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'I need to kill something!'

Naruto breathed heavily through his gritted teeth, glaring at anything and everything in sight. His anger was white hot. The blond Genin couldn't believe that he had just sacrificed his chance at finishing off the woman he had vowed to kill ever since he was eight-years-old, only to forgo that in favor of saving Konohamaru.

Speaking of...

Naruto slowly turned his head and lowered his glacial eyes, which then settled on the form of a terrified eight-year-old boy. Something in the back of Naruto's mind was impressed that the boy hadn't passed out from the amount of Killing Intent Naruto was producing, but he ignored it in favor of glaring at the young Sarutobi. Naruto then jumped down to the ground, landing heavily in front of the brunette boy. He suppressed his Killing Intent, though he was still completely enraged, and it was obvious even to Konohamaru.

Naruto slowly reached down and picked the boy up by his scarf, pulling the boy up until their noses were almost touching. The blond spoke through gritted teeth as he gazed into the younger boy's terrified brown eyes.


Naruto was going to continue but paused suddenly as something else caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. He moved the still terrified boy out of his line of vision and discovered what it was.

A large, purple barrier.

He narrowed in thought before sending out a Hunter Pulse. It swiftly reached the barrier and sent a return pulse, confirming his suspicions.

'Orochimaru?...That works...'

He took a deep breath in an attempt to calm himself down more and slowly lowered Konohamaru to the ground, much less angry than before. He turned his cold gaze back to the younger boy, who looked much less frightened than he did just a few moments before.

"You should go somewhere safe." he said impassively before he began to walk off in the direction of the barrier, which was obviously on top of the Chūnin Exams Arena's Kage Box. He didn't get far, though, as the eight-year-old latched onto his leg.

"Wait! The Academy is being attacked!" he cried, urgency coating his voice. "I went to get help after I managed to escape! Please, you have to help us!"

Naruto glared at Konohamaru, "I don't have to do anything. It's not my problem. Now, get off of me!" he ordered, trying to shake the boy from his leg. Konohamaru was obviously stronger than he looked, though, as he just would not let go. Ironically, Naruto figured that it was because of all of the training Naruto had given the boy over the past month.

"Please!" he begged, tears coming to his eyes. "You're the only one that I've found that can help!"

Naruto glared at him again, before he turned his gaze back to the purple barrier. His eyes wandered to the right slightly and he caught sight of the Hokage Tower, which was to the immediate left of the Academy. He heaved a deep, frustrated sigh.

"Fine!" he conceded, ignoring a beaming Konohamaru. He crouched down after the young Sarutobi let go. "Climb on." he ordered sternly. He wasn't just going to let the boy go off on his own during an invasion. If he had and the boy ended up getting himself killed after Naruto had sacrificed his opportunity to kill Kushina, Naruto would be incredibly pissed off. The young boy obeyed immediately and quickly settled himself onto Naruto's back, wrapping his arms around the older boy's neck and his legs around his waist. "Hold on tight." Naruto said, and Konohamaru nodded in assent.

Naruto stood back up and took off at high speed towards the Academy, eliciting a startled and frightened yelp from the Sandaime's grandson. In no time at all, Naruto arrived at the entrance of the Konoha Academy, which was riddled with the corpses of Konoha shinobi along with the corpses of shinobi from Suna and Oto. He entered the building and quickly walked down the main hallway, where more corpses were strewn about. Naruto could feel the young Sarutobi on his back shaking in fear.

"Calm down." he ordered sternly, and Konohamaru tried to comply. "Do you know where the students are being kept?" he asked blankly, gazing absently around.

Konohamaru took a deep, shuddering breath and swallowed hard, "Y-Yeah. After the instructors realized we couldn't escape to the shelters in the monument, they brought us all to the gymnasium and guarded the doors." he answered.

"How did you get out, then?" the blond inquired.

"While the instructors were fighting off the invaders, I was able to sneak out so I could try to find help. I couldn't find anyone until I ran into that Oto-nin, and, well, you know what happened then." the young Sarutobi explained, nervously glancing around.

"I see." Naruto muttered before rushing off in the direction of where he knew the gymnasium was. When he got closer to the entrance of the gymnasium, he slowed down when he heard the sounds of fighting. He cocked his head to the side, "They got in already?" he wondered out loud, disappointed at the lack of proper defense stationed in the Academy. You would think that the place where the next generation of Konoha shinobi would be guarded more heavily.

