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Were is the wolf?

He stared out at the sea, grim lips set in a firm line.

"Sir. There has been a report of a pirate ship approaching Ilenia Island."

"Then we will set sail. Get me contact with Lord Akagi, it may be time we retire our project after one last little observation."

The younger man set off on this order and the other stared out towards the sea again. The firm line cracking into a menacing smile.

Working under Lord Akagi was a wonderful thing.

A few days on sea is enough for anyone to just want to get back on land. The rocking of the ship is nice once you got used to it but Lucy did feel a bit more comfort on the land so when an island came into view she was a bit more excited. That and Natsu had been making her practice sword fighting relentlessly and she could use a day off, her limbs were heavier than usual but she was beginning to feel more confident with a sword. Though she'd always carry a concealed pistol, she was already talented with that. Either way, she was stoked to see the new island as they pulled up.

This time it was inhabited place, and this time not with angry little owls. Lucy had decided she would try to find information today on the key that Ratchin had given her, safely tucked away under her pillow. She'd have to be subtle about it however, in case it did have some kind of magical origin, which for some reason Lucy felt it did. It didn't feel normal at least when she held it but no one else on board seemed to know what it was for. So today maybe she could go and find a library. It was a slim chance that they'd have anything about it but she figured it was worth a shot. As they pulled up to the busy port she couldn't help but take in the appearance of the island, it was beautiful with quite the vast landscape. Far down the coastline she could see a large river flowing back into the ocean no doubt draining from the large snow capped mountain that sat in the middle of the island.

Yeah, it was huge but the town seemed quaint, nestled in a clearing near the water's edge and spreading up a mountain a bit as it certain places showed small plateau's here and there to allow flat surfaces for housing. The mountain continued on and she felt it loomed over the town and it gave her a bit of an uneasy feeling. Though it was a bright sunny day and Lucy was feeling refreshed so as soon as they stopped moving she was inkling towards the side of the boat trying to get off.

As soon as she approached the side however someone stopped her from clambering down the wooden walkway they just propped up. Not just someone. The Captain.

"Where are you going?" Natsu asked, seemingly innocently enough.

"To explore?" She was allowed wasn't she?

"Bring someone with you, it's not safe to wander around alone."

Lucy pouted at the momentary disruption in her plans.

"I'm just going to the library." It seemed like everyone else had their plans for the day and she didn't really want to ruin anyone else's day by making them tag along. She was pretty sure that no one else wanted to spend their day in a library, most of the crew were more along the lines of party animals.

Seeming to read her thoughts he spoke up.

"I'll go wi-"

"Natsu, Gray is beginning to argue with a man on shore about the docking dues. Also Laxus needs to talk to you regarding the engine. I have to discuss the budget with you also..." Erza said, not noticing her interruption as she read off a makeshift list she had made.

Erza missed the quick disappointed look that flashed across Natsu's face before she looked up but for once Lucy caught it. Before she could think much on it Gajeel was stepping up.

"I'll take care of bunny-girl here today, don't worry." The heavily pierced man said, nodding towards her as he walked by signaling her to follow him. With one last glance at Natsu she followed Gajeel without question, the Captain didn't spare another glance just took the sheet from Erza and started talking with her.

But Lucy had seen that look, he had wanted to go with her. The thoughts had her trying to hide a shy smile as watched the dock panels pass beneath her feet. Natsu was never a subtle man but it still made her happy that such a guy would want to spend so much time with her.

Wait. Bunny girl?

Oddly enough Gajeel proved to be good company. True he was intimidating but once you actually watched the guy you learned quickly that he was in all honestly actually a nice guy, though she knew that from before on the beach. No one except a nice guy would help a little girl rebuild a sand castle. Well, Lucy was still a little skeptical of him until she saw him try to pet a cat for ten minutes. He would eye every cat they passed, which actually consisted of four and would try to get them to come to him. They wouldn't and she even saw him get scratched a few times because seriously they were nervous around strangers and he didn't seem to actually understand cats whatsoever.

All she got was the strong idea that he really liked cats and probably really wanted one. As strange as that was, it would probably soften his tough guy image. Maybe that's what he wanted?

He seemed frustrated by the time the fourth cat rejected him and abruptly he turned to her.

"So where are we going?" He asked distractedly. She kind of gaped at him for a few moments, she had been following him! For some reason she had assumed he had known where they were going but thinking back on it maybe he had just been chasing the damn cats! Suddenly exasperated she turned into the next store, a floral shop actually and asked directions.

They had been going in the wrong direction that's for sure. The streets were not busy even on such a beautiful day and the few people that they did see seemed tired, dark bags under their eyes and fake smiles.

Others just stared at them in a strange way, for such a small quaint town it gave her the creeps. She couldn't help but feel the bleached white cobblestone walkways, perfect little white picket fences and all the pretty pots of flowers was a front. She felt strange that such a pretty place gave her an ominous feel. The people here didn't seem genuinely happy. Gajeel walked quietly beside her, he didn't seem to be off put by the people but he did seem distracted.

The library was rather far up on one of the highest plateaus and was actually a long walk uphill but Gajeel never complained as they went. It was instantly Lucy's favorite part of town, the building was decorated beautifully. Vines climbing the old brick walls. A few other houses joined the library, the next more beautiful than the one before, close together but seemingly not crowded. Not too far she could see the shimmering reflection of a lake, a large lake actually as this particular plateau was huge. The rush of water could be heard as well from a dam on one side of the lake, the dam also provided a walkway to get across the lake faster than having to go all the way around. There was a massive waterfall from the dam that fell into a river and straining her neck Lucy could see that it eventually, through twists and turns, ended up back in the ocean. It was a beautiful structural achievement and she saw that in certain places it seemed that they harvested the energy from the waterfall.

Lucy took inventory quickly, the lake was probably man made as well from the rivers that fell from the mountain. It fascinated her what people were capable of. How long had it taken them to build such a thing? The scenery seemed perfect to read a book, the library could not have been in a better place.

When they got to the door she reached out to give a shy knock to which Gajeel vetoed with an arm over her head to simply push the door open.

There was a girl reading at the counter that seemed alarmed at the sudden intrusion but her face soon softened at seeing new faces. Her blue hair hang in pretty tendrils near her face, she pushed red glasses back up her nose that had apparently shifted in her rapid turn and greeted them with a smile.

