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Chapter 1: Itachi's Creation

Itachi couldn't hold it in any longer. He had finally completed his project and it had only taken him three years! He was considered a prodigy after all, but that was beside the point. His normal passive facade had broken and was replaced with a broad smile. An actual smile. The world was probably going to end now. Itachi gazed quickly at his creation one last time before pulling a white sheet over it and taking to the stairs that lead to the kitchen.

Sasuke sat slumped over the grey marble island in one of the many high stools eating stir fry. He wasn't hungry, just bored. Naruto was busy with summer school, Kiba and Shino were at camp, and Neji- well he didn't really like Neji too much. The eerie silence he was surrounded in was punctured by his older brother Itachi throwing open the door to his lab. Sasuke curiously turned to his brother slightly to see him smiling. God the world was ending wasn't it? Itachi took long strides towards Sasuke and gently shook him.

"I've done it! It's complete!" Itachi said and Sasuke just stared blankly at him.

"Done what?" Sasuke asked and Itachi started to roughly pull him towards his lab.

"I've been working on this project for three years, four if you count the blue prints and the gathering of materials." Itachi explained as they descended down the winding staircase.

"And well, it's finished and operating! Fully functional!"

"You're being redundant." Sasuke said blankly and he looked around the out of the ordinary.

Except for dangerous -and most likely deadly- chemicals, complicated machinery, and lots of other strange devices and gizmos, but nothing he hasn't seen before. The only thing new was a long table with a white sheet over it. Itachi stood behind the table proudly and waited for Sasuke to say something.

"So?" Sasuke asked after a long pause.

"So look!" Itachi prompted and pulled back the thin the white sheet was a girl.

She had on one of those wretched hospital gowns but he could still see the shapely figure underneath. Her hair was down to her waist and he couldn't figure out if it was blue or black. Her skin was pale and her eyes were a very pale shade of lavender, like she was blind. Sasuke stared at her in confusion for a moment before turning his attention to his brother.

"Why do you have a dead girl down here?" he asked and Itachi chuckled.

"It's a girl yes, but she isn't dead. She is a robot. Her skin is made out of a special poly material so it will protect her insides, like our skin. Lean down and listen closely. You can hear the hum of the machines in her functioning inside of her." Itachi explained and Sasuke leaned down like Itachi instructed and sure enough there was the dull hum of the machinery going on inside of her.

"How do you turn her on?" Sasuke asked.

"Voice command." Itachi said. "On."

The robot's eyes flashed light through them, indicating that she was on. Sasuke had to admit it, his brother was a genius. Sasuke didn't have much time to ponder on his brother's intelligence any longer because the door to the lab was opened to reveal Deidrai. Deidrai rushed down the stairs and launched himself into Itachi's arms.

"Ooo! You did it Hun!" Deidrai said excitedly and Itachi shrugged.

"Yes I have. She can feel emotions but she can't think for herself. She can go anywhere, land, water, etc. She can't breathe and she can't eat like we do, but she can walk and talk, but you have to teach her from scratch. She's almost like a human but more durable." Itachi said, a hint of pride in his normally monotone voice.

"What's her name Hun?" Deidrai asked.

"She doesn't have one yet." Itachi said and Deidrai frowned.

"Aww! That's terrible! Sasu-chan, do you have a name in mind for her?" Deidrai asked turning towards Sasuke.

"It doesn't need a name. It's a robot." Sasuke said blankly.

"It's a she and she is very pretty. Ummmm her name should be Hinata! Yeah!" Deidrai exclaimed.

"Why?" Itachi asked.

"It sounds pretty Hun!" Deidrai explained. "Let's bring her upstairs!"

Itachi followed Deidrai out of the lab and that left Sasuke to carry the robot. He picked it up gingerly, afraid to break his brother's prized project, but he soon discovered that the robot weighed a ton! She was probably heavier than he was. The robot gripped Sasuke's shirt tightly and that made him scowl down at her.

"Stop that. You're going to tear it." Sasuke growled but the robot didn't comprehend what he was saying and held on ascended the stairs as fast as he could with a two hundred pound robot in his arms.

When he reached the kitchen Itachi and Deidrai weren't there but he heard excited cheering from the living room. When he reached the living room he dropped the robot onto a nearby sofa and saw Deidrai shopping online.

"What are doing that for? It's a robot it doesn't need clothes." Sasuke frowned and Deidrai just scoffed.

"Hinata is a lovely girl! And lovely girls need clothes!" Deidrai said not tearing his eyes from the screen.

"So who is going to teach her how to talk?" Sasuke asked Itachi who was messing with his cell phone.

"You are. You have the time since its summer and you know the modern lingo you kids use these days." Itachi said dully and Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"One, never say 'lingo' again and Two, why can't Deidrai do it?" Sasuke asked and Deidrai shook his head.

"I have a job mister and I'm the one looking for Hinata's clothes." Deidrai explained and then returned to his sighed and looked over to where he had placed the robot.

It was sitting Indian style and chewing the end of a lock of hair with a blank expression on its face. He had to admit that the robot was cute but that's all it was. It was crazy that Deidrai and his brother gave it a name. It was an artificial creation and that was all. Sasuke took her hair out of her mouth and shook his head at her.

"You're not supposed to eat your hair." Sasuke said slowly and she cocked her head to the side in confusion.

"Don't eat hair." Sasuke said slower and she just let out a frustrated burst of air.

This was going to take some time. Itachi chuckled internally at his brother's frustration before making blue prints in his head for another robot.

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