"Yeah, and soon, we'll kill them all." a smug voice sneered from behind. Naruto immediately ducked as a kunai went flying over his head. He whirled around, apparently not being troubled by the sixty pound weight on his back that was Konohamaru, and punched the Oto-nin over his heart.

The Oto-nin gasped and clutched his heart, gazing in horror at Naruto as he realized that his heart had stopped. Naruto stared back dispassionately as the man's eyes went wide with fear and he collapsed to the ground, dying in only a few moments. Konohamaru gasped in horror.

"You killed him!" he exclaimed.

Naruto sighed, "Of course I did. I'm a ninja. It's our job to kill enemy shinobi." he retorted.

Konohamaru took a deep breath before nodding, "Y-Yeah, I guess you're right. I just haven't gotten used to this..."

Naruto grunted and kicked the doors to the gym open, immediately shifting the attention of every single person in the large room from their enemies to him. The blond looked around and noticed that all of the students were huddled in one corner, with the third and fourth-year students standing protectively in front of the rest. There were about 108 students in all, showing that they were all still alive, but that could change very easily since, unfortunately, there were only five Academy sensei left alive to protect the Academy students while there were about 25 Oto and Suna-nin. Most of the Suna and Oto-nin were just standing back, watching the sensei fight desperately with amusement on their faces. It seemed as though they were just toying with the Konoha Chūnin. The Oto-nin fighting the Konoha ninja disengaged and jumped back, everyone in the room staring at him, the enemy ninja in amusement, the Konoha ninja in desperation. Naruto slowly walked over to stand in front of the Academy sensei.

"Naruto! What are you doing here?" Iruka questioned, breathing heavily. Out of all of the sensei, Iruka looked the least damaged, but that really wasn't saying much considering he had several cuts and gashes all over his body, although none of them were bleeding that badly.

Naruto looked over at him impassively, "I am here because this little annoyance," he jerked his thumb over his shoulder, "would not leave me alone until I agreed to come here and help you pathetic ninja save this place." he said, annoyance clear in his voice.

"Who-?" At this point, Konohamaru popped his head over Naruto's shoulder, grinning at Iruka. The man's eyes widened in shock. "K-Konohamaru?!"

"Hey, Iruka-sensei!" the small boy greeted happily, not reading the dire situation correctly.

Naruto pulled the boy off his back and handed him to Iruka, "Yes, well, watch him while I kill them, and then I am leaving." he said, turning back to face the smirking invaders.

"Wait, Naruto!" Iruka called. "You can't fight all of them!" he called.

"We'll see." he replied.

Naruto suddenly burst into motion and rushed forward, quickly punching two of the Oto-nin in their chests hard enough to cause them to cave in, killing both of the ninja instantly. The Oto and Suna-nin were caught off guard by the blond's speed, not expecting someone his age to be so fast, so they were unable to react in time to fight back effectively. Naruto took full advantage of this and kicked a Suna-nin in the jaw, causing the man's head to whip around hard enough to snap his neck. Naruto then made a few hand-seals and an orb of water began to spin in his hand.

"Water Release: Droplet Spear!"

Several spear of water were released from the orb Naruto held in his hand at high speeds, ripping through four enemy ninja viciously.

"Seven down." he said darkly.

The remaining 18 Oto and Suna-nin looked shocked and incensed at this turn of events. The boy just appeared not three minutes ago and had already killed seven of them. The Oto-nin that seemed to be in charged drew his guard-less ninjatō and pointed it at Naruto. "Kill him!" he ordered, growling. The rest of them roared in agreement and charged at him while Naruto began making several hand-seals.

"Fūton: Shinkū Taigyoku!(Wind Release: Vacuum Great Sphere!)" Naruto sucked in a deep breath and expelled a large sphere of wind, directing it into the center of the charging invaders.

Most of them were able to dodge, but the two closest to where the technique landed were caught in the blast, which effectively liquefied their insides.

"Nine down."

While his wind technique had succeeded in killing two of the invaders, the rest of them now surrounded him after they dodged his last attack, and continued to charge him, this time from all sides. Naruto sighed in exasperation at their idiotic tactic. It seemed as though they thought that they could overwhelm him with their superior numbers. Naruto simply made a hand-seal and sucked in a breath.