"Welcome, how can I help you today?" She asked politely as another man came into the room, his black hair in a strange plant like shape and a disapproving look on his face.

The girl was beautiful and for a moment Lucy was distracted, she'd just never seen that hair color before. She maintained enough sense to smile back. Well, with Natsu's apparently being a natural pink why could there not be blue?

"I think I'm just looking around today, have an old book section?" Lucy responded, she couldn't just ask about magic after all. She didn't know this girl. Soon after she was directed up the stairs and she left Gajeel behind. He stood by the counter and it made Lucy slow on the stairs, he was acting odd again. Glancing sideways out of his eyes at the blue haired girl as she begun to read again. Then he startled everyone with his question.

"Have any books on cats?"

Lucy tripped on a stair and the other girl even startled at the question, looking up into his face to see if it had been some kind of joke and there Gajeel stood his cheeks even betraying a little bit of pink. Was he blushing?

Apparently he might not have meant to ask the question aloud but the girl responded kindly, even started on a story of how she used to have a cat and how it had been the crankiest thing alive. They went off to where ever the cat section was and Lucy finally managed to get fully up the stairs but not before seeing the glare the other male librarian sent Gajeel's back.

Levy was a brave girl to not be intimidated by Gajeel's tough guy exterior.

There was a room at the top of the stairs, attic like in appearance and just as dusty. There was a window but the view went straight into someone else's home unfortunately but it gave the room a sleepy darker feeling that made her want to curl up and read so Lucy overall liked it.

Without delay she started running her finger down the spines of the books reading the titles of what they had to offer. Finding a medicinal one she debated seeing if they could buy it for Wendy but it looked very old. Once she opened to a random page and it mentioned bloodletting she decided that perhaps an outdated book on medicine wasn't the best idea. There was a lot of books on botany, some on history that had Lucy flipping through interested, rough illustrations decorated some pages and had her captivated. Some were of old weapons from the war, crude and heart wrenching to look at, clearly weapons designed to kill without mercy. Then there were the drawings of dragons, truly ugly drawings, snarling mouths full with too many teeth, bodies bulky and unsophisticated, undoubtedly powerful. They had her studying every detail closely, humans defeated these? Quickly she decided that most of the drawings had been grossly exaggerated, the consistency of the dragons varied through the different volumes. It just left her more confused about dragons than when she had started.

Turning to another book shelf she tried to find something...anything on magic but the odds didn't seem to be in her favor.

Soon enough it started to grow dark and the younger girl from downstairs appeared, carrying a candle and setting it down on a small table that was in the middle of the room.

"Just so you know we are closing in about an hour." She stated quietly, trying not to startle Lucy out of her concentrated reading stupor. Didn't work too well as Lucy flinched and finally looked up.

"Oh. Okay. Thanks...?"

"Levy McGarden. You can call me Levy."

"Lucy, nice to meet you. This is a lovely library."

Levy smiled in response, "Are you sure there's nothing I can help you find?"

Lucy chewed on her lip, contemplating asking about any magic related books but she held her tongue.

"No, I'm okay. There's just so much here, I'm happy to just browse."

Another smile and a nod and Levy was heading back downstairs, Lucy went back to reading her book. This one was about herbs and was fairly entrancing, there was so many different types and so many uses for each one. It held her attention even when something dashed across the corner of her vision. The movement was inside the house next door so she didn't bother to invade their privacy and look.

Not until it happened again, a movement so fast she felt it just wasn't natural. When she glanced back up her whole body stiffened, the hall was another color, the blue hidden behind dark stains of deep red. A body torn apart sat under a black shadow. A mass of fur, its massive shoulders spanned across the width of the hallway and as it continued to chomp down on its prey, Lucy couldn't turn away.

The monster faced away from her, and Lucy found she couldn't do anything. Someone had just been murdered, and was being devoured not even six meters away from her and she hadn't even bothered to look up. Her body shook in denial of what she was seeing and the scream she longed to let out clogged in her throat, knowing if she did let it out she'd be next.

All it had to do was turn its head and it'd be right in her sights. Whatever it was.

Finally her body responded and she took a shaky step back, only to bump into a small night stand that wobbled upon contact. No noise had ever sounded so loud in her ears before.

Ears perked out of the mess of hair that was the beasts head, facing backwards towards her. This was it. She couldn't outrun something like that.

It's head lifted and began to turn to visualize the sound it had just heard. Thinking was thrown out the window as she stumbled further back, the candle went out abruptly before she was grabbed and pulled back right into someone's chest.

This time a shriek actually did begin to come out until a hand wrapped around her mouth and cut it off. A few more steps and her and whoever had her were hiding in the shadows.

A quick deep 'shh' from behind made her realize that it was actually Gajeel and quickly she relaxed. Only slightly before the monster in the house over finally turned around and stood up.

It looked unnatural for it to stand on two legs, probably because it resembled a wolf so strongly, it's limbs longer and more lanky than they would've been normally, it's knuckles dragging on the ground at its full height, claws longer than they should've been glinting away. A humanoid wolf would be the best description Lucy's terrified brain could come up with. A werewolf? Did those exist? The proof was staring into her eyes with bright glowing red orbs. They seemed to suck the air right out of her lungs. So many teeth sat outside it's jaws, dripping with drool and blood.

It was looking straight at them, even shrouded in deep shadows it could still see them. It could see them. They were its prey now, it held her stare for a few moments until it threw its head back and let out a blood curdling howl that made Lucy shiver violently, she even felt Gajeel tense up. A small swear was whispered under his breath, barely audible in the loud vibrations of the howl. This was bad and that was an understatement.

Then they were moving, more like she was quickly thrown to the floor when the glass shattered. Wind whipped over her back. She hadn't even seen the thing move but Gajeel had been faster than her. It had launched itself at them through the window in mere seconds and Gajeel had taken the brunt of the attack. The two had smashed backwards into some bookshelves, sending dust up in a cloud, wood splintering and flying every which way. She shielded her head upon instinct.

As soon as it happened there was a flash and the werewolf was shoved back through the wall from where it had came, a glinting steel bar the cause and it had Lucy staring dumbfounded from the floor. That seal. It had been different from the one she had seen Gray use. More like Taralee had described.

More detailed. Older looking.

More ancient.

What had just happened?

Gajeel was one too.

A Dragon Slayer.

