CCNote: A fun story that I have decided to reboot from the dead as an outlet for my frustrations with my other story. It's not a story that will appeal to everyone but please Enjoy.

Chapter 1: Itachi's Creation

Itachi couldn't hold it in any longer. He had finally completed his project and it had only taken him three years! He was considered a prodigy after all, but that was beside the point. His normal passive facade had broken and was replaced with a broad smile. An actual smile. He had not felt this satisfied with his work in a while. He admired his creation one last time before pulling a white sheet over it and taking the stairs that lead to the kitchen.

Sasuke sat slumped over the gray marble island in one of the many high stools and picking at the crusts of his sandwich. He wasn't hungry, just bored. Naruto was busy with summer school, Kiba and Shino were at camp, and Neji- well he didn't really like Neji too much. The eerie silence he was surrounded in was punctured by his older brother Itachi throwing open the door to his lab. Sasuke looked blankly at the man who was panting from taking the stairs two at a time in his rush. God, the world was ending wasn't it? Itachi took long strides towards Sasuke and laid his head down on the cold, stone countertop as well. Obsidian eyes stared back at each other and when Sasuke didn't question him further, Itachi decided to share his news anyway.

"I've done it! It's complete!" Itachi said and Sasuke just stared blankly at him.

"Done what?" Sasuke asked and Itachi started to roughly pull him off the stool and towards his lab.

"I've been working on this project for three years, four if you count the blue prints and the gathering of materials." Itachi explained as they descended down the winding staircase.

"And well, it's finished and operating! Fully functional!"

"You're being redundant." Sasuke said blankly and he looked around the out of the ordinary.

Except for dangerous -and most likely deadly- chemicals, complicated machinery, and lots of other strange devices and gizmos, but nothing he hasn't seen before. The only thing new was a long table with a white sheet over it. Itachi stood behind the table proudly and waited for Sasuke to say something.

"So?" Sasuke asked after a long pause.

"So look!" Itachi prompted and pulled back the thin, white sheet to reveal a girl.

She had on one of those wretched hospital gowns but he could still see the shapely figure underneath. Her hair was down to her waist and he couldn't figure out if it was blue or black. Her skin was pale and her eyes were gray and pupilless. She looked as though she were dead. Sasuke stared at her in confusion for a moment before turning his attention to his brother.

"Why do you have a dead girl in our basement?" He deadpanned and Itachi chuckled.

"It's a girl yes, but she isn't dead. She is a robot. Her skin is made out of a special poly material so it will protect her insides, like our skin. Lean down and listen closely. You can hear the hum of the machines functioning inside of her." Itachi explained and Sasuke leaned down like he had been instructed.

Sure enough, there was the unmistakable dull whir of machinery going on inside of her.

"How do you turn her on?" Sasuke asked.

"Voice command." Itachi said. "On."

The robot's eyes flashed a light through them. Gray eyes turned a pale shade of lavender indicating that she was on. Sasuke had to admit it, his brother was a genius. He didn't have much time to ponder the intricacies of his brother's intelligence any longer because the door to the lab was opened to reveal Deidara. The blonde man rushed down the stairs and launched himself into Itachi's arms.

"Ooh! You did it Hun!" Deidara said excitedly and Itachi shrugged.

"Yes, I have. She can think for herself but her emotional capabilities are limited. She can go anywhere, land, water, etc. She can't breathe and she can't eat like we do, but she can walk and talk, but you have to teach her from scratch. She's almost like a human but more durable." Itachi said, a hint of pride in his normally monotone voice.

"What's her name?"

"She doesn't have one yet."

"Aww! That's terrible! Sasu-chan, do you have a name in mind for her?" Deidara asked turning towards Sasuke.

"It doesn't need a name. It's a robot." Sasuke said blankly.

"It's a she and she is very pretty. Ummmm her name should be Hinata! Yeah!" Deidrai exclaimed.

"Why?" Itachi asked.

"It sounds pretty Hun!" Deidara explained. "Let's bring her upstairs!"

Itachi followed Deidara out of the lab and that left Sasuke to carry the robot. He picked it up gingerly, afraid to break his brother's prized project, but he soon discovered that the robot weighed a ton. She was probably heavier than he was! The robot gripped Sasuke's shirt tightly in her fist and that made him scowl down at her.

"Stop that. You're going to tear it." Sasuke growled but the robot didn't comprehend what he was saying and held on tightly as he ascended the stairs as fast as he could with a two hundred pound robot in his arms.

When he reached the kitchen Itachi and Deidara weren't there but he heard excited cheering from the living room. When he reached the living room he unceremoniously dropped the robot onto a nearby sofa where Deidara was already shopping online.