"Fūton: Shinkūha!(Wind Release: Vacuum Wave!)"

Naruto swiftly spun 360 degrees and released a large, singular blade of wind. Predictably, all of the invaders jumped to avoid the technique, though this time, a few made several hand-seals of their own.

"Katon: Hōsenka no Jutsu!(Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique!)"

The invaders released dozens of small fireballs from their mouths, all of which were directed at Naruto, who simply made a hand-seal of his own in response.

"Suiton: Mizu Tatsumaki!(Water Release: Tornado of Water!)"

Like its name suggested, a large tornado of water erupted around Naruto, protecting him from the fireballs due to water's obvious advantage over fire. Naruto then made forty-four hand-seals in the blink of an eye, and the tornado of water reformed into a large dragon made up of water, its dark yellow eyes glinting as it roared at Naruto's enemies. The water dragon let out another room-shaking roar and rushed towards the ninja who were still in the air, striking a few of them with great force. The water dragon continued on until it drove the invading ninja into the gymnasium wall, crushing the ones unfortunate enough to get struck by the dragon, and easily breaking through the wall to the outside.

"Seventeen down."

Now, there were only five Suna-nin, and three Oto-nin left, all of them staring at him in obvious fear. The only one who didn't have fear in his eyes was the lead Oto-nin, obviously believing he was more powerful than the other Oto and Suna-nin. The leader sighed before burst into motion and sped forward at impressive speeds, swinging his ninjatō to decapitate Naruto, but the blond Genin simply bent backwards to avoid the attack. Two others joined the leader in attacking Naruto, one from Suna, the other from Oto. In response, Naruto formed his Claws - somewhat freaking them out - and blocked or parried their attacks. If Naruto were the type to do so, he would admit that the three of them were really very good with their kenjutsu. Not as good as the Uzumaki he had recently fought with, but decent enough. As Naruto parried the Suna-nin's attempted slash at his face, he was forced to take a step back into a puddle when the other two shoved him with all of their might. The blond jinchūriki barely had time to widen his eyes when one of the Oto-nin popped out of the puddle and stabbed him in the back.

"Suiton: Mizugakure no Jutsu!(Water Release: Hiding in Water Technique!)"

The man who popped out of the puddle announced gleefully. The other three took the opportunity Naruto's shock awarded them and stabbed him as well, one through his neck, the second through his heart, and the third through his stomach.

"Naruto-sensei!" he heard Konohamaru's voice scream in fright.

The lead Oto-nin turned to look at the boy, a sick grin on his face, "That's right, boy. Your little savior is dead, and you're next." he declared, cackling evilly. That is until he heard something that made his blood run cold.

"Do you think this is over?"

The Oto-nin slowly turned his head, seeing Naruto's cold gaze directly on him, casually ignoring the three swords piercing his body. The man was shocked when he saw that their supposed 'killing blows' didn't seem to affect the blond brat at all, and he became instantly terrified when he realized that if that didn't work, there was absolutely nothing he could do that would allow him to win this battle. He was so horrified that he didn't react at all when Naruto lashed out with his Claws, slicing him and the two shinobi beside him in half vertically. The blond then turned around and watched dispassionately as the last Oto-nin backed up in fear. Naruto slowly and casually pulled the swords out of his body without so much as a grunt of pain.

"W-What are y-you?" the man demanded, terrified.

Naruto didn't answer, only gathering wind chakra in his clawed hand. He thrust his Claw forward, and a wave of wind in the shape of his claw was released from it towards the terrified man, passing right through the Oto-nin's body without any resistance whatsoever. Everything was silent for a moment before the man literally fell to pieces in a shower of blood.

"Twenty-one down."

He turned to the final four ninja left, and cocked his head when he noticed that all of them had dropped their weapons and placed their hands behind their heads, obviously surrendering to the superior blond.

"Surrendering, are you?" Naruto asked lowly, his eyes gaining a darker glint.

All of the Suna-nin nodded slowly in response, attempting to show that they were no longer a threat to any of the others in the gymnasium.

"Tell me, if they had surrendered, would you have accepted it?" he asked, gesturing towards the Konoha group. Honestly, he didn't really care about any of them, especially the Chūnin, but he just wanted to make a point. The Suna-nin tensed and didn't answer, but that was answer enough for Naruto.