Geez, how many were on the crew? Was everyone a Dragon Slayer this was ridiculous!

"Gehee." A laugh came back through the dust, Gajeel stepping back out looking less like Gajeel. His body was metal, gleaming in whatever light leaked up from downstairs, most of his clothing was ripped. With a sudden realization Lucy finally figured out that this was his magic as his arm, that had transformed into a long metal bar changed back to regular proportions. He looked down at her and Lucy nodded back, assuming that was as close as he would get to a 'You okay?', she stood up quickly dusting off her pants. She heard a screech come from downstairs.

The eyes that peaked from the stairwell were alight with anger.

"What did you do?" Levi screamed, pieces of wood still falling from the large hole in the wall, jabbing her figure towards Gajeel who was just shrugging sheepishly. A smile on his lips that betrayed that he was in actuality not sorry.

"L-Levi...there was a werewolf." Even in her own ears the words sounded silly, her voice too quiet but something changed in Levi's face.

Quickly she turned back down the stairs, signalling for them to follow as she began to address the other man.

"Droy, it's not a full moon, what are they doing out? This is impossible. I knew that howl was way too close...what about Mr. Wigbly?" Levy addressed her other co-worker who shook his head in dismay before turning on Lucy. She only shook her head assuming that had been her neighbor, recalling the massacre she had seen not too long ago.

"It's getting worse, they can't even control themselves anymore. This is nothing like the book described, I don't understand." The girl said, beginning to pace.

She seemed to know about the werewolves. Why had she stayed if her town had werewolves in it? What kind of town had werewolves anyway?

"Wanna explain?" Gajeel asked, standing in the way of the girl's pacing somehow bringing her out of her ranting trance.

For a few more moments she stared up at him and Lucy could see an internal struggle happening.

"Fine. I'm assuming you're not any kind of government official since I know you just used magic, either way I guess it doesn't matter now." She sighed, glancing around nervously anyway. "It started a year ago, people in this town started changing and when I say changing I mean physically. The first time it happened they put the man in jail after he transformed into a werewolf thinking it was some kind of freak accident...

It kept getting worse from there, more and more people started to turn. It seemed to be the classic story of werewolves with a few missing pieces. Yes, they'd only change on a full moon, until today that is but they could also usually keep their consciousness intact. Only for the last two months have a few people gone...rogue.

Then there was the fact that no one was biting anyone and yet the 'disease' was spreading like wildfire. That made me believe that there was some kind of external source and it left another question too. Why were some people not infected?

Specifically the people who live up here on the highest plateaus near the lake. Then I realized there was only one real difference. The water. Everyone on the hillside just takes their water directly from the lake to use for drinking or eating. The rest of the townspeople use the water that is piped to them from past the dam, the plant treats the water and it's good to go without any boiling. It's simple for them but the pipes don't go to us so we just boil our water. It was never really a problem.

We went to the plant to investigate and caught the man who ran the whole system dosing the water with something. Even after we stopped him it was too late. The damage had been done and everyone in town would turn into a werewolf every full moon."

Lucy listened patiently, trying to ignore the way Gajeel kept turning his head to the door as if he heard something. Every time it happened her heart rate would spike but she couldn't hear anything.

"That's horrible, why would he want to turn an entire village of people into werewolves? What would he have to gain?" Lucy asked, thinking out loud.

"That's where it gets strange, the guy had brought all the technology here to do the piping system and everyone was grateful to him. He kept to himself but it was well known that he originally worked for the government. His name was Douglas Webber if I recall right...The additives to the water were obviously of magical quality so he would've known the consequences fully, it just doesn't make logical sense. As soon as we had arrested him the government showed up and took him away. He didn't gain anything from the whole experience. The government said that they'd 'keep in touch' and that the werewolf thing should wear off in a couple of days but it hasn't. I haven't heard anything from them and they ignore all my questions." Levy stated, beginning to look around more nervously now as howls continued outside. Too close. Too many.

"What do you usually do on a full moon?" Gajeel asked.

"We lock ourselves in the cellar there..." Levy said, pointing to the floor, upon looking closer there was a small latch that could be pulled.

"You think some wood is going to stop werewolves?" It was said quietly under Gajeel's breath but it still made the two inhabitants flinch. It was too true.

"They usually don't even come up here. I don't understand why they would today." Levy countered but Gajeel held up a hand to silence her.

"Well, there's no use talking about it right now. What's the quickest way to the port?" Gajeel asked, eyes still staring past the door.

"What? There's no way we can make it there. There's too many of them and they are too strong! We will be wiped out before we get off the plateau." The other man, Droy piped in.

"I didn't ask that." Gajeel growled back.

"There's a back way. Going through town would be suicide, some of the townsfolk lock themselves up at night but if they caught scent of us their containment will not stop them. Werewolves are hunting packs and they will do anything, and I mean anything to catch their prey. These people are not in their right minds but they are still good people." Levy muttered, pain in her eyes and Lucy felt for her. These people were her friends.

They were trying to kill her and she still wanted to defend them. Levy was a good person.

"Even if we go the long way around they will continuously hunt us down, doing this with just the four of us is going to be impossible." The blue haired girl concluded.

"Who said it was just the four of us?" Gajeel's grin split his face before he kicked the door open and stepped outside. Apparently it was their cue to follow them, Lucy began to follow obediently catching out of the corner of her eye Levy turning around and running into the cellar quickly.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing!" Gajeel yelled back at her, his arm flashing and turning to steel quickly extending out of Lucy's line of sight and she heard a sharp yelp. He had just hit a werewolf. Without even batting an eye.

"I just had to grab something!" Levy responded, climbing back out and catching up to Lucy who still stood in the doorway, not quite prepared to run out into the dark abyss full of werewolves.

"Was it really that important!" Gajeel yelled, swinging his elongated arm around and Lucy heard another series of thuds and growls.

"Yes!" Levy countered, giving Lucy a reassuring nod before stepping outside without further hesitation. In her arms was a large old looking book, bound in old leather and held close with a large buckle. It seemed heavy and looked misplaced in the dainty girl's arms. Droy soon followed and Lucy with one more deep breath ran outside towards Gajeel. Praying that maybe she's still be alive to see the next sunrise.

It was dark, the moon and the few scattered streetlights the only source of light. Anything not illuminated by the small amount of light seemed to move, the shadows moving and merging into each other. It was enough to send Lucy's heart into overdrive, her heartbeat thudding in her ears. They could be anywhere.

