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Lucy's POV

As she crossed the invisible barrier that surrounded the castle, an alarm went off. Gueards immediately rushed towards the roof, and started looking for the intruder. By the time they noticed the blonde slayer n the sky, Lucy was outright grinning.

"Dance of the Water Dragon!" Lucy shouted in the sky, and water exploded around her and poured on to the guards wiping them off the roof, and carrying them to the ground.

Lucy landed on one of the high towers.

"Wing slash of the Destruction Dragon."

The gigantic castle was split into three parts.

Lucy flew down to the nearest opening and landee on the second floor. "The throne room should be near by" she whispered to herself and continued searching the top floor.

As she continued to explore the middle section of the castle, guards rushed at her. They were quickly thrown out windows and through walls by the winds Lucy was still controlling.

The blonde then came up to a pair of gigantic doors made up of gold and other precious resources.

"Well, this must be the place. Lords really should stop making their hideouts so obvious." Lucy tried opening the door, "At it is enchanted against unwelcome entry too. Fantastic."

Lucy backed up and put her hands in prayer and brought then to her lips. She closed her eyes and breathed out, releasing her annoyance. She opened her eyes, and a magic seals began appearing in front of her.

There were ten seals in all. There was a red, gray, navy blue, sky blue, white, black, an acid purple, brown, yellow and a brown seal, both in front and around her feet. As Lucy took a breath in, another seal appeared, a bright gold one this time. Lucy again closed her eyes, and breathed out. Then she breathed in, opened her eyes with a fierce determination showing in them, and with that determination cast the spell.

"Dragons' all Mighty Roar!" The flames crackling with magical energy from all ten seals flew at the doors and the whole wall was covered up with smoke.

Lucy walked to the doors that were now blown open, and walked through.

Looking at everyone else

As Lucy dove down to the castle, Erza lead the others along the ledge to the cave a bit farther in the mountain.

"Erza, Juvia," Levy called out as she ran alongside the girls, "Could you take Lisanna and Gray, and take care of the guards? I'll go with Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy to free the dragons. I am guessing that the dragons will be restrained by at least one magic rune seal, and they'll need me to rewrite, and disable the enchantment."

"Sure," both girls answered..

As the cave entrance got nearer and nearer, Levy shouted the instructions at the dragon slayers. "Wendy, Gajeel, Natsu. When we get to the entrance ignore the guards and run straight inside the cave, after you can't see the entrance anymore, wait up for me. Erza, Lisanna, Juvia and gray will take care of the guards; we need to free the dragons."

"Got it!" They answered.

At that moment, Erza re-equipped into her Black Wing armor, and flew to take out the first wave of guards.

As Erza, Juvia, Lisanna and Gray continued to knock guards out, the dragon slayers and Levy, rushed into the cave's mouth, putting the whole scene behind them.

As the group of four continued deeper into the cave, Natsu lit his fist on fire to light the way. Right behind him was Gajeel running alongside Wendy. Levy was last in the group and slowly falling even more behind.

"Guys," Levy panted, "Slow down. I can't keep up with you."

Natsu and Wendy continued running, and Gajeel dropped back to Levy. The big guy picked Levy up, and threw her over his shoulder. He continued running carrying the small bluenette fireman style. Luckily for her, Levy was wearing a pair of jeans and a top, not her usual dress.

"Put me down this instant!" Levy kicked at the iron man, who was quickly catching up with the two other dragon slayers.

"Do you want to be left behind?" Gajeels words effectively put a stop to her kicking.

"Well, no." Levy blushed a bit.

"Then shut up and let me carry you."

"Oh," Levy was confused, "Why are you carrying me?"

"Um, because we need you to get rid off the enchantments, plus," Gajeel whispered this last part, "I wouldn't let ash brain carry you like this."


"Nothing." Gajeel blushed a bit, glad that Levy couldn't see his face.

As the man caught up with the other slayers, Natsu nodded at Gajeel, and kept on running. After a couple minutes of silence, the group came to a fork. The team stopped, and Gajeel put Levy down. All three slayers focused their noses to try and sniff out the right path, but their senses were immediately attacked by a foul stench wafting from both the corridors.

Levy looked at the slayers who were now under the power of their overly sensitive senses. "I'll try," she told them. Levy then took out her pen, and wrote 'compass'. The word appeared as an arrow, and spun for a bit, until it settled at pointing at the right path. Levy turned to the slayers, and smiled.

"That way." She pointed towards the right path. "Let's go."

The arrow that Levy created stayed a couple of feet ahead of them as they continued running. The next couple times that they shoed up at crossroads, the arrow pointed the way and the team followed it. After about fifteen minutes the group came to a heavy stone door.

Gajeel reared back, and bunched it with the force of the iron fist of the iron dragon. As the smoke cleared, the slayers saw the doors gone, and they entered the room.

Calling the place a room was an understatement. The chamber was enormous containing ten fully grown dragons, and enough room for all of them to stretch their winds. Around the whole chamber were runes containing the dragons inside a large square plot of land. The layers immediately ran to the edge of the runes.



"Oi! Igneel!"

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