"Exactly. So, what makes you think you deserve any better?" he asked rhetorically. Before any of them could say anything in their defense, Naruto morphed both of his arms into their Whipfist forms and lashed out, but instead of slashing them in half, he grabbed two of them and retracted his Whipfist, holding both of the struggling ninja in his iron grip easily. Without changing his arms back to normal, Naruto sent his biomass into the two Suna-nin. Ignoring their pained screams, Naruto then slammed the two Suna-nin together, tendrils beginning to cover them both. The blond dropped the screaming mass of tendrils, watching it impassively. After a few moments, the tendrils receded and Naruto's creation was revealed.

It was a large creature, towering over anyone else in the room. Its skin was an earthy brown color, and it was also less slimy than Naruto's previous creation. Its arms were proportionally larger to its body than a regular Hunter's, as was its head. It also had two mouths, one in the regular location, the other on the top of its head. It jerked around for a moment before freezing when Naruto held up his hand.

Naruto turned to the two remaining Suna-nin, glaring coldly at them. Both of them turned towards the hole in the gymnasium wall and ran towards it as fast as they could, hoping to avoid the fate of their comrades and get away from the blond demon.

Naruto's Whipfist was too fast.

The blond Genin grabbed both of them with his Whipfist, one in each 'hand', and reeled them back in. He wasted no time in repeating the previous process, though this time he didn't slam the two ninja together, and instead only created two regular Hunters.

"Leader Hunter." Naruto called. The large, grotesque creature bowed to him as well as it could. "Go out into the city and kill any Suna and Oto-nin. Leave the Konoha ninja alone, but if any of them attack you, kill them as well. Do you understand?" he asked, even though he knew the creature would understand perfectly what he was ordering it to do. The creature nodded, anyway, showing its complete obedience to its master. Naruto turned to the two normal Hunters. "You have the same orders. You will also defer to the Leader Hunter if you are not sure what to do." he ordered. Since the Leader Hunter was somewhat able to think for itself, it would interpret Naruto's orders the most clearly, therefore carrying them out with the most efficiency. Despite its semi-intelligence, it would still follow Naruto's orders without question. "Go!" The Hunters roared before rushing out of the gymnasium at high speeds.

Naruto turned back to where he left Konohamaru, seeing all of the Chūnin staring at him in disgust and fear. The Academy students were also staring at him in fear, and it seemed as though a few of them had actually thrown up. Only Konohamaru didn't have a spark of fear in his eyes, and in fact, he looked like he thought what he had just witnessed Naruto do was the coolest thing ever. Naruto was beginning to wonder whether the younger boy was on the right side of sane or not.

Naruto began walking towards the Konoha Chūnin, which caused them to get into battle stances, as if they were about to try and fight him. Naruto simply disregarded their foolishness, and bent down to look Konohamaru in the eye.


Konohamaru smiled, "Yep! Thanks, Naruto-nii-chan!"

Naruto stiffened at that, but forced himself to calm down, ignoring the dull pang in his chest as he did so. He nodded back to Konohamaru before he turned around and started to walk towards the exit.

"Wait, Naruto!" Iruka called. He looked a little queasy and greatly disturbed, but he figured that since Naruto had saved them all, he could be somewhat trusted. Naruto stopped but didn't turn around. "Where are you going?"

"Back to the arena. You should get to the shelters, or stay here. I'm sure my Hunters have cleared the surrounding area by now." he said, and without another word, he disappeared in a swirl of water.

Iruka turned to the others in the room, taking command, "Alright, let's go."

~Chūnin Exams Arena~

Kakashi inwardly cursed Naruto. Instead of carrying out his duty to Konoha and repelling the invaders, the blond boy had opted instead to attack Kushina and Kōji, who were actually a pretty big help considering how heavily outnumbered the Konoha ninja were. Not only had Naruto caused those two to cease their assistance in repelling the invaders, he had also stopped helping repel the invaders himself. Oh, Kakashi knew why Naruto had attacked them, and honestly, he couldn't really blame the younger boy, but this had to have been the most inconvenient time Naruto could have chosen to do so. After he killed his fifty-sixth enemy ninja(he made sure to keep track, or Gai wouldn't leave him alone about it) Kakashi surveyed the area for a moment.