They could be everywhere.

A growl to her left had her scrambling closer to Gajeel.

"Stay close to me."

As if Gajeel really had to say that.


Gajeel's eyes rolled over to Droy who had made the noise with a hard glare.

A werewolf bolted from the shadows and with a raise of Droy's hand and a quick flash roots sprouted from the ground and wrapped around the animal. A quick as it happened the wolf was free with a few quick well aimed chomps and swings of its claws. The writhing body quickly finding it's feet and launching back at the small group.

Only for it's face to make harsh contact with steel.

"Like I said. Stay close to me." Gajeel ground out again, not even trying to keep the smug look off his face. Lucy almost felt sorry for Droy as he begrudgingly accepted that his magic was ill matched and came closer to the group.

"What direction?" Gajeel grunted, to which Levy immediately pointed and they begun their trek. For the most part the wolves stayed in the shadows but once or twice Lucy saw them step a bit too close to the light and Gajeel sent his extended fist their way.


The voice was distant but caught everyone's attention, three heads searched the darkness while Gajeel kept a sharp eye on the shadows around them.

"About time." He muttered.

Then a familiar pink mop of hair appeared and Lucy felt a bit safer.

Especially when Erza and Gray followed close behind.

"Hey, the werewolves are the townspeople. Try to just knock 'em out, they aren't thinking right." Gajeel stated, getting a few nods and a certain soft look from Levy that he missed.

One look at Gajeel's arm and Erza's eyes flashed.

"Gajeel. What do you think you are doing? Using magic in front of..." She trailed off getting a good look at the two strangers.

"You really think I had a choice? Plus this one uses magic too, shitty magic but still magic." Gajeel countered ,ignoring the indignant shout from Droy. Lucy was trying to keep up with the conversation but she felt someone staring her down.

Of course it was Natsu and she sent a sideways glance his way as he approached.

"You okay?" He whispered trying not to interrupt the now argument going on.

"Yeah, I'm fine. You?" She couldn't see that great in the poor lighting but he seemed fine.

"Good. These people trustworthy?"

"Uh, I don't know them that much but I think so? I guess enough for Gajeel to use his magic in front of them."

"Ah, I see. So you're not hurt?"

"No, Natsu I'm fine, seriously."

"Okay, okay. Just making sure."

She sighed at his protectiveness and tried to get a look around. They were a little ways from the library, close to one of the edges of the cliffs. It was comforting and unnerving at the same time. They could be sure nothing would attack them on that side but it still left a literal cliff to fall off of. The water was quite a ways below.

They'd be okay though. They had some strong people around them. Hell, Lucy had a gun. Ignoring the alarmed look on Natsu's face she dug between her breasts and pulled out her pistol.

"That could not have been comfortable..." Natsu muttered more to himself than anything as she checked to make sure the chamber was full before cocking it and flicking off the safety.

It was a fortunate thing that she had because that was the moment that all hell broke loose. Multiple shadows darted in from the shadows and nearby trees, too quick, too fast. They were caught off guard for that many. Flashes of seals fired off and it was almost blinding in the dark, cool air from Gray's ice flew by her right side, freezing something that had ended up only a few feet in front of her. Stumbling back she saw the frozen image of a werewolf bearing it's teeth at her.

The air was filled with chaos and shouting, the clanging of swords on claws and the roar of beasts. It was too much for Lucy to handle, too much going on at once. How could anyone focus and understand what was going on in a time like this.

Then there it was, time seemed to slow as she saw a shadow lurking behind the others seemingly uninterested in the direct conflict. It sneaked around the other beasts and waited for just a moment before it sprung leaping over the wolf that Natsu was keeping at bay with his sword. Aiming her pistol she fired, the sound adding to the already mad noise around her. The shot was not meant to be fatal as it passed through the beast's leg sending it careening off to the side, narrowly missing a slightly alarmed looking Natsu.

Who managed to kick away the werewolf closest to him and send her a genuine smile of thanks. She was about to give him a smile back when his face contorted, his eyes darting behind her and she knew why. She was no fool. Acting on pure instinct she swung her gun around, swiveling her body as fast as she could to the wolf she knew was coming. She was greeted with a snarling face that was too close. Again, her world slowed.

She fired, she heard it hit flesh, even saw the spray of blood. Her head tilted itself out of the way of the jaws that were still headed her way and she knew the wolf still had too much momentum before it collided with her. The smell of blood and dog hair assaulted her noise before she was thrown back like a rag doll. The body following her when she first hit the ground, claws dug into her leg but she didn't register any pain.

Her head hit a rock and like a switch all the sound left her. She rolled. Bounced. Caught a glimpse of the cliff.

She had to stop rolling. Before she-

The ground was gone. Her stomach bottomed out as she stared down at the river below.

She was falling.

She had no chance, she'd die.


Falling went by slowly at first, the wind whipping by her face, making it hard to breathe. Her eyes stared at the river as it approached, frozen in fear the closer she got.

The wind moved her and she welcomed it as it turned her, staring back up at the cliff. Something bright dived off, her watering eyes making it difficult to make out.

It moved quickly, growing in intensity. In heat. It was on fire?

There was a flash of pink. Natsu.


Natsu on fire?

Natsu on fire.

From his hands burst orange flames, held out behind him, propelling him forward. Propelling him towards her. His magic. Fire

His magic had been ironic after all.

Suddenly that was all she needed, she needed him like the air she breathed. He'd make it all better. Her hands extended towards him. He'd save her. She had faith in him.

Her head pounding in her ears was the only sound she heard and she was unaware if the tears that fell from her eyes were from the wind or from the relief of seeing him.

The flames grew larger as he sped towards her, his lips shouted her name although she couldn't hear him.

From the fear on his face she wasn't sure she ever wanted to. He was her wall, her support. She didn't want to hear the wall crack.

Then he was close, the fire gone, hands reaching for her.

The second his hand touched hers time lurched forwards and if felt as if she was pulled towards the water at an even crueler pace. His fingers hooked hers desperately and as soon as he had a grip he was pulling. Her body collided with his and she only had a moment of feeling him wrap his arms around her and shift in the air to shield her from the impact before they hit the water.

And she blacked out.