"What are doing that for? It's a robot it doesn't need new clothes." Sasuke frowned and Deidara just scoffed.

"Hinata is a lovely girl! And lovely girls need new clothes!" Deidrai said not tearing his eyes from the screen.

"So who is going to teach her how to talk?" Sasuke asked Itachi who was now scrolling through his cell phone.

"You are. You have the time since its summer and you know the modern lingo you kids use these days." Itachi said dully and Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"One, never say 'lingo' again and Two, why can't Deidrai do it?" Sasuke asked and Deidrai shook his head.

"I have a job mister and I'm the one looking for Hinata's clothes." Deidrai explained and then returned to his sighed and looked over to where he had placed the robot.

It was sitting with its knees pulled up to its chest and chewing the end of a lock of hair with a blank expression on its face. He had to admit that the robot was cute but that's all it was. It was crazy that Deidara and his brother gave it such a human-like name. It was an artificial creation and that was all. More than likely Itachi would become bored with his experiment in a month or two and move onto creating something else the way he always did. With a repressed sigh, Sasuke took her hair out of her mouth and shook his head at her.

"You're not supposed to eat your hair." Sasuke said slowly and she cocked her head to the side in confusion.

"Don't eat hair." Sasuke repeated but it was clear that she was still perplexed by his admonishment.

This was going to be a burdensome summer. Itachi chuckled internally at his brother's frustration before making blue prints in his head for another robot.

One Week Later

"Sasuke, I need you to watch Hinata while Deidara and I go out to run some errands." Itachi called from the bottom of the stairs and Sasuke groaned. His book was just getting good too.

"Why don't you just take her with you?" Sasuke shouted back and absently turned a page in his book. He could hear Hinata's thunderous footsteps ascend the stairs and counted down from five just in time for Itachi to yank his door open. Sasuke didn't look up at them, he just kept on reading.

"Sasuke, you know that she needs someone to watch her at all times. Now watch her, I'll know if you don't because she has a recording chip installed inside of her." Itachi left Hinata in the moody boy's room and closed the door.

Sasuke didn't look up from his book until he heard the sound of a car leaving the garage reverberate up to his room. He then put a dark blue book mark on his page and took a glance at the robot. She had on a lacy white sun dress that came to mid-thigh and held up by thin straps. Her long midnight blue tresses were in loose curls down her back, kissing her lower waist. When she was all dressed up like this it was hard to distinguish her from a real girl.

Wait, when did he start calling the robot a girl? Dammit, Itachi and Deidara were rubbing off on him. Oh well, it's easier to call it a she anyway. Sasuke placed his book on the bed and sat up straight. What was he supposed to do with it? Deidara mostly just played dress up with the thing while Itachi tinkered with her software. For a brief moment, he wondered what girls liked to do for fun but immediately chastised himself. Hinata was a robot, not a girl and probably didn't even know what fun was. She appeared content just standing there in the middle of the room like a statue with a dumb smile on her face.

"Would you like to watch a movie?" Sasuke asked reluctantly and Hinata just got up off his bed and searched around his room for a movie to watch.

He normally kept his movies on his desk but there weren't any there. Naruto probably borrowed them without asking on his last visit here. He bent down on all fours and looked under his bed, he should have some of his older movies lying around under there. His hand swept under the dusty space but wasn't able to find anything. He was about to give up when he heard a loud thud beside him.

He looked to his left and saw Hinata on her hands and knees too, basically mimicking what he was doing. He watched surreptitiously as she stretched further under the bed and her dress hitched up a bit to show an ample amount of pale synthetic skin. 'Very nice.' Sasuke thought but his nice view was taken away by Hinata crawling out from under the bed with a battered DVD case. She held it out to Sasuke with a proud expression on her face.

"Moo, mooooooooo, mo-VIE?" Hinata inquired cocking her head to the side and Sasuke nodded his head.

"Yes, that is a movie Hinata." Sasuke said and Hinata smiled.

Deidrai and Itachi would be happy to know that Hinata's first word was movie. What a smart robot Itachi created! Not.

"Movie! Movie! Movie!" Hinata chanted happily.

Sasuke took the DVD from her to see that the movie she'd found and felt his lips twitch at the irony. Pinocchio. Of course. Sasuke didn't really want to watch this kiddie movie but Hinata looked excited about seeing it so he went over to his DVD player and popped the movie in. As the previews were rolling in Hinata picked up the case and pointed at the title. Sasuke got the hint.

"This movie is called Pinocchio." Sasuke said and the small light of her storing it in her computer chip went through her eyes.