Gai was ripping through the enemy with his bone-breaking taijutsu while also protecting the crippled Lee, Asuma was using his wind-enhanced trench knives to easily slice through the enemy shinobi's flesh and even their weapons, Kurenai was using her genjutsu to stun and confuse the enemy before a kunai found its way into their neck courtesy of Anko.

Near where the two kunoichi Jōnin were fighting, Kakashi saw most of the rookies, including Sasuke and Tenten working together to defeat the enemy nina, which he was proud to say they were doing very effectively, not even reacting at having to kill for the first time. For the moment, at least. Over near where the Hyūga Clan had been sitting during the matches, Kakashi noticed Neji skillfully dodging and weaving through the enemy ninja, landing fatal blow after fatal blow on the Suna and Oto-nin. The rest of the Hyūga Clan was doing much the same.

Kakashi seemed to realize that one of the rookies was missing, and he began to look around sharply, 'Wait, where's...?'

A piercing scream jerked him out of his thoughts. A very familiar scream. Kakashi's head jerked around, and saw his only female student had somehow been separated from the other rookies, and was being set upon by three Oto-nin. Kakashi immediately lurched into action, and attempted to rush over in an attempt to save her, but his path was blocked by three Suna-nin. He tried to get past them, but they were adamant in not letting him succeed in doing so. Even though Kakashi was fighting the three Suna-nin, his focus was mostly on Sakura, which was most certainly not a good thing. Even though his attention was on Sakura, he was still able to fight the three Suna-nin, but if his attention was solely on his fight with them, he may have been able to kill them more quickly and save his pink-haired student in time. Kakashi was getting more and more desperate in his attempts to get past the three Suna-nin, only increasing his efforts when he witnessed Sakura trip backwards onto her backside. The Oto-nin took full advantage of the golden opportunity and lashed out with his kunai in an attempt to pierce her skull and finish her off once and for all.

The man's arm came to a sudden halt when he was suddenly being held up by his neck in an iron grip. Kakashi let out a breath when he saw it was Naruto, looking no worse for wear than when he had left the arena over a half hour ago. Seeing as how Naruto had things under control, Kakashi set his focus back on the three ninja he was currently engaging.

Meanwhile, Naruto had just crushed the man's throat and tossed him at one of the other Oto-nin that had been harassing Sakura, using enough force to crush every single one of the man's ribs. He turned to the last one and quickly punched him in his face, causing it to cave in, which resulted in the Oto-nin's immediate death.

"N-Naruto?" Sakura stuttered, shocked that her apathetic teammate had just saved her. It's not that he hadn't done it before, it's just that he had come out of nowhere.

Naruto turned to look at her, and she cringed at the enraged look in his eyes, "Sakura? What are you doing here?" he questioned.

She blinked and stood up, "What do you mean? Didn't you just save me?"

Naruto turned his gaze back to the battle, "I didn't even notice you." he replied tightly, trying not to let his anger shine through.

Kakashi landed next to him, having finished off the three Suna ninja that had attacked him, "Naruto, what happening to the Uzushio-nin?" he asked, having a feeling that mentioning any names would piss the boy off.

Sure enough, Naruto scowled heavily and his eyes darkened, "They got away." he said through gritted teeth.

Kakashi frowned, "In any event, you disobeyed my orders, Naruto. I'm sorry, but there will be consequences. We cannot have insubordination, especially during an invasion." Kakashi said, sounding sincerely apologetic, but firm in his words.

"Whatever." was Naruto's response. They both knew Kakashi didn't mean what he was saying. While insubordination during an invasion was a serious crime, the higher-ups were usually more lenient on Genin. Besides, he had just saved the Academy students from death, so that would most likely give him some major credit it his 'insubordination' ever did come up. As he gazed around the stands at the various ninja fighting each other, he let out an beastly growl, "I don't have time for this! Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!(Shadow Clone Technique!)" A large poof of smoke erupted from around Naruto, and a moment later there were dozens of copies of Naruto filling the arena stands. "Kill the invaders!" he ordered, and the clones immediately set into action, following his orders. While they couldn't use his Blacklight powers, they still had his physical strength and all of his chakra techniques.