The water was colder than he expected and it greeted him like a harsh stop on the pavement. It took the air right out of his lungs and his muscles tightened automatically around Lucy. He had taken the brunt force of the fall but she had gone slack in his arms, he needed to get them out and get them out now.

Keeping one arm pressing her to him he used the other one to swim to the surface. The water was fast, but not unbearable. Carrying Lucy with him was difficult but he managed to break the surface and gulped in air greedily. When Lucy still didn't respond he brought her face up and gave it a few taps, trying to bring her back to the world of the conscious.

Keeping himself above water to do so was proving difficult as he swallowed some mouthfuls of water. With a new urgency he looked around, the river was wide and it would take a while to get to the edge with Lucy in his grasp.

No, he needed something sooner.

As if answering his prayer an outcropping rock appeared, jutting out of the water ahead. Frantically he swam as best as he could to get in the rocks path. It came quick and unforgiving, the water trying to simply sweep him past but his hand reached out determined.

His hand found purchase on a rock and his muscles responded, somehow managing to pull himself and Lucy onto the rounded rock. The water was so cold he couldn't feel his fingers, could barely feel his body moving. Could barely think as he gently moved her body to lie down in front of him.

She wasn't breathing.

His fingers felt for her neck pushing against the skin hoping to find some kind of a pulse. His fingers were too numb, her heart had to still be beating.

It was just his numb fingers, feeling nothing.

He pressed his ear to her chest, tuning out the sound of the rushing river around them. Please.


Please. Dammit.

The water was cold but it wasn't that cold. There was no way. She was in his arms the whole time. It wasn't possible.



He almost shouted in joy.

She's still alive, her hearts beating.

Slowly but it meant she was still alive.

And not breathing.

Immediately he tilted her head back, checked for any obstructions like the crash course on CPR he was made to sit through had told him to do.

Then he took a breath in and with a mental grimace of how she would beat him later for taking was what quite possibly 'her special first kiss' he pressed his lips to hers. It wasn't like a kiss, this was saving someone's life.

This would save Lucy's life. It had to. He had promised her. Dammit.

He heard the air slide into her lungs. Another breath. He began compressions.


He couldn't trust his mind right now, it was honestly in shambles.

Why wasn't she waking up yet? Why was she so cold?

Why did she feel so damn delicate and breakable beneath his hands? Had her collarbone always been this pronounced, pooling little pockets of water in the crevices? He blinked hard.

Had this all been a horrible mistake? Taking her on board?

Obviously saving her from the man she had called a father was not, but taking her along with him.

She was too delicate.

She could break.

She was broken right now and here he was desperately trying to pull the pieces back together, riddled with guilt.

Just wake u-

A crack thundered though the air causing Natsu to actually jump, his compressions halted only for a split second. His ears strained to hear any hints to what the sound was as he continued, watching her face for some kind of relief.

Don't you dare look so peaceful like-


This time the earth physically shook beneath him. in the distance he heard more smaller cracks, the distinct sound of water moving under pressure.

A great release.

The dam.

They broke the dam.

The water would be upon them in seconds.

"Come on, wake up Lucy." He pleaded with her, giving her two more short breaths. Natsu could almost sense the water, rushing towards them at insane speeds. How could they survive the debris let alone the initial shock of the water hitting them that fast?

The compressions became faster. He pushed harder, feeling her bones bend. On the verge of snapping-

A cough. It was little, and watery but it was the best sound he had ever heard.

Quickly she was moved onto her side, he wasn't even phased by the retching of water. Instead his eyes fought between looking at her face and looking towards the water he knew would be fast approaching. The roaring was getting louder in his ears.

"Lucy, I know you're confused okay? But we have to get back in to the water, I want you to hold onto me okay?"

"Eh? What...what's happening?"

"Lucy." He took her face, she was confused, understandably, hell she probably had a concussion from that tumble off the cliff, he forced her eyes to focus on him. "You trust me?"

Her head bobbed weakly in his hands.

"Then wrap your arms around my neck and don't let go."

The confusion didn't leave her face but she reached up towards him, he tried to ignore the fact her arms were shaking. Whether from the cold or from exhaustion he wasn't sure but either option worried him. Her leg looked to be in sad shape too.

He took her hands, turned and wrapped them around his neck so he was flat against his back. This way he could still swim, he stood and her grip around his neck tightened.

"Ready? Hold your breath for a few seconds?" He said, almost had to yell over the roaring of water coming up behind them. The confusion on her face had turned to fright but she nodded into his shoulder.

He jumped in, working his arms and legs bringing them to the surface. Lucy's grip hadn't loosened yet and he was thankful, her head was above his shoulder looking out in front of them as he swam.

Natsu swam with the river, hoping to put more space between him and the rushing water but he knew there was no use.

A sudden rise in the water was the only warning he got before he was hit with what felt like a brick wall. It took them under and spun them around, he didn't know which way was up.

Lucy's grip loosened and he abandoned swimming to grab onto her arms, keeping them tight around him.

The last thing he wanted to do was loose her again.

Something smacked into his hip, bubbles escaped his mouth in a silent startled yelp. The pain radiated down his leg and tried to convince his mind not to use it.

He ignored it, the cold water numbing the limb and quickly he searched again for the surface. The water had became significantly darker, probably from all the soil the extra water washed off the shores.

Suddenly the surface was upon them. They took in startled breaths, Lucy still clinging to him...the sound of her coughing and taking in air reassuring him she would be okay. For now.

Get out of the water, get out of the water now. It was a repeated mantra in his head, it was so obvious and the shoreline was only a moment away.

The water however, was unforgiving and would not allow him an inch of leeway. The water was faster than before, higher too. The trees whipped by, the shoreline becoming nothing more than a hopeless blur.

Something else bumped into him, this time not as roughly as before, it only succeeded in spinning him around in the water. Allowing him just a few seconds to prepare for contact with another outcropping rock.

This one was pointed at the top, not weather worn like rocks that had been in rivers for a while should be. No, this one had probably been shifted and turned with the power of the flooding water.

Without thinking he reached up, loosening Lucy's grasp just enough that he could swivel around. He hugged her to his chest as the water launched him at the rock.

The least he could do was protect her for as long as he possibly could.

The contact actually made his vision go for a second, there was a bit of an outcropping he couldn't see just below the water that hit his lower back. His eyes tried to roll back into his head and normally he would've welcomed the bliss of blacking out but not with Lucy in his arms.

