When Fairy Glitter ended and Fairy Tail's team A won the magic games, everyone decided that it would be best it everyone who was stuck in the time spell to go and train for awhile, because Natsu on accident destroyed half the guild just because he got pissed at Gray… Gray destroyed the other half, while Lucy kicked both of their asses in to the ocean near by, with a small uranos matia (or whatever the attack that Hibiki taught her during the Orion Seis ark) attack. That was the only sensible thing to do. But when Gajeel, Levy, Lisanna, and Juvia also decided to go along and train. Natsu and Lisanna decided to go together to the nearest mountain, Gajeel and Levy went together to the nearest iron mine. Juvia and Gray went together to the top of Mt Hakobe. Lucy decided that she would go and train alone in a secluded valley two days way. As each parted their own way, they decided to come back in 6 months.

Looking Lucy.

They all promised to write to master on their progress, and try to keep in touch. Then she, without luggage except for my books on inner magic, walked to the Magnolia train station, and bought a ticket to Osua, a town near the valley.

When she got on board ten-ish minutes later, she sat down next to an old lady also traveling to Osua. When the train started, she started pestering Lucy with questions.

"Where are you going?"

"I are going to the Valley of the Dragons, the place where dragons were supposedly last seen."

"What are you going to do there?"

"I am going to meditate… until I find my true inner magic, and get more control over my new power."

"How do you get there?"

"Six hours by train and then a whole day of walking, or maybe, if I am nice to myself, six hours of horseback riding from Osua."

"Oh, interesting, I have a beautiful stallion at home in Osua. You can have him if you want."

"Really? Oh my gosh, thank you! I would love that!"

"Ok then, just come along with me when we get there!"

"Of course!" Lucy said and took out her favorite book "The Grimm Brothers' Fairy Tales" and started reading it. After awhile Lucy noticed that the old lady fell asleep. She closed the book and also let the movement of the train lull her to sleep.

On another train headed another direction…

Levy's POV

This was freaking amazing. I was with Gajeel, and right now we were on a train headed to Kerew, an iron mining town about seven hours away from Magnolia.

"So…" I wanted to end the weird silence between us. "So, how was your latest job?"

"Fine," Gajeel stared at the bluenette making her uncomfortable, "I had to just go and defeat some monster. Was back in a was fun, scaring the townsfolk."

"Gajeel Redfox!" I exclaimed after hearing that last remark, "It is NOT fun to scare other people! Got that?" Both Gajeel and the poor man sitting next to us looked at me after my outburst, "You should be ashamed of your self Gajeel! Scaring innocent people like that…" I shook my head.

Then I heard the stranger whisper to Gajeel, "Dude, your girlfriend is scary when she is mad." Redfox blushed agreed with the guy. "I know alright… You should see her after a mission, when she is tired, and someone is messing with her books… Like touching them with dirty fingers or stepping on them or something," Gajeel shivered, "Don't ever mess with Levy when she is reading a book. Cause if you do…. You will NOT see the next sunrise."

Gajeel looked at me to see if I heard that. I made sure my nose was buried in Magic from the Soul: How to find the magic inside you. After I read a couple of chapters, I noticed that all methods of finding inner magic included meditation.

I looked up from my book, "Gajeel how long can you sit still?" I asked the person sitting in front of me.

"Why?" Gajeel asked.

I rolled my eyes at him. He was such an idiot sometimes. "Cause the only way to gain control of your inner magic is by meditation, and if you can't sit still like the idiot fire dragon slayer, you can forget about learning any control at all."

He stared at me. I looked up at him, and then showed them the title of my book. "Oh, that explains a lot." The stranger commented.

A couple of hours passed and I finished my book. Then I let the beat of the train lull me to sleep.

Gray's POV

On the train to Mt. Haboke, I looked at my partner. Juvia was dressed in her regular outfit and looked adorable. I wondered why she went for me, when she could have had anyone she wanted

I looked her over again, and decided to tell her.

"Hey, Juvia?"


"I decided what kind of training we are going to do. We are going to go to Mt. Haboke, and I will teach you magic the same way my teacher, Ul, taught it to me. It should be easy for you sense you already use a water based magic." I grinned.

Juvia looked at me. "What exactly did Ul put you through, Gray-sama?" she asked.

"Well," I smirked, "She first forced me to strip down to my underclothes, and stand on the mountain it the snow until I totally and fully embraced the cold." Juvia's eyes opened wide, "Then after I truly felt the cold, she made me find the magic inside me, and she taught me how to use Ice Make magic. But I think that we won't do the same. We can just do it normally, without taking our clothes off."

"Of course, Gray-sama…You are the teacher."

"Get some sleep. Tomorrow we have a long hike up to the cabin." I told Juvia, and laid down on the seat, going to bed.

Lisanna's POV

As Natsu was laying in my lap, I told him my plans. "First, when we get there, I will go to the near by village to get some food, then we can just practice magic the whole 6 months long. Ok?"

Natsu murmured something, "ooo-k."

"Good." I said and fell asleep, with Natsu also sleeping on my lap