are pirates? Hah…hahah! So you robbed people to get the 30 million? That makes me feel just great."

"No we didn't rob anyone; we got it from Ratchin if you must know." Lucy joined, taking a seat beside Natsu. She saw Tim's shoulder slack a bit.

"Yeah, she did have magic. It was a special power apparently, the ability to levitate anything at will. It didn't matter how heavy it was either…she was so beautiful, so smart..." Tim sobbed.

"That's good news then." Natsu smiled.

"What part of this is good news? My daughter had magic and she's in the hands of the government. It's all pretty bad." Tim groaned his face back in his hands once again.

"Well, with magic like that she's probably still alive."

"That's still not helping, a 'probably' is nothing. Especially when I can't get her back from the government."

Natsu just smiled brighter.

"No that's great news because if she's alive that means we will be able to bring her back."

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