She could swim now, in stagnant water, but even Natsu was having issues keeping his head above the water. That plus her leg and her possible concussion she was relying on him now.

So he held on, and as if in apology the water quickly moved him swiftly around the rock, the water immediately cooling the heated injury he knew was on his back. He moved Lucy back, thanking some kind of god that she was still managing to hold on somehow.

Entire trees floated by him, and he tried to climb aboard some of them but they seemed to travel faster than he could. Soon it left him exhausted and he wasn't sure how he was keeping them above the water anymore, he couldn't feel his feet moving beneath the water.

Little things here and there would collide with him under the water, and he felt Lucy reacting the same and he was sure they were both leaving their fair share of skin behind.

He had to get them out of the water before there was nothing left to save.

There was a bend in the river up ahead and Natsu decided it was where they'd get off this hell of a ride, the water hit a wall of small stacked rocks and flowed around. The wall looked beaten up and unstable but it was probably climbable.

Just stopping was an issue.

Sure enough the water sent them flying without mercy at the wall, Natsu's hands bouncing off, his fingernails scrapping uselessly along the rock, not catching a significant enough edge. His numb fingers useless.

No. This way they'd be swept around. He'd tire or the debris would knock one of them out.

This was there last chance and it was literally slipping through his fingers.

A hand jutted out above his, delicate fingers jamming into a small crack in the rocks and then they cracked to a halt, water flowing around them angrily.

A small shout rang in his ears.

Lucy had stopped them.

Without thinking he scrambled at the rocks, grabbing everywhere and finally finding a solid ledge up high, trying to ease the pressure pulling on Lucy's limb.

He pulled, lifting them out of the water with whatever reserves of strength he had left. He waited as she gingerly managed to pull her fingers out of the hole knowing and confirming with a quick look that they had to be broken.

He didn't wait for her to wrap her arm back around him, he wasn't sure she could move it properly anymore. It was probably dislocated now and her grip was slipping. They had been moving so fast that the trees were blurring and she had stopped them on a dime. It had been a stupid move.

One that Natsu would've made if he had the chance but he hadn't thought...Lucy never really ceased to amaze him.

Slowly, he managed to drag all of their weight to the top, only about a meter high but with exhausted limbs it felt like so much more. Once he reached the top he saw more water and for a moment he felt like just collapsing on the wall and praying that it wouldn't collapse somehow...but the water in front of him was different.

It wasn't moving.

It was just a large pool of water sitting there. Natsu didn't question it, maybe it had formed from the flood waters.

Either way he just didn't care. As long as it wasn't gonna drown him he was fine.

He carefully maneuvered Lucy for the umpteenth time in front of him as he swung his legs around. All of which took a while, their numb muscles slowly everything down. Carefully, unsure how deep the water was he slipped in, Lucy trying her best to hold on around his neck with her one arm. He kept one of his hands on the small of her back, giving her enough support to keep herself where she wanted to be.

Surprised the water went up to his collarbone, it startled Lucy a bit too and he felt nails dig into his shoulder. It was warmer too, but still cold. His eyes traveled to the nearby shoreline.

Sweet, sweet land.

Well it was more mud at first but mud under his toes had never before felt this good, his limbs began trembling as they supported his weight in the water. Lucy attached to his front didn't even make an effort to put her feet down, her remaining arm still wrapped around his neck, shaking but with a strength he admired.

He waded slower than he liked into the shallows, once he got waist deep in the water he reached up and touched her arm.

He didn't think he had the strength to talk to tell her to let go, that it was safe.

After waiting a few seconds and she didn't get the hint he gave up, not enough energy left to argue. He wanted out of this cold crappy water.

With every step it became more difficult, his legs shook harder until they just gave out.

So he crawled, her body dragging beneath him through the mud between his legs but neither of them cared. On his hands and knees he dragged them out. His limbs shaking with exhaustion but still managing somehow. He was thankful the water had been so cold, the numbing helped his body forget it probably shouldn't be moving.

Natsu wasn't sure how far he got out of the water before he stopped.

No more mud. Just leaves. It was warmer too, not by much but it was.

Finally Lucy's grip loosened and she let her head fall to the ground, softly hitting the greenery underneath her. He was frankly amazed she had held on like she had, even with one arm at the end. Hell, it was thanks to her they had gotten out. One of her hands remained cupped around his neck and he welcomed it. It grounded him, let him know that they were actually still alive as he hung his head.

His hands were sprawled out on either side of her head. Her hair a mess of tangles and small twigs, and some mud caked across her face, he imagined he looked similar. But more like a drowned rat.

She stared up at him and he stared back. They were both trembling, their breath coming out fast and filling the silent air.

Then she started to laugh.

Tears formed at the corners of her eyes and for a second it startled him.

Until he found it undeniably funny himself and he laughed along.

It wasn't a haha that's funny like a joke would be, it was a holy shit how did we survive that haha kind of funny.

A thank god we somehow made it out alive funny.

And the laugh felt good, it was exhausting and everything started to hurt but they laughed it away.

But it couldn't last forever, his fatigued muscles shook and he moved as to not collapse on top of Lucy.

She had other ideas apparently as she pulled down on his neck, his elbows buckled and he managed to catch himself from falling onto her, propped up on his forearms.

Lucy gave him a look he didn't quite understand and she tugged down again, bringing his head down to the crook of her neck. She let go of his neck and wrapped her one good arm around his shoulders, squeezing and pulling him closer.

A hug.

She continued to pull him towards her until he gave up, he did collapse, letting her body take his full weight.

He had never really willingly lied on top of someone like this, it was odd.

He wasn't really going to argue with those pushed up against his ches-

"Thank you."

Her voice was raspy but the sincerity in it warmed him. He slipped his hand beneath the leaves under her head and shoulder and returned the hug the best he could. It was a desperate kind of hug, where they held each other tight enough to barely be able to breathe . The leaves and her hair tickled his face with each breath he took and he barely noticed. Completely lost in the warm embrace he let his mind drift away. The warmth took him out of his painful state and slid him unknowingly to him into sleep.

Lucy finally felt his body relax and once his breathing evened out she realized with a small smile he had fallen asleep.

The last half hour, if that even was close to the a proper estimate, had been insane. She didn't remember much of it, falling into the water from the cliff.

She drew a blank for a while after that, having dreary memories of him trying to wake her and telling her to hold onto him.