"Called Pinocchio." Hinata said thoughtfully and took a seat next to Sasuke on the floor.

He sat through the whole damn movie TWICE with Hinata and still couldn't understand why she liked it so much. During the second time around she had started to sing along with the movie, this would be impressive to someone else but Sasuke knew that Hinata didn't understand what those words meant. She was only regurgitating the sounds she was hearing. Although, he had to admit that she had a nice singing voice for a computer. Sasuke looked at his watch and groaned. Itachi and Deidara had been gone for hours, what the hell could they possibly be doing?

"Dammit Itachi." Sasuke murmured under his breath.

"Dammit Itachi." Hinata mimicked and Sasuke's attention shot towards her.

"Don't say that Hinata." Sasuke reprimanded.


"Because it's bad."

"Why bad?" Hinata asked again and Sasuke pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Just don't say it." Sasuke said getting up onto his bed.

"What an Itachi?" Hinata asked resting her chin on the edge of his bed.

"Itachi is a person. He has long black hair." Sasuke said picking up his book.

"You person?"

"Yes." Sasuke sighed, easily growing frustrated with her constant questions.

"I a person?" Hinata asked pointing at herself and Sasuke laid his book down on his stomach and looked Hinata in the eye. He didn't really want to tell her that she wasn't a person but she shouldn't be brain washed by Deidara into thinking that she is.

"No. You are not a person." Sasuke said bluntly and he could've sworn he saw a flicker of sadness in his eyes.

"Pinocchio? I change to person?" Hinata asked and Sasuke shook his head.

"It's only a movie Hinata." Sasuke said and at the mention of the word movie her eyes lit up.

"Mooooovie!" Hinata cheered and pointed energetically towards the TV as she bounced up and down. He sighed, on one hand he was relieved to have her stop talking to him but he didn't want to watch this stupid movie again.

Sasuke grabbed his remote and turned the movie back on. He took a seat beside her and they watched the movie for the third time that afternoon.


Itachi came home around five o'clock in the afternoon and by that time Sasuke had half of the Pinocchio movie memorized. Dumb ass puppet should've realized he needed to stop fucking lying all the god damn time.

"Did you enjoy spending time with Sasuke?" The eldest Uchiha asked and Hinata looked at him curiously.

"You an Itachi?" She said and Itachi's eyes lit up at hearing his creation speak. He crouched down to her eye level.

"Yes, yes I am." Itachi smiled and ruffled her hair.

"Dammit Itachi."

Sasuke pretended to be especially engrossed in the book he had been trying to read all afternoon. He could feel the murderous intent radiating off of his brother in waves. He had corrupted Itachi's innocent robot.

"Dammit Itachi." She repeated. "Dammit Itachi. Dammit Itachi. Dammit-"

"Sasuke." Itachi hissed as he stood up straight.

"Time to eat!" Deidara shouted from the bottom of the staircase. The smell of his cooking wafted up to Sasuke's room and both of the Uchiha's stomachs growled. This was a battle to be waged after their stomachs were full.

They filed down the stairs and into the kitchen to see Deidara taking some fish off of the stove and putting it on a large platter. After about five minutes of eating in silence, Sasuke felt eyes on him but it wasn't the murderous glare of his older brother. He looked up to see Hinata staring blankly at him with her head slightly tilted. Sasuke coughed a bit because what she was doing was strange and it made him feel awkward. Itachi looked over at his brother and followed his gaze to Hinata. He knew he had forgotten something! Itachi got up from his seat, walked over to Hinata, and pulled her dress up to the middle of her rib cage. Sasuke immediately jumped out of his chair in protest.

"Itachi! What are you doing!" Sasuke demanded and Itachi raised an eyebrow at him before returning to what he was doing. Sasuke watched in a mixture of amazement and confusion as Itachi took a very small silver key out of his pocket and stuck it into Hinata's belly button.

He twisted the key and pulled out a long, black cord. Itachi then instructed Deidara to hold the cord while he went to go get something from the lab. He returned with a small black box in his hand and set it on the table in front of Hinata. He then stuck the cord into the black box and Hinata's usually lavender eyes went wide before turning gray.

"What was that all about?" Sasuke asked as Itachi casually went back to his food.

"That's how she charges up." Itachi replied curtly, still offended by what he had taught his creation.

Sasuke slowly sat back down and went back to eating his food as well. He didn't know why he felt shocked that his brother was pulling wires out of Hinata. She was only a robot after all; it's not like she knew what he was doing. She didn't have thoughts of her own. But while he was watching that movie with her... for a brief moment, she felt real….