Yuuuuuuupz… Just enjoy…

Vlad let out a low moan as his member was devoured by those cupid's bow lips. He was so close. The things the tawny haired man were doing to him should be illegal. Well, technically they were…but that was besides the point. The vampire doing this to Vlad probably couldn't care less about statutory rape charges… That wasn't like him. Vlad blushed heavily as a high pitched whine involuntarily came from his throat. Besides the fact that he was absolutely terrified that the man would stand up and drain him dry any second, he was having the time of his life, getting blown in the shadowy alley behind The Crypt. A velvety tongue swirled lines down the underside of his cock, driving Vlad wild. He threw his head back with a final cry that rang out into the empty, pitch-black, night air. He came hard, body shuddering, and letting out a low, long sigh. Dorian let Vlad's dick free from his red lips with a slight popping sound, and leaned back on his knees, swiping a hand across his mouth. He let out a hearty chuckle, looking up into Vlad's big, brown eyes.

"Well…that was fast.." He laughed. Vlad blushed and lightly smacked Dorian's head. "Shut up! I-It's not like I've ever had that done to me before." Dorian chuckled and zipped up Vlad's pants quickly. Perfect timing, because just then the back door to The Crypt swung open and all Vlad's friends came pouring out.

"Hey, Vlad! Sprat threw up so were probably gonna get goin- Uhhh, what the hell?" October stumbled as she noticed the man on his knees in front of Vlad. Sprat (looking green), Andrew, Kristoff, and October stared with gaping eyes and dropped jaws as Dorian slowly stood. Vlad blushed in pure mortification. Dorian nodded politely to the Goths then lifted Vlad's chin so he could give the teen a quick, teasing kiss goodbye. Dorian winked at Vlad before walking off into the shadows, long, black coat billowing ominously and quite cliché-like behind him. Vlad stared after the insane man, until he felt a hard punch to his shoulder. He yelped and whirled around to face the still-flabbergasted group of Goths waiting for an explanation. October was the one who'd punched him- that fact not surprising him at all.

"EXPLAIN! NOW!" October shrieked. Vlad chuckled nervously, rubbing at the back of his neck.

"Umm, well, uh, where do I start?"

"Well, hmm, I don't know? How about telling us WHO THE HELL THAT WAS AND WHY IT LOOKED LIKE HE WAS ABOUT TO GIVE YOU A BLOWJOB IN A DUMPY ALLEY?" October yelled, smacking Vlad's arm repeatedly.

"Jesus! Okay, okay! Calm down. That was Dorian, I met him about a week ago. He's not exactly…sane…so I don't even really know what we were doing…I'm just…really confused…. And, hehe, uhhh…he wasn't about to give me a blowjob. He kinda, sorta already did, before you guys walked out. . .here." He finished lamely. Kristoff let out a long whistle, summing up the whole night.

The ride home was horrible. For Vlad, that is. Everyone else wouldn't shut up about Vlad's alley-way lay. So Vlad solved that problem by blaring some Skrillex on Andrew's crappy car speakers. The Goths couldn't resist moving along with the bass drops and high-pitched beats.

Vlad got in a little later than expected, earning a soft reproachful look from Otis, who was stuck under Nelly's snoring body on the couch. The reproachful eyes suddenly became confused, then concerned, then angry as Otis finally picked up the scent of Dorian and sex coming of Vlad in waves. He somehow maneuvered out from under Nelly without waking her up and stormed toward Vlad, pulling him roughly upstairs, despite his protests, and dragged him into the Library.

"What the hell were you thinking, Vladimir? He's dangerous! I told you to stay away from him! What did he do to you?" Otis yelled, acting the worried father.