The cold water had done a good job at waking her up after that. How Natsu had managed to keep both of them above the surface for as long as he did was astounding. But somehow he managed it.

It was a bit much for her, she had just learned to swim. If she knew she'd be thrown in so deep so fast she would've spent a few more hours learning how to swim.

Though in this case it wouldn't have done her any good, her mind was and still was scattered and it was still hard to focus. The water was too fast. Her leg wouldn't function.

How had they survived that? Seemed like the god's were on their side today.

She was thankful for the cold water now, she couldn't feel anything. The thought didn't calm her like she thought it would though. If she couldn't feel her broken fingers then what other injuries could she not feel? What condition was Natsu in? He had already passed out but what if it hadn't been from exhaustion alone but blood loss from an unseen wound? He had taken a few bad hits in the water.

Her paranoia getting the best of her she tried to move, her body complaining in dull throbs and in protest to the loss of body heat but they couldn't stay that way, he was a little heavy and it was kind of hard to breathe. Lucy stayed close to Natsu as she carefully rolled him over, it was hard to do with only one working arm and she ended up momentarily collapsing onto his chest.

And by momentarily she meant for actually closer to five minutes. He was just so warm and she was just so tired. It would be easy to fall asleep like he had.

All she had to do was give their bodies a quick one over first. That's all.

She tried to avoid looking at her fingers as much as she could, the white peeking out from two of the knuckles was disturbing and enough to know they were obviously broken. To which she couldn't really do anything for as of now. Lucy was surprised how she could look at it so indifferently. It was her own hand, clearly broken horribly and she barely batted an eyelash at it. She wrote it off to the exhaustion that left her in some kind of zombie like state. Shock or something. Her shoulder throbbed and a quick glance showed the ugly bulge it had become. Dislocated.

Her one leg was sliced up pretty bad and with a grimace she saw the wound was caked full of mud now, that was probably not very good. Definite infection. Well, there was no helping that, at least it wasn't bleeding at the moment.

Both her legs elsewhere were covered in small cuts and numerous bruises. Most she didn't remember getting, the bruise that covered her knee she remembered, surprised it wasn't broken either, one quick glance off a rock at that speed and she had no idea if it was broken.

Maybe it was, she was still thanking how the water left her so numb. It looked lumpy when she looked a little closer to it.

Her back seemed to have a few splinters and scraps as far as she could see, her arms fared the best, for the most part being out of harm's way closer to the top of the water they only had a few minor cuts.

Her hair was a mess but thankfully with a quick pat down on her head she didn't notice anything abnormal. Her limbs had began to tingle, like after sleeping on a limb wrong and it made her hurry faster, fearing she would be able to feel everything soon.

Quickly turning her attention to the unconscious body beside her she leaned over to his head, carefully taking a shaking hand and lightly coming through his damp hair and checking his head, even wet it was still soft. She frowned finding a bump and a cut just past his hairline above his eyebrow. The blood had dried and already crusted over so she assumed it wasn't too urgent. Carefully lifting his head she worked her hands beneath his head and continued to check for anything. Running her fingers down the back of his neck she almost startled at how he suddenly moved.

Not quite moved but shivered.

With a groan he started to wake and she abruptly took her hand back to herself as if she had been caught doing something wrong.

"Wha-...whas goin on?" He slurred looking up at her with some kind of half smile on his face. Clearly he was still a bit out of it and Lucy's tired mind was ready to sleep so she decided on the blunt version.

"I'm just checking you for any injuries. Does anything hurt?" Her voice came out so monotone.

She was so tired, her eyelids had never felt so heavy.

Without waiting for a response she started checking one of his arms.

"Oh. I'm cold...doessat count?"

There was a rather long gash on his arm that was still sluggishly bleeding, she stared at it for a few moments trying to jog her memory on what to do. They didn't have any bandages...

She didn't even realize she ignored his question until she had moved past his arms to his chest and stomach. His shirt had been torn open so it made the inspection faster. Nothing to serious there, just small scrapes here and there.

"M-my back...actually...not feeling all thagreat."

The statement sent little red flags up in Lucy's lagging mind.

"Can you move your toes?"


She sighed with relief, for some reason even though he had dragged them out of the river her mind immediately went to the worst possibility: paralysation. Back injuries were dangerous.

Wedging her fingers under his back she softly began to roll him over just onto his side, ignoring the pitiful moan coming from Natsu, he had to help her move since using one arm was not enough to move him efficiently.

The back of his shirt was ripped up a little, not as bad as the front and with a quick apology she managed to tug it off of him. Being careful of course, Natsu again tried to help but he had become uncoordinated as she managed to slip his sleeve off his arm. It made her worry but she focused on her task at hand.

Ignoring the obvious scratch mark from the claws of a werewolf that she had failed to notice until now on his left shoulder blade she stared down at his back. She had to resist reaching her hand out to touch the angry purple bruising that was engulfing his lower back.

She stared at the horribly bruised skin wondering what she should do about that before letting him roll back over to the soft leaves. What could she do for him if she found something serious? Get up and get help?

They were hopeless.

A quick pat down on his legs revealed nothing too serious, at least that she could see without taking his pants off and that was out of the question. Especially since she was officially out of strength.

But the both of them were rather battered that was sure, and they'd be sore and in some pain when they could feel themselves again.

"The crew?" He asked, blinking up at her.

"Not here yet."

As if she knew they were on their way. She hoped they would find them soon.

The back of her mind nagged her that the werewolves might pick up their scent somehow and come to find them.

They'd have to cross the river and they blew up their bridge. There dam. Those people's water source was gone. The whole lake.

The government hadn't helped...

Deciding there was nothing she could do about it at the moment she felt her eyelids droop.

"S-shit...we gotta go...get to...the ship? Right?"

She knew he was right but she couldn't. Not anymore. Too tired.

Not so carefully she flopped back onto his chest, nuzzling her head beneath his chin and into the warmth.

He didn't protest, his arms wrapping around her weakly and with whatever strength he had left he pulled her in closer.

The two fell asleep, forgetting all else that should've been important.

Where the hell were they?

They had been waiting for over an hour and the whole crew was getting anxious, not to mention they had really wanted to just rush the island and fight off the werewolves. The crew was always ready to have a brawl, though werewolves could pass on their...what was it werewolvism? So it was not a fight to be taken lightly.