Naruto then rushed towards the entrance to the arena stands, and jumped high into the air, landing on the roof, ignoring Kakahsi's shout of 'Where are you going?' The boy continued on towards the purple barrier, soon reaching the Kage's box. The blond Genin then proceeded to jump on the roof of the Kage's box, too. He walked up to the purple barrier, noticing with apathy that one of the ANBU in front of the barrier was burned to a crisp. He quickly deduced that if he touched the barrier, even with only the tip of one of his fingers, his entire body would burst into flames.

"Genin, what are you doing here?" one of the ANBU demanded.

Naruto ignored his question and walked up to the barrier, noting with some surprise that the Sandaime was fighting with the Nidaime and Shodaime Hokage while Orochimaru simply watched with a sick grin on his face.

The ANBU was going to press his question, but before he could, Naruto's right fist morphed into a giant black mass which was vaguely in the shape of an over-sized hammer. Naruto channeled earth chakra - courtesy of one of the Oto-nin he had consumed - into it and pulled it back. He thrust it forward to strike the barrier, a huge shockwave erupting from the point of contact, blowing the ANBU back and shattering a part of the barrier. It was a testament to the power of the barrier that only the immediate area around the point of contact shattered, but it was enough for Naruto to slip through, ignoring the flabbergasted looks on the faces of the Oto-nin holding up the barrier. As soon as he slipped through, the barrier reformed, appearing as though it hadn't been struck at all.

The four people inside of the barrier looked over to him, the Sandaime and Orochimaru staring at him in disbelief. The two previous Hokage simply looked at him blankly, like they had no mind of their own.

"Naruto? What are you doing here?" the old man questioned.

Naruto turned his eyes towards his prey, "I'm here," he started, forming his Claws as he spoke, "to kill a snake!" he declared, and with no hesitation, the blond boy rushed towards Orochimaru, who immediately coughed up the Kusanagi in response.

~Somewhere in the Forest surrounding Konoha~

Kushina and Kōji collapsed against a couple trees, both of them gasping for breath. Kadō looked at both of them worriedly.

"Are you two going to be okay?" he asked worriedly.

"We'll be fine, Kadō. You should know better than most how fast members of the Uzumaki Clan heal." she said, addressing her wounds.

Kōji punched the grounds, ignoring the pain he was in, "Dammit, I can't believe how easily that thing beat us!" he shouted angrily. Any doubts he had about the Kyūbi not being in control of Naruto's body were immediately wiped away when that beast so easily overpowered him. There was absolutely no way that a human could change their shape like the Kyūbi had forced Naruto's body to, and no human could also have so much chakra at such a young age. He did wonder briefly how the Kyūbi had the Ice Release, but brushed the errant thought aside when his mother began to speak to him.

Kushina shook her head, "No, it's my fault. I thought the Kyūbi's power was sealed more thoroughly, but I was wrong. We'll have to be more prepared next time." she said, cursing her own stupidity. She then painfully reached into her pouch and pulled out a sealing scroll. She unrolled it and channeled her chakra into it. A poof of smoke erupted from it, and when it cleared, she was holding another, smaller scroll. She tossed it to Kōji. "When we were in Konoha, I managed to snatch this." When he laid his eyes on the scroll, Kōji's eyes widened in disbelief.

Hiraishin no Jutsu(Flying Thunder God Technique)

"A-Are you sure I should have this?" he asked, shocked.

Kushina smiled at him, "Of course. It is your birthright, after all. Minato would have wanted you to have that." she said gently.

Kōji nodded in thanks, "I wish dad were here to help us." he said softly.

"Don't get down, Kōji. He sealed the Kyūbi into Naruto, but I know he didn't mean for it to take over your brother's body. All we have to do is finish his work, and kill the beast. I've already thought up a couple seals to imprison it if we aren't able to kill it, so we will definitely be prepared the next time we encounter it." she said. Then, she quickly pulled out her katana and pointed it towards the forest.

"Who's there?" she demanded.

In response, a deep, dark chuckle resonated throughout the clearing they were in, "You are very highly skilled to have been able to notice my presence, but fear not, I am not here to fight you." a voice said in a deep baritone before a man jumped into the clearing from the treetops. He was wearing a black cloak with a pattern of red clouds covering it, along with an orange, spiral shaped mask that had one eye-hole on the right side.

"Who are you?" Kushina demanded, not letting her guard down.

"I am Uchiha Madara, and I am here representing an organization known as the Akatsuki...


There you go. All of you need to remember that Kushina was not a jinchūriki, ever.

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