Hence why he had eyed the new girl and guy that had come aboard, Gajeel easily claiming they were part of the crew. At least until the following morning when they could go back to the island if they really wanted to. Gray didn't think they would, a place full of werewolves was no place to live, not matter how nice it was during the day. If the government wasn't going to help it was practically a lost cause.

Though Natsu would probably make it their next mission.

Cure the island full of stark raving mad werewolves.

Sounded like a great ol' time.

If the idiot ever got back to make such idiotic choices that is.

The new guy didn't look too pleased, Gray observed with some amusement, especially since Gajeel hadn't put the small blue haired girl down since he got back on the ship. He had been raving about how she had made iron appear out of thin air and how delicious it had been, carrying her around to show everyone. Gray couldn't imagine eating metal, but the little blue haired girl was blushing and telling him to stop.

Gray couldn't help but snort at how contrasting the two were but he didn't complain.

Natsu had yelled at them that they'd meet up at the docks before he threw himself after Lucy. They had all agreed that it had been the best course of action at the time and they had managed just fine to get back to the ship...but that crack that resounded was loud enough to hear across the island. It had startled them enough to halt their retreat and stare back in the direction of the dam.

Once they got to the ship they had to set out, at least a little ways. The werewolves didn't seem too keen on swimming and soon disappeared back into the shadows of the houses.

There was more of a rush of water from where the inlet was and broken trees and plants washed away into the ocean and Gray had a sick feeling about it, confirming what the noise had been. The breaking of the dam.

With a glance at Erza he nodded and the two took off towards the shore, Wendy catching them before they departed and demanding she accompany them. Without any more delays Gray created a walk way across the water. The rest of the crew watched as the two went to find the missing members.

It was amazing what kind of destruction water was capable of, it ripped trees from deep beneath the ground, boulders rolled like tumbleweeds and soil disappeared as if it had never been there.

Gray ignored the uncomfortable churning in his stomach. What would it do to people if they were thrown into the mix?

"Wait..." Wendy's voice came.

The other two halted, silently praying that Wendy had seen some kind of clue. It would take forever following the river and finding them. Especially if they had managed to get out and gotten into the surrounding forest somewhere.

When the small girl began to run they followed close behind.

Within minutes they were walking through dense forest until Wendy stopped. Now moving slowly she walked through some large leaves and dropped to her knees beside their missing crew members.

Gray startled, not even realizing they had been there until Wendy had stopped, they were so covered in dirt and grime. With another feeling like a punch to the gut he realized if Wendy had not been here they probably wouldn't have ever found them.

Erza knelt beside Wendy, quickly lifting Lucy off of their Captain carefully and checking their vitals.

Gray frowned at how neither of them even so much as stirred when they were shifted about, his frown deepened seeing the mess that had once been Lucy's hand.

One glowing hand on each of the unconscious persons Wendy was silent for a few moments.

"Lucy's hand is broken in two places, as well as all of her fingers on that hand, arm is dislocated, her knee is also fractured, both have multiple minor abrasions and bruises, a rather severe laceration on her leg. Natsu's hip is broken and he has some severe bruising around what I think is a spinal fracture and some internal bleeding. We need to carry them both carefully to not jostle their injuries and they need treatment right away. Gray, be careful not to turn or twist Natsu's back at all, it could make things a lot worse." Wendy stated, seeing Gray move to pick up the unconscious male.

Gray's head swam as he carefully picked up Natsu, trying his best not to jostle him when he lifted him. His head lolled against his chest and Natsu would've probably killed Gray if he knew he had picked him up like this, bridal style, but Gray didn't really have much choice.

A spinal fracture? He wasn't a doctor but doesn't that mean he had a broken back? How the hell did Natsu break his back?

Swallowing a lump in his throat he automatically followed the other two who began heading back to the ship.

He knew how it had happened. They were in the river when the dam broke, with all that debris in the water and the speed it was moving at.

Gray was surprised they were still breathing.

But a broken back? Didn't that mean Natsu wouldn't be able to walk? Maybe he was reading too much into this but didn't a broken back meant that depending where the break was that he couldn't walk or maybe even not be able to move anything below his neck?


Why were Erza and Wendy so calm about this?

They just walked back through the forest in silence. The pressure in his mind built until he couldn't stand it.

"Are they going to be okay? You can't just tell me that she all but shattered her hand and that he has a broken back and not say anything!" Gray snapped, his previous stress coming out all at once. Whoops. Probably wasn't the best way to handle the situation.

Erza didn't even halt in her walk but Wendy faltered, looking back at him with a shocked expression that turned into a frown. She looked sad for a few seconds before she spoke.

Gray started walking again when she started to speak, as much as he was bugged by this whole thing he understood how important it was to get the two of them back to the shore.

"I'm sorry...sometimes I get a bit too...clinical and detached. As long as we set the bones in Lucy's fingers correctly she should be fine Gray, as for Natsu it's a fracture, he hasn't completely destroyed his back. With the fracture he has it should impede his movement for a while until it's healed but he hasn't lost the ability to walk or anything. There was no slicing of his spinal cord, there may be temporary numbness but it should wear off. As long as we bring him back safely without any further injury to his back he should be fine." Wendy stated with a small reassuring smile. Instantly Gray's mind was put more at ease, at least for his injured friends. His grip tightened on his best friend and Captain. He'd make sure he got back alright.

But what kind of girl as young as Wendy already developed that kind of clinical detachment. It was odd, it was useful but it saddened Gray to think that she was like that. How long had those jerks put her in the medical field before they had arrived?

"Pity you won't make it back at all."

It happened so fast that when Gray recalls it now he still doesn't understand exactly what happened.

All he knew was that suddenly there was a werewolf in front of them, he remembered seeing Erza even flinch in surprise as it lunged for them.

It was too fast, Erza couldn't even equip. They were both holding injured members, they didn't have time to put them down. If he dropped Natsu it could permanently damage him.

Then there was wind, swirling and loud in his ears. A seal lit up the area for a second, the image burned into his eyes.

Then the werewolf was gone, along with the trees in front of them. The roar cut off by splashes into the river that rushed by. Gray loosened his hold on Natsu he realized had tightened on instinct.

All eyes slid over to Wendy and it was silent for a few seconds until Gray spoke.

He recognized that type of seal.

"You're a dragon slayer."

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